Volunteers, Tell us your Vikian story! 10 facts about you :)


We see so many Vikians come and go and come again, we participate together either on 1 or many dramas or maybe in the future, we will have the opportunity to meet in the same team, we might know better the Viki website but do we know much about the little ants behind their screens? Yeah, I’m talking about volunteers who put their passion in the service of thousands of fans and I’m ashamed to say that but I don’t know my neighbour Vikians living all other the world whereas I often had the pleasure to talk with them about other threads here :slight_smile:

So let’s just get acquainted and tell us your Vikian story :smiley:

The following questions are just some ideas to help, skip them if you want, just write whatever you want about your Viki experience :wink:

  1. How did you end up on Viki? How did you discover Viki? Why did you start volunteering?
    (word-of-mouth, viewer first, what were you looking for? If you were a viewer, why did you start volunteering?)

  2. What was your first experience on Viki as a volunteer?
    (was it easy to find a drama, was it easy to be accepted, was it easy to find information, you began with project finder, name of the drama, name of your first moderator, your feelings when you began to volunteer for the first time and then at the end of this first drama, what did you like or not about this first experience? Why did you want to keep on volunteering after this first try)

  3. What was your evolution on Viki after this first try if you had to make a recap? And now? For this new year, what are your plans on Viki? (same as usual or else)
    (you decided to volunteer on Kdramas only because it’s the ones you prefer? How do you pick your dramas? You started nssa, you only edit now, etc why?)

  4. What was the most memorable project that you realized on Viki (the best and the worst)? Why? What did you decide after this?

  5. What are the difficulties that you encounter(ed) as a volunteer? Did you manage to overcome some difficulties? Have you ever want to give up on volunteering on Viki? If yes/no, why?
    (finding a team, be recruited, recruit, segmenting, incomprehension from viewers…)

  6. Who do you work / hang out a lot together with? Why? Do you prefer to work as a lone wolf? Why?

  7. Has volunteering on Viki impacted your life? In which aspects?

  8. How do you see the evolution of Viki over the years or over the months?

  9. What would you say to someone who is hesitant to contribute (should I or not contribute) ? Will you emphazise only the good points? Will you be biased, very biased or not all? If he accepts, what would be your tips?

  10. Question dedicated to thank people on Viki :slight_smile: : Who do you want to thank? Why?

Thanks for sharing your experience and your personal adventure on Viki :smiley:


Wow, nice topic :slight_smile:

Here is a little about me:

  1. The first time I heard about Viki was 3 or 4 years ago in school. I visited the website and then I liked it imediately. My first drama I watched here was ‘Secret Garden.’

  2. At first I was only a viewer, but after watching ‘A tree with deep roots’, I wanted to sub it in Dutch. So I asked the CM if I could sub it. Back then, I didn’t know much about moderators so I just started subbing until the drama was completed.
    I’ve been subbing since then because it can be challenging and time-consuming to find the right words and phrases for the subs, but if you manage to do it, you feel really happy.
    Also there are a lot of drama’s that don’t have completed subs in Dutch, so I want to try to finish as much of them as I can.

  3. After ATWDR I got asked by someone to help sub a fanchannel and after that, I received messages once in a while to ask if I was interested in this or that project. When I pick a project, I want to be sure that I like it enough to stick to it untill the end, so mostly I first watch the show entirely for I start subbing. For newer dramas that’s not possible, but if there’s a team and the first episodes seem nice, I’m also willing to contribute.

  4. One of my memorable projects was a Japanese show. I asked the CM to add me as a Dutch subber and she made me a Dutch mod, so I could lock the subs when done. That was my first time as a Dutch mod, although I didn’t do anything with it. I finished the series but later they got removed because the licence expiered. :’(

Another one was the show ‘She was pretty’. When I heard that show would come out, I imediately had a good feeling about it, so I asked to be added as a Dutch mod. That was my first time as an active mod in an on-air drama.
That was when I realised that moderating a drama is really hard work, but also very enjoyable :slight_smile:

5). I haven’t come across much difficulties luckily

  1. I like working in a team, but also like to work alone. In a team, the work get’s done quicker, but then there must be notes about how to translate certain words,so everyone writes them the same. And when you work alone, you know exactly how you want to translate the words and phraes, but it takes much longer time.

  2. Volunteering definetely helped to improve my language skills. Both in Dutch and in English. Because of subbing, my grammar has improved a lot and I learnt a lot of new expressions. And the video’s get subbed in so many languages that it also helps with learning other languages.

  3. If someone wanted to contribute Dutch subtitles I would tell him/her to enroll in the Dutch subbing academy. I graduated from there and now I’m a sensei. You will learn very much there and get a lot of help to become a good subber :slight_smile:

  4. I don’t want to thank certain people in special, but I’m just thankful to everyone who helped me when I was new to this site, the people who ask me to help subbing dramas, the people from the subbing academy and the people in the discussions who are always willing to answer everyone’s questions :slight_smile:

Some more facts:

  • The shows you see in my follower’s list, are the ones I enjoyed watching. I usually follow a show as soon as I start watching it, and based on wether I liked it or not, it will stay in or get removed from my follower’s list

  • ‘A tree with deep roots’, ‘Doctors, the ultimate surgeon’ (removed) and ‘Love, Now’ are shows where I am the only (active) Dutch subber

  • Right now, I’m the Dutch mod for the Korean drama ‘What happpens to my family?’ which is a very good drama. I recommend everyone to watch it :slight_smile:



Sorry if I didn’t answer sooner, I saw the big paragraph and I wanted to take my time to read it and comment it :smiley:
Thanks for sharing your experience :kissing_heart:

Sorry if I don’t follow the questions line because I’m just writting chronologically.

1) How did you end up on Viki? How did you discover Viki? Why did you start volunteering?

So it was thanks to your friends that you’re here :slight_smile: I’ve never watched Secret Garden. Was it really good in your opinion?
As for me, I discovered Viki when looking for a drama title that I wanted to watch. I forgot when, it was many years ago and there wasn’t Viki pass I think, I didn’t create an account until this year though. Why? Because I stopped watching dramas for many years like almost 7 or 8 years except occasionnally, and then one day, I was just looking for something to watch and I discovered Running Man, the Korean reality show. When was it? I forgot, I really have bad memory. I think it was 5 or 6 years ago, I remember there were some episodes but not too many like one hundred.

After laughing a lot at this kind of new Korean approach for me, I tried to look for another Korean reality show and I discovered The Return of Superman = the love of my life. I got hooked with the concept of this show and I just love children. I’m just watching every episode since I discovered it. For me, it’s still the best show that I’ve ever watched. But this show is only available in English and one day, I just wanted to read it in French and also, make it better known in France, and just sharing this awesome show for non English readers, so I was looking for a subbing team of this show and I fall back again on Viki (it’s a small world). I saw that to participate in translating because of restricted access, I had to become QC, so I just created an account last year in 2016 and joined a few teams that was looking for subtitlers and began subtitling.

But the big problem is that I began to love subtitling with people that I’ve met, and of course, I could translate Return of Superman during these past months but it’s not the only show that I translate (for better or for worse, I’m still asking myself this question because I don’t translate as much as I want on this wonderful show).

So this is the reason why I began volunteering on Viki :slight_smile:

2) What was your first experience on Viki as a volunteer?

I’ve never watched A tree with deep roots neither, but after reading the synopsis, I’m interested :open_mouth: How was the drama? I like this kind of mystery story, a murder case that we have to solve.
LOL you just subbed the drama until it was completed, way to go :laughing: That’s awesome!

I know exactly what you mean by challenging, this is one of the reason why I like subtitling.
I take it as a challenge for myself because the subtitler has to rack his brain to find the right words to convey what the characters wanted to express. We are not the scenarists but it’s like we create the story with our own words. It’s like we’re telling a story to someone (and I love to read, so it’s just my thing).
And when we finish telling the fairytale to someone, we are just happy :slight_smile: Yes, exactly what you said.

Good luck with the dramas that you have to finish in Dutch!

3) What was your evolution on Viki after this first try if you had to make a recap? And now?

Ah I see. But it’s not bothering you to watch twice the same thing in a row even if it’s a story that you like?

Like for me, I would need some time to forget a little about the story details and only after that, I would want to translate.
But it’s true that it’s easier to translate something that you just watched.

4) What was the most memorable project that you realized on Viki (the best and the worst)?

Oh that’s too bad! I’ve never got this case of expired licence but got something that became restricted access in my country before I could finish.

Oh, I watched “She was pretty”! Some scenes were really fun!!
That’s good that you enjoyed your first experience as a mod on-air drama even though it must have been tiring :slight_smile:

After that, did you want to continue immediately with being mod on-air drama or you wanted to rest a little?

6) Who do you work / hang out a lot together with? Why? Do you prefer to work as a lone wolf? Why?

Yes, I see what you mean. I’m like that too.
If releasing quickly an episode was not really important, I would have picked working alone. It’s just more convenient sometimes when you just do what you want without putting notes and informing everyone even though you can feel lonely. I think that working in a team asks more organisation than working alone, that’s why I don’t like sometimes to organize things because it’s time consuming and it’s less enjoyable. But I think alternating things is good also, like on 1 drama, you work in a team and on another one, you are alone, so when you just want to stay quiet and sub, you pick the other one. You have the choice.
For segmenting, I pick segmenting alone or with a few segmenters but not on new channels. Because it’s more relaxing.

7) Has volunteering on Viki impacted your life? In which aspects?

Do you learn other languages? Or does it inspire you to learn other languages?

Me too, I have more vocabulary in English and I know better French too! But I can’t say that it’s a lot, I think it got better but in a moderatly way because the dramas that I worked on haven’t got specific terms in an area (medical, law field…) so the vocabulary was all in all pretty much common.

