Want to subtitle? Let people know!

That’s often the case with Kdramas but less with Cdramas.

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German teams are often closed for K-dramas before the series started, even before the license, short C-dramas, too. For longer C-dramas it depends on the cast ^^

do you need segmenting help?

You must first graduate from NSSA or Seg 101 to help out

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While talking, some French mods happened to told me the number of French subbers who asked subtitling has been decreasing this year.

For ex:

  • On popular Kdramas:

~10-12 different subbers found before/around the broadcasting

Now: /2
~5-6 subbers in total (some of them asked along the way).

1 exception: +10 different subbers for a very romantic popular Kdrama with idols or big stars

  • On Cdramas: same trend (sometimes worst for historical: 1 subber or the mod)

Before: ~ 6 different subbers
Now: 1-3 different subbers, including Moderator translating

Now, to begin/continue a drama, the moderator has to subtitle. Not only at the end or at the edition, they got to intervene.
No edition without subtitles, but the most important is the subtitles for viewers in the end.

We thought that it was because of different trends:

  • the generations aged and entered college or graduated and are in active life so less time to contribute.
  • easier openings for CMs and moderators positions in general for everyone (Viki staff picking different moderators and CMs), so they turned to this position.
    Like emptying 1 vase (subbing) to fill another one (moderating and managing), but we don’t have a renewal of generations to fill the 1st vase. Once mod or manager, people don’t sub anymore or less when being mod/manager for their overall activity.
  • more restricted access (Viki pass) and less possibilities for dramas ppl are interested in (Kocowa)
    (- change of schools program: in college, less time to relax)

It’s not a good picture, like a desert.


Any Chinese to English subbers can check this thread: plenty of projects needing help. This thread was started by Mahoula, and today I updated it.


I second that^^

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I feel like we’ve created our own project finder :smile:


hola, me gustaría ayudar a subtitular de ingles a español

Hello, I can help with subs from English --> Spanish.
I can read Korean and understand a little.

Hey~ I’m a native Spanish speaker, but I can speak English very well! This is my third year learning Korean and I could understand it a little bit; I want to write subtitles from English to Spanish since it’s easier for me. I need some projects, so please send me links or contacts from Channel Managers please and thank you!

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Hi~ I’m a native Hungarian speaker, and I speak English as well (+ I’ve been learning Korean for 6 months intensively and reached a quite good level). I would like to help translating from English to Hungarian.

How do you find out who language moderators are?

Thanks for updating it. Can you tell me what area you are in? You can pm me. Looks like the first one, fashion editress is restricted for me.

I already posted this somewhere else, but just in case. Channel for the Chinese drama Sm:)e they are looking for more English Subbers and Segmenters.


Here is the link

When you go to the drama’s main page and scroll down a bit, you will see “The xxx team”. xxx changes for every drama. Click on that and you will see first the channel manager, and then below that, the moderators. Look for your language and click on the picture above it, that will take you to the moderator’s account where you can send her a message saying that you’d like to contribute to drama “xxx” and she will add you to her team and tell you the basics. :slight_smile:



me puedes contactar vía un pm mi nombre de usuaria es wiligard tengo un canal de variedad y otros de dramas.

Te guio en todo lo que me sea posible.


Hello! I can sub from Chinese to English or segment!


I can subtitle from English to Portuguese and I’m looking for new projects. I would really like to help so if you need some help with some project just contact me :purple_heart:



Can you guys let me know, if someone is needing help subtitling from English to Spanish ?