Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Szia, Mizuki vagyok, miben tudok segíteni neked?


I think afterschool club is a great way to transcribe and or seg. There’s a ton in just English.

Hello everybody!
I’m a native Swedish speaker (from an English-speaking family) looking to contribute with some subtitles from English to Swedish. Since I have a lot more free time this summer than I originally planned on it would be great to contribute to the community so please let me know if there are any projects! Here is my Viki account: https://www.viki.com/users/wilburw/overview

Ok, thanks :slight_smile: . Will check it out.

Hi , I can translate from English to French ! Or from French to English :slight_smile: Let me know if i can help !

@lysna19 @fantasyforlife @jamiesullivan5785_34, you can propose your profil on this topic specially for French people Liste de personnes voulant traduire et editer des dramas

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Hi everyone!
I’m Benedetta and I’m new to the Rakuten Viki’s subtitling comunity. I would love to help translate subtitles from English to Italian, please let me know if I can be of any help.
Thank you!


Hello, English to Greek subtitles here.

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Hi I’m Felix and im new here. I would like to start working on my
first project. I can translate from English to Polish
and my schedule is wide open. Please message me if I can
help with anything! :smile:


Hi everyone! I hope you all are well! I would love to help out with subtitling and I am able to subtitle from Chinese to English (and vice versa)! Thank you so much!


Hi! I would love to help with Viki subtitles. I can subtitle from English to Polish ^^
Thank you!


hi! I would love to subtitle from english to portuguese, if you are in need of someone to help your project please look after me! ^^

For all newbies!!
Project Finder:

Guide lines:
More info:

How do you become a general editor? I’m not fluent in other languages, but I am learning. I have an advanced degree in English and I’m a writer. I’d love to edit some of the subtitles where I’ve found a few distracting typos…if anyone wants my two cents!


The best would be to contact one or several Chief Editors (CEs), which you can find on the page wall (picture/poster under the subtitle team) in any project. For example, CE for the series Why Her? is joysprite.

Also, there’s some resources and networking possibilities here:

Good luck! :blush:


Hi everyone! ^^
Looking out for opportunities in subtitling. I hold an upper-intermediate level in Korean. Can help with Korean - English/Hindi translations and vice-versa. New to the world of subtitling, but would put all efforts in. Hope you guys can guide me through.



Write to English chief editors of current or recently completed shows.


Hi everyone! I’m looking for projects to subtitle from english to danish!

hi everyone! :wave:
I’m Alessia and I’m new here. I’m an Italian native speaker and since I graduated in foreign languages I’d like to practice my languages skills. I’d be happy to work with subs from English into Italian (I know some Chinese but I don’t feel comfortable in translating it). I also have some previous experience with subtitling other than the Viki community. I’d prefer to translate Chinese dramas mainly, but Korean ones are also ok for me.
Please feel free to contact me if I can join any subtitling group or if you want to suggest something, I can’t wait to begin :smile:


Contact @callieseier