But good things that I can list are:

  • I restarted to grow an interest in learning Chinese language, I had stopped a longtime ago after highschool so I’m just getting back to it step-by-step. Learning a language is so exciting and fun!
  • When we put notes to explain something, we have sometimes to look on the internet and read articles about it and I learned for example about “sheng nu” in China or “leftover women” or a real Korean murder case where the killer only killed people wearing red and white (be really careful in a bus).
  • I became more curious about Korean culture thanks to trendsetters channel (because during my diet of 0 drama, I wasn’t interested in Korean culture), I learnt some real life things that I wouldn’t have discovered without Viki like : about makeup for example (I’m not interested in makeup at all but I wanted to give it a try because I can train my English ear and at the same time learn about K-culture, kill 2 birds with one stone) so I know that Snail products are really good for acne prone skin and I know some good K-beauty brands if one day I want to give it a try or to recommend to my friends. Through Return of Superman and trendsetters, I also know some good cafes, restaurants and areas in Korea where it’s fun to hang out and other fun activities in Korea (mud festival, ice park, make tofu, visit ancient Korea)
    What else? The Pepero day in Korea, and more things about Korean everyday life.
  • I learnt tips for raising children from the Korean show the Return of Superman. It will be useful to every mother-to-be and father-to-be.
  • I improve my typing speed xd It’s useful for professionnal life.
  • I know how to make and use a Googlesheeet, I could reviewed a few Excel formulas that I forgot.
  • I learnt a little about html codes
  • Learning patience: I think I improve in that area with volunteering on Viki. Because you have to manage your relationships, people comments etc… I have become calmer when confronted with bad reactions from others, I won’t take things too personally etc
  • Learning to work in a team : organize things (I’m not used to it)
  • Taking more initiatives : before I would have never wanted to become a moderator or CM but since I have a little more experience now, these past few months, I’m more confident and accepted things that I would never have. It’s all about being ready to test new things where you were lacking confidence to take the step.

Wow, by thinking about it, volunteering on Viki did some things to my life :slight_smile:

8) How do you see the evolution of Viki over the years or over the months?
9) What would you say to someone who is hesitant to contribute (should I or not contribute) ?

Wow, you became a subtitling sensei! Congratz!! Too bad I don’t know Dutch!
Yup, come over see subtitling academy :slight_smile:

10) Question dedicated to thank people on Viki :slight_smile: : Who do you want to thank? Why?

Oww, that’s just too adorable. Same, everyone deserves gratitude and many thanks, volunteers, staff, viewers who come here to watch.

Oh I like that you added some of your personal facts :smile:
Your list is well organized!
“What happpens to my family?” seems fun.

Thanks for your awesome facts about you! I would recommend you for Dutch subbers in nssa subtitling and dramas :smile:

Hi, I’ll try to answer your questions

1) How did you end up on Viki? How did you discover Viki? Why did you start volunteering?

I saw Secret Garden a long time ago, so I don’t really remember much about it. When I watched it I really liked it. Especially the intro and the music. It was definetely a good typical K-drama :slight_smile:

Oh I also love Return of Superman! Although I haven’t watched many episodes yet. The kids are so cute :smile:
Bonne chance avec les sous-titres :grinning:

2) What was your first experience on Viki as a volunteer?

I would definetely recommmend you to watch A tree with deep roots. The story is told from two persons: the King and a palace guard. The story is about king Sejong who has been working on the Korean alphabet for years in secret, but when his opponents find out, they want to stop it at all costs. The palace guard wants to kill the king because he thinks he was responsible for something that happenend when he was a kid, but actually the king saved him back then. When he later finds out, the palace guard decides to work together with the king. I like the drama because the king was a really smart and funny guy and he has a lot of sympathy. The palace guard is also a smart guy in finding out who the king’s opponents are.

3) What was your evolution on Viki after this first try if you had to make a recap? And now?

No, I don’t really mind that. But since I watch more drama’s than I can sub I don’t often start subbing as soon as I’m finished watching. Because I want to finish subbing before I go to the next one.

4) What was the most memorable project that you realized on Viki (the best and the worst)?

Maybe in the future I’ll pick a on-air drama again, but right now I’m fine with older drama’s. Also my life is a little stressful nowadays and I think it’s better to only become an on-air mod when I’m more relaxed and am ready for the work. So who knows, maybe…

6) Who do you work / hang out a lot together with? Why? Do you prefer to work as a lone wolf? Why?

It’s true that working in a team asks a lot of organization, but I don’t mind that. As long as everything is clear and the mod gives clear instructions on how to translate some words. Because in Dutch a lot of words have many synonyms, so I think it would be best if everyone used the same word. For the drama ‘What happens to my family’ I made a google doc, with rules and notes. It’s a lot of work, but so is editing wrong subs :slight_smile:
And for the projects I work on alone, I just pretend there aren’t any Dutch watchers for it, so I just sub whenever I feel like it, lol.

7) Has volunteering on Viki impacted your life? In which aspects?

Wow, you have learned a lot from Viki! I’m also interested in learning other languages and Viki is great for that, because there are subs in so many languages. I sometimes watch shows in other language as well. Including French. However, since my French isn’t so good anymore I often have to switch to English or Dutch halfway through.


10) Question dedicated to thank people on Viki :slight_smile: : Who do you want to thank? Why?

Well, everyone is working hard for the viewers to let them watch their shows. Wether they are a CM, moderator, segmenter or subber. And I just like how everyone is so helpful in the discussion section.

Ooh, thank you! :smiley:

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Oh, I have to listen to Secret Garden’s ost then :grinning: I love listening to drama osts!
Yes, I’m in love with this show, it’s really relaxing and it makes you smile all the time.
Merci !

Okay, I need to watch this so, but it’s strange this sounds somewhat familiar to me… Like “aristocrats” wanted to stop him because it would make people intelligent, no? Is it something like that? But I don’t recall the guard character xd I don’t think I already watched it.
Thanks for the sum up!

Oh I see, yes, good idea. But I might come late into the team xd

Hope life’s gonna be more peaceful for you :slight_smile:
Yes, I feel exactly the same way, I don’t have the mindset for that neither, I feel that for the moment, it’s more constraints and less flexibilty. And this is not what I’m looking for when I’m volunteering.

LOL just pretending that there’s no Dutch watcher xd You killed me there xd Of course, come when you’re free, not when you’re busy or you don’t want to!
What I like the most when I’m working in a team is meeting other teammates, old acquaintances or new people, because I feel the team spirit xd I feel more fellowship, solidarity between us when I’m becoming familiar with someone… Normal reaction. And I find support.
When I work alone, I like it too because I need my own personal space sometimes when no one can bother me.
But if I was always working alone, I don’t think I could because I need social interactions to keep me dynamic and most importantly, because we became friends so it’s always nice to talk with your friends. Humans are social creatures :slight_smile:
So I like to work in a team where I’m not the moderator (of course, otherwise I will run away) and where I can feel the team spirit because it makes me want to come again and talk and “work with them” = more like “having fun with them”.

I’m sure that you learned a lot too because reading your message, it feels like it :slight_smile:
I think that Viki can be the little push that you need when you are lazy or hesitant to learn a language. For me, I stopped learning Chinese because I didn’t have optional classes anymore in highschool and after that, getting in college makes you busy learning more complicated things and the quantity is huge compared to highschool studies.
So I didn’t have time to study alone Chinese (whereas in highschool, it’s in your timetable so you don’t need to make time, it’s already set up for you and you have a teacher), and my freetime, I didn’t want to spend it “studying” Chinese alone.
I need to have other activities than putting my head in books when it was not for my homework and school stuff.

So that’s why Viki has triggered this long forgotten desire to learn Chinese and since I have more time now, I can.
But I don’t think that Viki is a great way to learn a language if you have 0 basis in this language, maybe you can grasp some expressions but how to make your own sentences, grammar etc… It’s “back to school way” = meaning you have to learn lessons and lessons cannot be find on Viki but elsewhere.
I only watch shows in English xd but not in other languages because okay, I explain:
I’m like that, when I want to learn something, I have a book or something that explain it really well, so if I really wanted to learn other languages, I would start with a book and not with Viki but I will use Viki later for listening and vocabulary.
So for Chinese, I have the book, I also listen to programs and watch videos about grammar thing. I have thought about using Viki Learn Beta Mode for the vocabulary and some expressions. But I’m still in beginner level for Chinese! I don’t intend to understand all the sentences that I can read on Viki Learn Beta Mode, I already know that I’m too far away for that but I still want to make my ear used to hear and see some characters that I can learn and remember them later.

:open_mouth: You know French! Nice! I don’t know Dutch, I learnt Spanish at school but my memory is bad.

Okay, I’m a beginner! I can read the first question but some characters in the second one, I don’t know their meaning when put together so I had to use Google translate sorry xd
I don’t think that I can help you in learning Chinese if you want to talk in Chinese with me, because my level is lower than yours I think xd It would be more like you talking with a wall= me. I’ll need more training and vocabulary from my book… It’s been a few days that I didn’t open it, and it’s already bugging me! But if you want to talk in French, no problemo with me xd

Yes, people are so nice, I’m surprised! I made friends and all, I really didn’t predict this!
Yes, this discussion section is really a good plenary setting xd We can share and help each other even if we are not working on the same drama, it’s pretty cool!

Oh I have a question about nssa subbing in Dutch. Can I know how it is organized? Because I wanted to help with the French subbing academy since it’s under construction but I’m quite lost for this.
Like if I was a new student, what would I do in this Dutch subbing academy, what’s the program? Did you make some material? How did you build it? As a sensei, what do you have to do? It would help us a lot if we know how to implement this French subbing academy by having your own experience as a model for us! :blush:

Yes, it’s exactly that. They think creating a simple alphabet goes against Confucianism. And also almost no one supports the king at first, because they cannot believe it’s possible to create a simple alphabet.

Merci beaucoup :slight_smile:

Well, sometimes I do actually get the feeling that there are no Dutch watchers for shows. I know that there are of course, but since I seldom see comments in Dutch in comment section or in the timed comments I get the feeling there aren’t. Also sometimes I wished Dutch people asked for Dutch subs. That might give Dutch subbers more motivation to stick to a project, because there are a lot of projects abandoned after the first or second episode. Of course I wouldn’t like it if they were like ‘WE DEMAND DUTCH SUBS RIGHT NOW!!!’’, but if they’d say ‘Oh it would be nice to have Dutch subs for this show, can you please add them?’’ In this way, more projects would get the chance of being completed in my opinon.

