Volunteer Finder

I’m not really starting a conversation or anything, but I really think Viki should revive the volunteer finder. Our lives as translators would be 10000000% easier. Hoping a staff will see this and consider it.

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I’d also love that!! That thing is archaic by now lol
I just have one worry and it’s that generic message Viki makes and you just click ‘send’ to the CM or whoever. There’s so much more you can analyze when a person writes the message themselves. Also, because it’s so easy, I think there’ll be a lot more people clicking ‘send’ for the fun of it, not really understanding the dedication they have to put in. I remember when I first started out and the Volunteer Finder still worked a bit…I just sent PMs to like five CMs at once because it was that easy and I hardly knew what I was doing.


Reading the threads from years ago, I guess there was something like Top Volunteers Of The Week or something like top volunteers from a language.
Even though I never saw these functions, I would terribly desire for them.


I told them last week that it doesn’t work and that it would be very helpful for us. I did not receive an answer and the ticket was closed. So I understand that they are not interested or maybe it is something that will be done in the future. :confused:


Perhaps you’re talking about Project Finder here?

@kassidymayura2002, in my opinion they need to start from scratch. And burn that old Volunteer Finder to the ground!


But ‘top volunteers’ are the ones with the most contributions…the quality doesn’t count. It could make a lot of people not spend enough time and haphazardly subtitle or segment


What I can tell you is that the list contained first 20 volunteers of a specific language. Yes, it was based only on the contributions count. But for smaller languages it contained all of the active volunteers of that week. It was extremely useful, since smaller languages are the ones which have hardest time to organize into teams.