Want to subtitle? Let people know!

I’m looking for French subbers.


Hi! I’m fluent in Japanese, Korean, and English and am interested in subbing from Japanese or Korean to English! I can also sub a little bit from Mandarin to English at an intermediate level!


Hi! I have some time left on my hands and I would love to help with subbing from English to Portuguese.
If needed just send me a message me!

Olá! Estou com tempo livre agora nas férias, e adoraria ajudar com as legendas de inglês pra português.
Qualquer coisa é só me mandar uma mensagem! :blush:

Hii, I would like to help with subtitles from English to Portuguese! :wink:

Hi! I wish to help in subtitling from Korean to English. I am currently learning Korean and am close to intermediate level. I would like to improve my language skills by helping in subtitling.
Thank you.

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Hola a todos,

Recuerden se seguir la página que he creado :smiley:
Please remember to follow the page I have created :wink:

AHORA los invito a FORMAR PARTE conmigo en estos proyectos Japoneses.
¡Espero que los añaden a sus favoritos! Y si quieren entrar al equipo, favor de mandar un mensaje a @gabyvtv
(Si ya me han pedido estar en los equipos, ha de estar en el muro)

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Wedding Bells for the Otaku?



Hello there,

I can sub English/Chinese, and would love to contribute, let me know if I can help to subtitle any videos. :))
Also I know basic Korean, if this tidbit of information catches your eye in anyway :wink:

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Hi there, i would love to translate subtitles into french. I can only sub when the subtitles are in english, so, if you need help on a project, you can always contact me:)
Thank you,

hi there, I want to translate :

  • very basic korean to english
  • english to french
  • english to turksih
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Hi guys ^^
I would love to help so if someone need a english in German translator feel free to answer me or contact me :slight_smile:

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Looking for help with subbing from english to spanish - english to portuguese. (Can be a mod for portuguese)

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Hello I can subtitle korean dramas from English to Polish

I’d like to help subtitle Japanese shows from Japanese to English.

Please send me a message if you are interested.

Looking forward to helping introduce more English speakers to Japanese shows!


Hi - unsure if anyone is looking, but i’m really keen to help subtitle Mandarin shows into English.

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@lorbatgou, I’m sure there is plenty of job for you, I’m sure, as many Chinese dramas sorely need subbers. Have a look at the ones which are unsubbed yet and contact the English Moderator.

J’aimerai vous proposer mon aide pour sous-titrer de l’Anglais au Français

Si ça vous intéresse et que vous avez besoin d’aide merci de me contacter.

I use to subtitle with my old account back in the day from Korean to English. I don’t mind helping when I have spare time.


Does anyone know of projects that need korean-> English subbers or segmenters? I’m fluent with both languages. But I’m pretty new to segmenting but catch on really quickly.


Yes! I’m new in the community, but I’d be glad to assist adding subs from english to spanish :slight_smile:


Salut !
Si quelqu’un a besoin de quelqu’un pour traduire de l’anglais au français, je suis disponible pour aider !
Je suis souvent connecté donc je peux aider ! :blush: