Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hello everyone!

I would love to sub from English to Portuguese (or vice versa). Please let me know if you need any help. DM me at .

[PT] Estou procurando dramas para traduzir (EN-PT). Se precisarem de ajuda, me mande um PM.

Thank you,


Hi guys I would love to start subbing! I can do Chinese to English and vice versa. I saw that a couple of Chinese shows have come out so if you need someone for your team I gotchu!


Hi! I would like to help with subtitles:) I can subtitle from english to german.


¡Hola! Estoy buscando proyectos para subtitular del inglés al español o viceversa.


Write me a private message and i will take you in for a chinese drama if your’re interested :slight_smile:


hey, i want to sub from pt to en


Hi everyone,
if you need someone to sub from English to German vice versa or from Tamil to German/English let me know :slight_smile:


Hi, I could sub from English to Finnish, so if I can help just let me know.


Hi everyone !

I would like to sub from english to french or from korean to english/french
I am trying to have my QC back so if you need little hands to finnish a work don’t hesitate.


Hi, I can sub from english to czech.
I don´t have any experience yet, but i would like to help :slight_smile:


Hi. I need german subbers for my Drama “Love Actually”. Write me a message, if you’re interestet :slight_smile:


Hi Vini80 longtime no see, you want to join the Anfragenchat on kakaotalk?:raising_hand_woman:


@adel_heczko_584 try to contact if she has any projects. Hodne stesti, zdravi Simi :blush:


hello I want the opportunity of subtitles from english to portuguese br


Hello, I would like to help in subbing shows/movies/series/basically everything from English to Italian ^^


Hi, I would like to help with subtitles. I can translate from English to Czech :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright. I just wrote you back :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I don’t have KakaoTalk :frowning: