Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi, I want to subtitle from english to spanish. It can be any drama.


Hi there, contact perhaps to see if she has any ongoing projects or if she can guide you. Hodne stesti! :four_leaf_clover: :wave:


Make sure you ask the German Mod of a show to participate and viel Glück! If you want I can invite you to our German Kakaotalk App Anfragenchat to find projects faster! Let me know!


Ok, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi! I can translate from Japanese to English. If anyone needs help give me a shout!


Hi! I can subtitle from Mandarin to English! New here but love languages and translation etc.! I am a native English speaker and fluent in Mandarin.


Hi everyone!
I would like to sub from english to italian, let me know if I can help!


you can do what irmar said


how about doing what @irmar suggests:
" There are many projects needing helping hands. However some of them need you to be QC or have Viki pass for accessing the videos.
Why don’t you do a thing and write to cgwm808 (just click on the link). She is a Chief editor of many dramas, and takes care of forming the English teams. Ask her if any of her projects need a subber. You may have to do a short test, of course."


Hi! I’m a native Romanian speaker and fluent in English and Spaish, but I’m not a god writer in Spanish, so I just can traslate from Spanish, is a little bit dificult to translate to Spanish, but I can try, that’s why I’m here :smile: . I also know a little of Italian and basic level Korean, but I’m confident in Romanian, English and Spanish. I can translate from English to Romanian and Romanian to English, Spanish to Romanian/ English
If you need help, let me know! :blush:


Hii everyone!
I’m new here, I would like to help, I can subtitle from english to Italian :relaxed:
Let me know ^^ thanks!


Olá pessoal ^^
Posso legendar do Inglês p/ Português
Gostaria muito de ajudar!


Hey everyone!
I’m new around here but I would like to help out where I can. I can subtitle from Japanese to English.
Let me know if there are any projects where I can be of assistance. Thanks!


Oii, tudo bem? Quero começar a legendar, sou fluente em inglês, espanhol, coreano, e japonês, quero legendar para português… por favor me arrumem algo para legendar. Obrigada desde então.


Hello, if you need help to do subtitles from Filipino (tagalog) to English, I can help.
Please let me know.
Thank you.


se precisarem de ajuda com legendas do inglês para o português eu adoraria ajudar! :slight_smile:


Hola, soy nuevo pero quiero empezar subbing para drams Chinos. Necesito ayudo a direcciones para donde ir o que hacer. Si alguien me puede ayudar.


Usted puede contactar el moderador del español por un drama. Puede hacer clic en un drama y desplazarse hasta que mira ¨el equipo de subtitulando¨. Haga clic en lo, y busque el moderador del español. Haga clic otra vez en el nombre del moderador y se llevará al prófil del moderador. Cuando está allí, usted puede enviar un mensaje diciendo que usted quiere ayudar con los subtitulos de inglés a español.


Hey there! I’m very new to the community and am looking for an opportunity to gain some subtitling and segmenting experience. I am fluent in Chinese (mandarin) and English, so please contact me if I can be of help:) Thank you!


Te mandei mensagem :blush: