Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Looking for opportunities to provide English to English general editing for Chinese programs.


Hi, I would like to do Subtitle for (English,Korean into Urdu) a national language of Pakistan (where korean dramas are getting popular day by day. Please let me know about the procedure.
Thank you


Olá! Estou disposta a traduzir de Inglês para Português. Ainda estou começando, por favor, me dê uma oportunidade :face_with_hand_over_mouth::piscadela:


I want to start helping with subtitles from Korean to english or english to portuguese or korean to portuguese. I’m still not sure how i can use the platform if anyone needs help I can learn quikly :slight_smile:
Quero começar a ajudar com legendas do coreano para o inglês ou do inglês para o português ou do coreano para o português. Ainda não sei como posso usar a plataforma, se alguém precisar de ajuda, posso aprender rapidamente :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m looking to join a team / Estoy buscando unirme a un equipo
I can translate from english to spanish and viceversa. Puedo ayudar a traducir de inglés a español y viceversa.
I can also tanslate from french to english and spanish. También puedo traducir de francés a español e inglés.

Thank You


i can do arabic to english, and the opposite too.
if you still interested i can help.


Hello! I would love to help with subtitles. I can sub from Korean to English.


Hi, I can help with subtitles from english into polish.


Please contact Hawra’a. She’s the Arabic moderator for so many projects.


Hello! If you need a translator from english to portuguese i can help you!


Hi everyone!

If you need a translator from englisch to german, I’m more than welcome to help. I already did some translations for Tamra the Island -Director’s Cut until it got designated :).


cześć to może mogłabyś przetłumaczyć ten serial z Fighs break spehere od 9 odcinka do końca jak można


New to this, free to help with any segmenting (does one have to know the lang?) and translations, proficient in Mandarin/Chinese.


Note to people who want to contribute. In order to segment you need to be trained, either through Seg 101 or Ninja Academy. It is not enough to just watch the videos on how to do it. You need to be supervised and have experienced segmenters train you.
If you want to subtitle on any channel, write to the language moderator for your language. If there is no moderator listed, then write to the Channel Manager. For “popular languages” such as Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, and French, the team is often filled early – sometimes before the first episode. So it pays to check upcoming, not yet started series, and write before the first broadcast.


That’s often the case with Kdramas but less with Cdramas.


German teams are often closed for K-dramas before the series started, even before the license, short C-dramas, too. For longer C-dramas it depends on the cast ^^


do you need segmenting help?


You must first graduate from NSSA or Seg 101 to help out


While talking, some French mods happened to told me the number of French subbers who asked subtitling has been decreasing this year.

For ex:

  • On popular Kdramas:

~10-12 different subbers found before/around the broadcasting

Now: /2
~5-6 subbers in total (some of them asked along the way).

1 exception: +10 different subbers for a very romantic popular Kdrama with idols or big stars

  • On Cdramas: same trend (sometimes worst for historical: 1 subber or the mod)

Before: ~ 6 different subbers
Now: 1-3 different subbers, including Moderator translating

Now, to begin/continue a drama, the moderator has to subtitle. Not only at the end or at the edition, they got to intervene.
No edition without subtitles, but the most important is the subtitles for viewers in the end.

We thought that it was because of different trends:

  • the generations aged and entered college or graduated and are in active life so less time to contribute.
  • easier openings for CMs and moderators positions in general for everyone (Viki staff picking different moderators and CMs), so they turned to this position.
    Like emptying 1 vase (subbing) to fill another one (moderating and managing), but we don’t have a renewal of generations to fill the 1st vase. Once mod or manager, people don’t sub anymore or less when being mod/manager for their overall activity.
  • more restricted access (Viki pass) and less possibilities for dramas ppl are interested in (Kocowa)
    (- change of schools program: in college, less time to relax)

It’s not a good picture, like a desert.


Any Chinese to English subbers can check this thread: plenty of projects needing help. This thread was started by Mahoula, and today I updated it.