Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Okay, thank you. I was thinking everything little bit helps too, which is why i was thinking about doing it.
Have a good day,


Hello!! I’d love to subtitle from Korean to English or Korean to Italian! Please let me know some projects I could join :slight_smile: I lived two years in Korea, graduated in Korean and have topik level 5. Also I’m quite fluent in English (around level c1) and Italian mothertongue.


Hi everyone! I would like to be able to contribute to Viki by subtitling from Chinese to English. I’m a Singaporean Chinese and I’m proficient in both Chinese (Simplified) and English. Hope to make your acquaintance! :grinning:


Wow Topik 5!! Great job!!


Hi guys! I need help understanding how I can volunteer without having a viki pass. Seems impossible to me, I can’t find a single project that accepts someone that doesn’t have at least a standard pass… I’ve been on hiatus for more than 6 years and I really miss subbing but everything is different now lol


Hi there! You can check for some older projects that does not require a pass. Maybe a movie or two, so you can reach QC which will grant you the Viki Pass therefore you’ll be able to work on projects that require the pass!


I can’t find an old project that has an active channel manager, do you know any?


Can you maybe transcribe?
I was transcribing for Father is Strange a bit.

The transcriptions help learn mode turn on.


Sure, I wouldn’t mind transcribing. But I’ve never done It and I’m not sure how It works


I’m new here; wanting to contribute. I have just graduated the sandbox for segmenting.
I was told while I wait for my next trainer I could help transcribing. So here I am.
I only speak English. If any one needs help please let me know. I would love to help. You can reply to this post or PM me.
Thanks :panda_face:


Heyy, Annabeth here. I translate dramas from Chinese to English, and English to French. My schedule is currently empty so if you have any projects and need a subber or editor, don’t hesitate to let me know :grinning:


It’s providing captions in the native language of the video.


There is this one. Spoken in English, needs captions. I have been told it doesn’t need Viki pass. Of course the team might be complete, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Agnes, and I’m new to the subtitling community here (just registered as a volunteer a few days ago). I would like to start working on a project as a translator; having Hungarian as my mother language, and being proficient in Romanian, I’d be happy to translate for either of these languages. I was wondering if anybody could recommend an older project where the team is still active? I figured I’d start there, because the pressure might not be that overwhelming, and I also hate to see projects going unfinished. Let me know if you have any recommendations about what dramas and/or movies I should check out or who I should contact.

Thank you! :blush:


You have to be at least 13 to even watch Viki, but there’s no maximum age and you don’t have to reveal your age to us if you don’t want to.

I see someone from your language has already reached out to you: Olá, quero muito mesmo participar de equipe que traduza dramas em português- Br

Actually, the majority of movies require a Viki Pass and if you’re not in the US, even QC status. There’s only a handful of movies that everyone can watch and the old ones are already translated, at least into the big languages.

Ask @dimghro

Ask @mizuki_aikawa_sama and @lizako


@mirjam_465 Thank you so much! :blush:


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Szia, Mizuki vagyok, miben tudok segíteni neked?


I think afterschool club is a great way to transcribe and or seg. There’s a ton in just English.


Hello everybody!
I’m a native Swedish speaker (from an English-speaking family) looking to contribute with some subtitles from English to Swedish. Since I have a lot more free time this summer than I originally planned on it would be great to contribute to the community so please let me know if there are any projects! Here is my Viki account: