Want to subtitle? Let people know!



N’ayant plus de projet, je suis disponible pour la trad anglais-français si vous avez besoin ! :slight_smile:


I want to sub English


I want to sub korean to English. I know the basics in korean


Eu quero legendar em português, qualquer coisa, eu sou bem ativa mandem mensagens


I will sub from korean to English. Any foreign shows


Hi all, I would like to help to subtitle from Chinese - English. I can understand Mandarin and can also read both traditional and simplified (more traditional though). If any projects need my help, please feel free to PM me. Thanks~


Oh, I’m sure you’ll get many offers. If you want, you can browse through Chinese dramas and see which ones are yet unfinished (complete ones, not currently airing). Then you can write to the English moderator or Channel Manager, whose name is on the drama’s main page.


Thanks! I’ll definitely take a look :slight_smile:


I’m not looking to subtitle or translate, but if anyone is looking for an English language moderator, I’d love to help out. I’m a court reporter from Seattle, Washington, USA, and grammar, vocabulary, and editing skills are the tools of my trade. Seattle is home to a huge Asian community, so I’ve worked professionally with Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Tagalog, Laotian, and Cambodian interpreters for a couple of decades now. I’m quite familiar with translation trouble-spots in all these languages.

Add me to your team and I’ll make sure that subjects and verbs agree, that the word “so” is NEVER followed by a comma, that archaic words like “pugiIist” never make it on screen, and I’ll clear up the confusion between “myth” and “legend” once and for all! Seriously, I’m really, really good at English language editing. And fast. Let me do the final polish, and our translations will be so smooth, English Viki fans will forget they’re even reading subtitles!

My Viki handle is nomadgroa_55, but I can also be contacted at

P.S. I’ll work on anything, but I really enjoy historical dramas.



But… I love seeing that word in Chinese dramas! This sounds like a threat to me :laughing:


Hey, thanks for responding! That’s so nice of you :grinning:

I certainly did mean my aversion to “pugilist” to sound like a threat. It’s just that 1) very few English speakers even know what the word means, and definitely not Americans, since the term originated in Victorian England and died here about 150 years ago, and 2) no offense to Viki’s awesome subbers, but I have yet to see the word used accurately.

For instance, referring to “jianghu” as a “pugilist world,” that’s way off the mark imho. First time I saw that, I had to freeze the screen and try to sort out what the translation really meant.

May I respectfully ask what you believe “pugilist” means? Just curious. I’m always open to rethinking my stance!


Depending on the drama and those who do sub/edit it, it happens that fantasy or historical dramas have quite improper words, e.g. “playboy” & “cool” (in the way of modern meaning: cool = liking and not cool like cold)… even as edited version.

It often appears quite Americanisized (for me as European & non native English speaker). It’s usually easy to understand & read (because English has short sentences) but without a genre-like atmosphere.

On the other hand it is not rare that subbers for other languages stick to these American style even though it’s wrong for these genres in another language as well (it’s terrible to see Anglicism for these genres in other languages).

You mention that a word or even more “died” 150 years ago, but that counts for other words in other languages as well. It’s part of certain genre’s quality to use “dead” words to appear authentic.

The worst thing for me is a modern wording for fantasy/historical genre. That can destroy the whole atmosphere.

In my opinion good subtitles include an adaption to the setting even when that means that unusual and outdated words and wording are used.


I’m not talking about “pugilist”.

I assume you’re referring to the use of “pugilist” in context of Chinese martial arts/fantasy dramas that usually have either magic attacks and/or swordmen and rarely fighters with bare hands. On the other hand skilled masters (in these stories) are often able to knock out enemies just by hitting their energy/acupuncture (meridian) points. For that, they don’t need any weapons or magic, but they need to get quite close to the enemy.


Oops, typo from earlier. I didn’t mean my aversion to “pugilist” to sound like a threat. Sorry Bozoli!


Okay, this conversation deserves its own thread, rather than us usurping space here, but…

Same as @sonmachinima said, I’ve only heard of it in the context of Chinese dramas. I consider pugilist world to be a parallel “underground” movement or country which has its own rules and rulers, independent of the visible and obvious kingdoms and empires. A world where its members are seeking spiritual and martial arts enlightenment. But, hey, what do I know :smile:

If the word had been abandoned 150 years ago, it becomes very interesting how it resurfaced here, even though its original meaning was different. I (granted, selfishly) like the idea that Viki is a place of linguistic evolution.


I’ve been studying Korean for 5 years and I work as a Korean language interpreter at a hospital :slight_smile: Please let me know if there are any projects I can work on as a Korean-English subtitler! (I will probably only do one at a time due to my busy work schedule)


Hello. I would like to find new projects. I can subtitle from english to polish. I hope I can help in something c:


I would like to translate from english to italian. Please, it would be a fantastic opportunity for me to help you, guys!


Hola, puedo subtitular del inglés al español. Por lo que he podido ver las series coreanas son traducidas primero del coreano al inglés, y después deben traducirlas del inglés al español, con gusto estaría dispuesto a colaborar en alguna. Bueno, a su servicio.


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I would really like to help viki in subtitling. I can translate from English to Spanish and I really want to subtitle Running Man in Spanish but I don’t know how to contact the RM admins.