Ah c’est pas de problème pour vous? Mais c’est pour moi un peu parce que c’est longtemps que j’appris. Maintenant j’ai oublié beaucoup. Parfois j’essaye de réapprendre la langue et ça va comme-ci comme-ça :flag_fr:

At the moment there are 4 Dutch senseis. Three of them are active and one of them might become inactive soon. I’m not sure.

If a student registers him/herself he/she will be put on a list and if a sensei has time she will pick the first student from the list. She sends a welcome letter to the student. If the students decides to join the subbing academy he/she must send back a reply with a motivation about him/herself writtten in English and in Dutch. That way, we can see if the student has good sufficient knowledge about grammar and spellng rules. If not, the student cannot participate.

Then the sensei will ask if there is a serie the student likes to work on. When the project is choosen, the sensei usually becomes a temporary mod or if there already is one, she will ask for permission to use the series for the NSSA. which usually is permitted. Then once it’s settled, the sensei can give the student a task. For example : translate part 1 of episode 5 of these series.

The sensei will give the student several documents with for example tips for translating, avoiding common mistakes, etc.

All the feedback will be written down in a google doc where the student also can ask questions if he/she doesn’t understand something.

Hope this makes it a bit clearer. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have further questions :slight_smile:

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Oh I see, I’ll try to watch this drama!

Lol I know, sometimes when you’ll see comments in your native language, it’s like a booster.
But it should be done by priority, no? If no one is asking, maybe it’s better to go where people ask first.
For me, if it’s on air dramas, it’s logic to work on them first and when it’s finished, I can go on more deserted channels.
But after all, it’s already nice to contribute, so forcing people to contribute on air channels first, or on more deserted channels, it’s not something that is easy to do.
I have German subtitlers in my channel and they seem serious, like asking me questions about how to translate it in German, but I don’t know how to help them because I don’t speak German, I can only explain them better in English what the thing is.
So if you want to contact them to propose them to join your dramas, I can give you their contacts through pm and then, it’s up to them and you of course.

OH, I’m impressed! Okay, I have to say that some words need to be put elsewhere but it’s already really nice because any French people can understand :slight_smile:

I see, even if we register to participate, it’s not sure that we will be accepted.

It’s a really good idea! At least, people are more motivated to work on something they like.
Thanks for the google doc you shared with me! It sure was much clearer for me and I won’t hesitate to ask more questions :blush: Thank you again!

I saw this a while back but decided it would be best to respond after my exams lol. Here it goes:

1) How did you end up on Viki? How did you discover Viki? Why did you start volunteering?
It was in 2014 I think. I was just getting into Kdramas and wanted an app so I could watch them on my tablet. At the time, Viki’s collection on mobile was a little limited, but I remember that they had a music section and that’s where I would watch many of my favorite kpop MVs at the time and discovered many groups. I didn’t bother signing up, but one update required you to sign in to access the app, so I made an account.

While using the web version one day, I saw the one-liner bubble and decided to give it a try. It was surprisingly addicting! So I headed to the project finder and started working on random shows, but never stuck around for very long.

2) What was your first experience on Viki as a volunteer?
In 2014(?), I joined my first team (either Dr. Frost for EN-FR or My Lovable Girl for EN-AR, I don’t remember lol). It was fun, but I wasn’t aware of some of the rules and both my Arabic and French translation skills were lacking. I really enjoyed the challenge of translating either way and this motivated me to work hard and improve my skills in both languages.

3) What was your evolution on Viki after this first try if you had to make a recap? And now? For this new year, what are your plans on Viki? (same as usual or else)
I’ve definitely improved a lot in terms of Arabic and French to the point where as I’m watching a drama, I find myself translating it in my head. (I still have lots of room to improve and will continue to study). I will be graduating from NSSA soon, so that’s pretty exciting as well^~^

4) What was the most memorable project that you realized on Viki (the best and the worst)? Why? What did you decide after this?
Descendants of the Sun! This was the first project I was really commited to and stuck through until the end. Before that I wouldn’t contribute much either because I was too slow and the other members would be done by the time I offered to help or because I was busy with school. I contributed about 900 subs to DOTS and while that’s not much by some people’s standards, I felt really accomplished and it made me want to volunteer on a more regular basis.

5) What are the difficulties that you encounter(ed) as a volunteer? Did you manage to overcome some difficulties? Have you ever want to give up on volunteering on Viki? If yes/no, why?
The limited number of Arabic subbers is the main cause behind the difficulties. Even when we do get a decent turnout for a project, there are lots of people who will rarely contribute. I learned this the hard way when I was the Arabic moderator for Wanted (if you haven’t already seen it, you should!). I loved the show but of the 7 volunteers on the team only myself and the editor contributed actively. I was taking a course over the summer as well, so it was really stressful. I took a pretty long break from subbing after we finished because I felt like I just couldn’t do it anymore.

6) Who do you work / hang out a lot together with? Why? Do you prefer to work as a lone wolf? Why?
There are a few Arabic moderators who were really nice and supportive of me when I was starting out and to this day, I still love working with them because I know they’ll never push me beyond my limits.

7) Has volunteering on Viki impacted your life? In which aspects?
Aside from sending my stress levels through the roof at times, viki hasn’t impacted my life very much. That being said, I put my life before Viki because my grades, family and social life are worth far more than some badges. (Especially considering how rude and ungrateful some viewers are!)

9) What would you say to someone who is hesitant to contribute (should I or not contribute) ? Will you emphazise only the good points? Will you be biased, very biased or not all? If he accepts, what would be your tips?
I would tell them to give it a try, but I’d be sure to list all the good and bad points just so they know what they’re getting theirself into. My tips would be to start with a show that’s off-air until they get the hang of it and then they can start applying to on-air series.

10) Question dedicated to thank people on Viki :slight_smile: : Who do you want to thank? Why?
I actually have a list on my profile haha. Other than those people, I’d like to thank the viewers that leave kind messages and all the moderators, CMs and senseis who’ve believed in me so far. (Cheesy, I know. But what can you expect from a girl whose ideal type is Nam Woo Hyun? :stuck_out_tongue: ) Aside from those people, I’m thanful for the friends I’ve made here, especially those who send me videos they think will make me smile or videos that made them think of me.


Hello :smile:

Sure, just answer when you have time lol Hope your exams went smoothly!

Wow, what I like on Viki is that there’s more variety in their catalogue and we can land on Viki not only for dramas but also for music clips, for other shows etc…
And you can start contributing from your 1st centre of interest but then, you become interested in other things that they have in their catalogue or you see that it’s not only your show that needs some help actually but there’s a lot of more shows that need helping hands or you just want to improve in languages and why not?
And so you begin to contribute on other shows xd You didn’t plan to but it happened :slight_smile:
I mean if they didn’t have this music section or the show that I wanted to subtitle, maybe never we would use Viki a lot.
I woud never contributed on Viki in the first place if they didn’t have what I was looking for (and it was not in the drama section). And if they have the exclusivity, we have to watch it on Viki for other languages.
So it helps to touch a large audience with different contents.
But it’s true that the core is the drama section and our single cases might be just scarce.

Does the music section still exist? I saw like music shows but not music clips of a few minutes, I didn’t see them.

I think that now to access the app, we don’t need to create an account.
At least, one-liner did attract some people :open_mouth: I think that the Project Finder is like the beginning point where we most land nowadays.
What did I do? I forgot, my memory is really bad xd I think that when I was looking for a place to subtitle my show, I landed on Viki and discovered by clicking somewhere on their page that it was volunteers who subtitle (thing that I didn’t know at all until last year xd, really when I watch something, I just watch the contents and that’s all, I don’t look at other things except that, I even switch off the Timed comments because there are too many flashes and it was not convenient to watch with something flashing in your eyes too quickly) and at the same time, I found out that I could be a volunteer if I wanted to (like no special requirements) and I had to be QC to subtitle on my show.
So on the same page (that doesn’t exist anymore, like there was a global subtitles counter on it, it was yellow?) and some tutorials, I found Project Finder thingie.

My little experience with Project Finder:
I try it first for a very few subtitles and for not even 1 hour I think because going through Project Finder:
Either the show was locked to people out of the team, either the shows were quite old, or both.
So I was like, what is “the team” they’re talking about on a locked channel, is it possible to participate in the team, how does it work?
If it is subbed by volunteers, where are the newest or trendest dramas on this Project Finder? Don’t tell me that no one needs people on newest dramas?
So many questions got me looking on the pages of the lastest dramas and discovered cover pages (I did it for the first time in my life last year, I never look at this kind of thing, nor comments, just the content)
And so I read “Team full” or “recruiting messages” and the contacts with it in the cover page and so I went on many cover pages and contact people.
But since I’m not a patient one and I didn’t receive answers from my pm, I just went click some more on Viki website to find the forum because I always look for the forum when I need something.
And that’s where I learnt most of the things by reading other people posts and posts that were recruiting. I contacted another moderator and she was the first one to answer me.
All of this happened really fast now that I think about it from the moment I discovered that I could volunteer for my show on Viki and my first subtitles as a member of an official team, it took I believe 2-3 days because we have to understand how it works, that we have to contact people, find the right people, find the projects where people look for subtitlers, and then people have to answer us (for me, it was long because I didn’t know how it worked before and for a newbie, I think that this system is pretty complicated).
If people answered me sooner, I think that it would save me a lot of time making research and frustration. they could have explained me the thing. I could volunteer the same day I wanted to but I lose 2-3 days by searching the information on this website and waiting answers.
So during these 2-3 days, I was like if people won’t answer me, this community is quite strange. their website page entices people to volunteer, the page is nice and all but the response when you contact people is cold or silence.
So I wanted to go on another website to find my happiness since I don’t receive answers.
But it’s thanks to a post that a moderator sent on discussions that I contacted her and in her message, she put nssa subtitling guide and so I discovered some more about how to subtitle in my language and the role of an editor and abuser and ever since, we became friends and I continue to work with her.
My first moderator was the kindest of all and the quickest to answer to my pm when I wanted to enroll and she explained me a lot of things when I first got here thanks to the google chat in google sheet so this gchat is really useful to contact in real-time without spamming viki chat and explain things without delay.

=> My conclusion is that for newbies, you have to look everywhere to find answers and contacts.
I think that when you find the Project Finder and reading the volunteering page presentation, you can think that that’s all and all the rules are there and there’s nothing more to learn about rules and you can begin safely. But actually, that’s not the case. It was just a peek in volunteering on Viki, but to know the whole thing, the best place was Discussions page and nssa website. For me, it’s complete and detailed explanations for questions that newbies ask themselves.
Cons of Discussions page, the explanations for newbies are burried, what word can I research when I’m a newbie and I want to understand things. Normally in a standard forum, there’s always a beginner guide or a tour of the website.
Cons of nssa website: lack of advertisement, I discovered their existence too late in my opinion, I got the nssa guideline for subtitling directly in the google doc but I didn’t know that it was also a website and that you can find other explanations in this wesbite, and segmentation also and their viki channel! Not enough ad.

And my impatient behaviour the first time is because you don’t meet people to answer your many questions and when you find these people, they don’t answer right away. So all of this gives a bad vibe for a debut on Viki as a volunteer.
Because hey, I want to volunteer but no one is answering… What do I do? No one wants to help me? These are questions that every newbie can think in front of this situation.
I think that it’s a big loss of potiental volunteers and who would make research to volunteer for 2-3 days?
There are too many links and not the right links (incomplete info) and not the best presentation for the important info (burried)

Oh but who teach you the rules then? Did you arrive on a page where there were rules or someone told you?

Woot woot! Hope you will pass! But are you graduating from nssa subtitling or nssa segmenting?
So how was your training? Was it hard or easy? Did you found it long?

Lal, Song Joong Ki made you really commited maybe?
No, I also know that I’m more motivated, quicker on a drama that I’m interested in otherwise count on me for watching youtube music clips instead or looking for something to eat xd

Oh I didn’t know it was hard to find committed people for Arabic. Yes, the moderator has to take responsability…
Must be hard to find an Arabic moderator too?

I still don’t watch dramas nowadays so I’ll try to watch Wanted too xd, But I’m not so hooked than years ago… I prefer to watch American series that seem more realistic and less naive, innocent for me. If it’s only pure romance, it’s out of my league, I can’t anymore watch it, my tastes have changed now so moving on… But I still have great feelings from the time I watched romantic dramas, great memories :slight_smile:

Same here, you meet incredible kind people who explain you a lot of things just to help you when you need help.

You shouldn’t stress on Viki! How come?? Maybe you’re too serious about volunteering? I mean just volunteer and chill!
No stress!
I think that I would never stress whatever I do on Viki, the real stress comes from life situations.
Subtitling or segmenting can’t stress me because in my head, there’s a line between stressful situations/ relax time.
How can I stress during my relaxing time?
Yes, people can be so rude just to watch a show… But 1) They don’t even contribute and 2) Go learn English and your language so you can help.
We always complain but we don’t see the hard work, the long hours it requires to create the final product.

Yes, the entire truth xd It’s fair.
Yes! I started with an off air show and I really liked my first exp because first you learn how to work in your team, you have enough episodes to train subtitling. You have enough time to learn, to ask questions, the moderator is not in a hurry, it’s more relaxing to begin with.
And then, you’ll go on air shows and you learn about other teams, wait for English editions.
I learned a lot with off air shows because I can subtitle a little every day on off air shows so I became used to Viki faster than coming once a week for 1 part. So I totally agree with you.

Nice! I’m quite cheesy too sometimes xd
Who is Nam Woo Hyun? xd I’m always like “Who is he?” each time my teammates tell me “Oh he’s in this drama”
Oh that’s so nice, they sent you videos! I never got videos, cards yes but not videos xd

It seems that you’re joyful and that your stressful period on Viki is over now :kissing_heart:

I remember that page! I tried finding it for a new subber I worked with over the summer, but I couldn’t.[quote=“piranna, post:9, topic:14103”]
Cons of Discussions page, the explanations for newbies are burried, what word can I research when I’m a newbie and I want to understand things. Normally in a standard forum, there’s always a beginner guide or a tour of the website.
That’s true. I was pretty misguided as a new volunteer, which is why I didn’t contribute as much as I could have.[quote=“piranna, post:9, topic:14103”]
Oh but who teach you the rules then? Did you arrive on a page where there were rules or someone told you?

I just kept making mistakes until I figured them out. :joy: Like one time, I started subbing an on air drama without waiting of the “green light” from my language moderator and then she told me not to do that again. Other things, I kind of picked up from people’s rants on the forum.

Segmenting. It was definitely difficult at first and I would often get frustrated by how bad I was at it, but the senseis were always very supportive. I started around mid-to-late August, but I worked a little slower than most people because I prioritize school over viki.

I’m more of a Jin Goo kind of girl :wink: Also, I absolutely love Kim Ji Won, so I think that had a lot to do with it.

Haha! Me too![quote=“piranna, post:10, topic:14103”]
If it’s only pure romance,
I agree. Most romance dramas make me cringe. (Although I really enjoyed Master’s Sun)
I tend to learn more towards suspense dramas or girl power dramas. (Girl power movie recommendation: Sunny!)

He’s one of the lead singers in the band Infinite and is well known for being really cheesy. (He’ll say things like: “To me, fans aren’t just fans. They’re my girlfriends”. or “All our fans are my ideal type”.]

He also sings really well :heart_eyes:


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I don’t know when they erased this page, I thought it was not a long time ago though, when they made the new page for volunteering. But if you say it was back in summer! I didn’t even notice that :confused:

Yes, the thing is to find the right person who can answer you and who would answer you xd
I got lucky with my first moderator :slight_smile: One of the nicest persons out there, when I got questions, she just helped me out and showed me things, a very available and reliable moderator => a must for newbies in my opinion otherwise, they won’t have time to answer your questions or they can’t help you a lot so you would still have a lot of questions or you won’t learn much so it will make you gain a lot of time just asking to the right person and not searching everywhere on Discussions which topic can help you xd

Ooh but at least, you learn from your mistakes! And you were more carefull after :slight_smile:
But that’s why it’s important to send nssa guildelines everywhere, I like them because it’s detailed.
My 1st mod sent it to me and thankfully, I read it otherwise I would have done the same thing one day or another if I didn’t know about “green light” existence xd

Segmenting! Good luck! I cross my fingers for you!
Of course, school will always goes first! How can you keep doing your training if you’re demotivated by your school results?

Don’t worry about being bad in the beginning, you know, I think I was a bad student too xd
But the most important is that you become better, not that you were bad at the beginning, it’s normal in general :slight_smile:
If you keep going on and listen to your sensei advice and ask questions where you don’t understand, keep segmenting I think you will become better, that’s it. There’s no secret or no magic formula.
May I ask who is your lvl5 sensei? I’m curious xd Maybe we had the same sensei!!!
Senseis are yes always supportive, they’re really kind! :heart:
It doesn’t matter if you work a little slower, in my opinion, if you are motivated to finish the whole course, it’s what matters.
And what will you do after the training, will it be useful to you? That was the question that I asked myself after graduation.
I was not fast neither when I was in my training program (and I’m still not fast now but got better with training, it’s the natural course of events), and I didn’t plan to give up on translating and focusing on segmenting neither. I’m still considering myself as a learner in segging, not kidding.

The big turning point for me in my Viki routine was when I met my last sensei in nssa who was and is and will always be Serenite.
Like the 1st mod who helped me a lot in my debut on Viki and Serenite who showed me that segmenting was not so boring and it could be challenging, I found a new interest from the moment I’ve met them.
If I haven’t met these people who helped me, I won’t be volunteering as much as I’m doing.
They have an important role in my opinion, people you meet on Viki, how much they help you, how much you talk with them, your discussions with them, the moderators you have, the senseis you have… These interactions make you want to come again on Viki or not, to work with them or not, at least I know that sometimes I’m just on other gsheets to talk with them and catch up. And it makes you build your own network and you know who is reliable.
So these people who helped me, of course I would help them in return when I’m available. Again, the natural course of events.

So I hope you enjoy your training while it lasts and make the most of it because I really envy you now xd
It’s hard, it’s long, it’s like you appear as a bad student and all but in the end, it’s one of the best thing I’ve experimented this year on Viki. I don’t regret enrolling in this program at all.
From the “Why did I enroll in this program?”, it goes to “Ah, I want to restart it again!” xd
Hope you will pass!

Who is that? xd I’m sorry but searching and remembering Korean actors names is something I have to work on too xd
But I might know the face!

Chocolate, chips, candies…

Oh :open_mouth: Really?? I’m searching for a drama with a strong female character lead! I ship this kind of role! My fav!
Do you have other recommendations? One character lead who is not too much naive, gullible or I don’t know, just normal.
She can be a general or a lawyer or a mother or a highschooler, I don’t know just strong mind…

Omg, I like Infinite songs! But no, I don’t know their members xd Lol, all my fans are my wives? xd Funny guy xd
I listened to the song! I like it! I will listen to it from now on :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

Thanks for sharing your experience! I really had fun reading you and answering you :kissing_heart:

Song Joong Ki’s friend in Descendants of the Sun! (Don’t worry, I’m pretty bad with actors’ names too. I just remember his because I was so in love with him lol)

KILL ME HEAL ME! The female lead was AMAZING!
If I remember correctly, the main actress in I Hear Your Voice was pretty strong as well.
I’m currently watching Voice. The female lead is a badass but the writing isn’t very realistic and some of the male cops in the show are a little sexist.

I’m glad you liked it!

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Oh I see who it is now xd
Okay, I will watch Kill me heal me too xd I hear your voice, I watched first eps but after, I gave up because of actor. Sorry :confounded:
Voice is something that would interest me for sure, I love this kind of story like a mystery case. But we’ll see if I can bear sexist cops xd

Yes, I’m now listening to BTS, my teammate got me interested in them and they released a few songs today, I’m thinking of dying my hair in blue now xd but I don’t think it’s a good idea for work…


Have a wonderful night :dizzy::heart:

BTS used to be my favorite! I don’t listen to much Kpop anymore. Most groups sound the same and I just don’t have time to keep up with everyone.

Blue hair is really pretty, but such a pain to maintain. My fashion teacher said she dyed her hair purple before but had to get the roots touched up every two weeks!!

Maybe you can just dye the tips of your hair. That would require far less work.

Or you could get peekaboo highlights (it’s a way of highlighting that gives you more control over when the hair colour shows). There are lots of different variations on the internet.

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