"Wangshibri" meaning? [SOLVED]

Does it mean “hometown”? If not, what?
I know it’s the title of a film Wang Sib Ri, My Hometown (1976), but otherwise I’m in the dark, because film titles are not always translated literally.
Why do I need to know?
Because in the film Dancing Queen, at 20:21 a character says:
“She’s Shinchon Madonna I’m Wangshibri Red Mesh stocking”.

So if indeed Wangshibri means hometown it would make sense. They are two friends who liked singing and dancing and clubbing in their young years.

왕십리 (wang ship ri) is a name of a neighborhood in Seoul.
There are other ones that also have this “ri” ending and not the expected -dong ending. (btw neighborhood means 동네 (dongne, same dong)

미아리 (mia-ri) or 미아동(mia-dong) is another. For some reason 미아동 and 미아리 are interchangeable.

신촌 (shinchon) is also a neighborhood. I think it is on the 2 line. That’s where Yonsei and Ewha are.

Hometown (gohyang, 고향) means usually place where you are born.

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Oh, perfect! So it should be left untranslated, if it’s the name of a place.
Thanks a bunch!:rose:


I just realized I didn’t tell you how to romanize 왕십리 wang ship ri?? Not the best at rev rom sorry!

So that b in the middle, at the end of the 2nd character, is pronounced p? I think (but I might be wrong) that in romanization they keep it written as b and then you know you have to pronounce “p” if it’s the end of the word. But technically this is not the end of the word.

By the way, the character in the movie says “Wanshipmni” (which I learned is an alternative way of calling the place)

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Romanization is based strictly on spelling :slight_smile:
There should be machines that do rev rom for us

There are machines like that!

It seems that in some cases spelling is not followed.

From National Institute of Korean Language

This probably means that the middle syllable in Wangshibri isn’t shib but ship because it comes before ri.


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It’s pronounced more like Wangshimni.

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wow this stuff gives me a headache.
I am a learner so I tend to pronounce new words the way it is spelled but usually I have the opposite problem. Know the word no idea how it is spelled.

I fudge the pronunciation a bit and blend it… I kind of get it lol

P.S. I usually cheat too by asking the machine or an editor that knows for romanization.