Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi… Just sign up a new account here and want to learn how to be a subber… usually i do translation for novel script.
I can do Chinese (simplified) to Indonesian and English to Indonesian.

If anyone need my help, I’m gladly to help.


Hi, if someone need help, I would like to help in translation.
I can translate from english into portuguese.


Hiii!! I can translate from english to spanish!! if someone need me contact me!! :love_you_gesture:


Hi hello, I can subtitle from English to Spanish.


Oi,eu gostaria de participar da legendagen de Inglês/portugûes!!!Estou procurando muito algum trabalho que eu possa fazer desse tipo!!!


Everyone Please PM bluenoona81 Thanks


Hi there! I’d like to make subtitles from English to Italian! Contact me, thanks


Olá a todos! Estou a procura de um drama para legendar, do inglês para o português.
Confesso que procurei em diversos lugares e com muitos moderadores de português porem todos estão com a equipe completa.
Peço esta oportunidade.
Com carinho.


I will send you a message.
My Account:


Hey! I’m interested in helping out and can translate from Korean to English. Is there any projects you can recommend?


Hi @renni13_826 ! Welcome!
You can take a look among the on-air titles and the Latest Releases that are not yet finished, pick one, and then send a message to the chief editor saying you’d like to help out in drama XXX as a Korean-English subber. :slight_smile:
Good luck!


Hello :slight_smile:

I’m Blacky and I’m from Germany. If it is possible, I want to translate english subs to german. There are some series out there whose german subs kinda… well, aren’t good.
My working times are mostly in the evening and weekends. I hope, someone needs my help. :slight_smile:

You can contact me here on Viki or via email:

Greetings from Germany. :wink:


Hello everyone!
I am available to subtitle from English to Spanish. I can work every day in the evenings.
Looking forward to start a new project.


Please contact bluenoona81 at Dog Star TV (


Hi, guys!! I would like to subtitle from English to Portuguese. :grinning:


Hello. I want to translate from English to Turkish. I’ve already tried to contact a few channel managers. But most of them seem to haven’t been active for several months, I think. Does anyone have any help or suggestion?


You better look out for Turkish moderators and ask them, if they need subbers for their projects. Channel Managers usually don’t add other languages subtitlers and probably will direct you to the respective moderator.


Hey, there! I really want to help in the translation from English to Portuguese or from Spanish to Portuguese. If you need my help, just let me know! Thank you :)))



Tapasztalatból beszélek, a discussiont overall nem igazán nézik magyarok.
Ha szeretnél fordítani a legegyszerűbb, hogy kiszemelsz egy drámát ami nincs lefordítva és írsz a hunmodnak :slight_smile:

Ha gondolod nekem is dobhatsz egy üzit szívesen dolgoznék együtt valakivel.


Köszönöm, de azóta már találtam jó pár drámát és négyet teljesen le is fordítottam. :slight_smile: