Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hola :)) estoy iniciando como colaboradora y me gustaría seguir practicando el idioma ingles al subtitular del inglés al español, puede ser cualquier género de doramas o películas. Muchas gracias!

Mi perfil es el siguiente: https://www.viki.com/users/miseoul_jk

Oi, pessoal!

Meu nome é Luhan Martins, sou brasileiro nativo do Brasil, e adoraria me engajar mais ainda na tradução! Eu já tive passagens pela, Netflix, em Fansubs, e como Tradutor freelancer. Atualmente estou ajudando em alguns dramas, mas eu gostaria de anunciar aqui no discussion para que mais pessoas pudessem me alcançar e eu pudesse ajudar mais ainda!
Por agora, eu ajudo no VIKI e ajudo no PiFansub. Meu histórico com a tradução é vasto, mas tudo é mantido apenas como um hobbie, nada muito profissional mas sim cheio de dedicação e amor🫰.

Também posso ajudar novos tradutores com o pouco que sei.
Está sendo uma experiência muito boa poder traduzir aqui. Obrigadinho🫶

Hello, Sakhi here. I can work for marathi as well as hindi subtitles. Need in a project. Thanks!!

Hello I can translate from English to Portuguese and from English to Spanish

Why the french community don’t need to search for a project anymore. Or why those CM and mod can find a team quickly… :wink:
Only because we got a google doc that show wich drama are active or is looking for a team and all of translator, mod, cm and editor, if they active busy or not. And the manager of the list, it’s me :grin:

Also because we have this topic Projets à reprendre en modération française : projets abandonnés, libres ou sans licence en France

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Hi! I’m an English-Macedonian (and vice versa!) translator with a Bachelor’s Degree in the field. I’ve also got professional experience in editing as well. I’m new to Viki, but I’d love to contribute. Let me know if you want a drama to be translated into Macedonian. :smile:

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Hello everyone :blush: My name is Jen, I’m new to this community but not new to translating. I’m available to subtitle Japanese to English for any genre. Thank you and nice to meet you all!
よろしくお願いします :v:t2:


Hi! I can translate from english to spanish! I am available to help with any project :smile:

Tamil/ english

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Hi! I am once again here to look for K-drama projects to work on with Korean captioning! Please let me know if there are any available projects that need Korean captions, thank you :smiley:

hi! i haven’t subtitled in awhile, but i was looking to get back into it again! i was wondering if there are any projects that need help. i’m fluent in both korean and english. thank you sm~~

안녕하세용~~ 제가 영어랑 한국어 둘다 잘 쓰는데, 혹시나 도움이 필요하면 연락 들이세요!


Hi would like to sub from English to German/German to English would like to give back for being able to enjoy
dramas myself thanks to subtitlers,.

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Hallo Petra, ich habe dir eine PN geschrieben.

Addition, NOT a German subber, does not need to be added to the list for German subbers. Has a new ID in the meantime so you can’t find her.

Vielen Dank.

Hi, I am fluent in both Hindi and English. I wish to translate subtitles from English to Hindi. Open to most projects (Medical, historical and legal dramas require specialized usage of appropriate terms, which I do not feel I currently am capable of). Thank you.

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Hiya! I am interested in subtitling some J-dramas from English to Persian (Farsi) :smile:

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You may want to add yourself here: South Asian languages' subtitlers

Ciao, sono alla ricerca di un progetto da tradurre, posso tradurre dall’inglese all’italiano. Spero di poter aiutare :slight_smile:


नमस्ते How!
क्या आप मुझे अपना Viki यूज़र्नेम बता सकतीं हैं? मुझे “how” नाम की कोई प्रोफाइल Viki पर दिख नहीं रही। या फिर आप मुझे Viki पर एक मैसेज भेज दीजिए। मेरी प्रोफाइल shraddhasingh है।