Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hello, I would like to translate English to French if you’re looking for someone. Thank you very much!

Hello everyone. I can speak English and Arabic. I want to ask a question. Do I have to be fluent in Korean to be able to translate or can I use apps and programs for that ?. Thank you very much.


If you want to translatw you must know english very well, because you sub from English into Arabic.

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Yes, I am fluent in English.

But, this is for Korean dramas,right ?

I see you need to go to the Help Center and read a few articles there.

In short. Viki has Korean and Chinese language dramas (and VERY few others). They come without any subtitles.
After the segmenting (you don’t need to know what that is for now), the English subtitlers listen to the original Korean or Chinese and they translate into English. Then the English is edited to make it grammatically and syntactically correct. After this is done, the other languages can start.
No team except for the English team translates directly from the original language. All other languages translate from the English. (Of course it happens that some Other Language subtitlers also know Korean or Chinese, so they can also be helped by this).
That’s why you were told that the only languages you need to know well is English (comprehension) and your language (writing).


@Irmar already explained to you why you only need to know English and Arabic (though knowledge of Korean definately helps).
The use of apps like Google Translate is strictly forbidden here. You can however, make use of (online) dictionaries and websites that explain linguistic issues etc.

I’d like to help :slight_smile:
I can translate from Korean/English/Spanish into English/Spanish.

Hi there! I want to get started in subtitling from english into spanish. I’m interested in C-Dramas particularly but I have no problem with doing it in other categories :slight_smile:

I found the last one for Korean. The name is without the “_yahoo_com” it’s just “choitrio” https://www.viki.com/users/choitrio/overview


Thank you so much.

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Thank you. I understood everything. Thanks

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Coucou je suis modératrice et cherche des volontaires, il me faudrait ton profil sur viki

Coucou je suis modératrice et cherche des volontaires, il me faudrait ton profil sur viki pour pouvoir te contacter.

Thank you for the info on choitrio. I have edited it under Korean.:grinning:


My name is Nick and I can speak english and portuguese fluently, and I’m learning japanese, I’m looking forward to subtitle from english to portuguese, and maybe soon, from english to japanese too.

Hello! I can help with translating from Chinese to English/Spanish. I am fluent in Chinese, English, and Spanish and learning Japanese.

hola, me gustaria ayudar a traducir de español a ingles o de ingles a español y frances :smile:

Hi I can help with subs English-Spanish or Spanish-English
Let me know if anyone needs some help, I will glad to help.

Hello, I want to ask something. I have asked many moderators to volunteer, but no one responded. Can someone help me ?