Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hello, I can translate English to Portuguese and I´m looking for a project to contribute. Please contact me.

I’m available to translate k-dramas from English to Portuguese!! :blush:

I’m available to translate from English to Finnish. Most interested in Asian dramas but willing to help out where needed.

I am available to subtitle from Inglês to Portuguese. If any moderator or channel manger is in need, of help please, contact me @heloisa_gracindo_534.

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Ciao cara, dai pure un’occhiata qui se ti va :blush:


Hi, I wanted to start helping with subtitles. I would love to help as an english-german translator.

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I have just recently joined the viki community and I would gladly like to help with the subtitles. If there is any help required for a Korean drama I would love to volunteer for it.

Do you know how to translate Japanese to English I assume?

Yeah, I can translate Japanese to English :+1:


Olá, posso ajudar com legenda, segmentação e revisão de textos em português.

Can you message me here please https://www.viki.com/messages/new?username=gabyvtv
Thank you love!!!

Hi! Am new here - would be happy to do Chi-Eng translations. Both traditional and simplified Chinese are ok! Languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese ~~~ :slight_smile:



Chinese is my mother tongue, my native language is French and English is my second language.
Contact me for any projects !

Thank you,

Hello, I am looking for new project I can sub from English to French. Thank you

Hello! You know Korean?

Favor de mandarme un mensaje en VIKI, mi nombre de usario es gabyvtv :slight_smile:

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I have a project and we don’t have anyone yet for Turkish, want to join? Message me @gabyvtv on Viki :smiley:

Favor de mandarme un mensaje en Viki a gabyvtv :smiley:

Please message me for a project to help in spanish on Viki at gabyvtv ;D

Message me on Viki please :smiley: May need a few helpers!! @gabyvtv