Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hi, can anyone make eng sub for Chinese drama love the way you are? thanks https://mydramalist.com/49875-love-the-way-you-are

@avazavril011_207 therefore should be a channel. If VIki has no channel, then no…

Heyy, I am fluent in mandarin (chinese) , korean and english. I can contrbute to french but only the basics as I am not fluent. If there are any projects you feel I would be of any help please let me know :slight_smile: xx

Try reaching out to bluenoona81 she is the CM for https://www.viki.com/tv/36666c-dog-star-tv to see if she could use your help.

Seasons Greetings.

hola yo puedo subtitular al español o al ingles encantada de ser parte del equipo de viki contactame y encatada de ayudar en proyectos

Hi my name is Evelyn and I would really want to subtitle for some projects if it is posible, I know Spanish, English, Chinese. Please contact me :sweat_smile:

Hi my name is Nadia and I would like to subtitle for the Dramas Put your Head on my Shoulder and A Little Thing Called First Love. I speak fluent English and French and if someone is in the team can he or she add me please. (Nobody is answering to my private messages )

It’s likely because of the holidays that everyone is off doing other things. Things have gone from a crawl pre Christmas to likely a stop till after New Years just saying. Keep up the spirit. And here is a link to NSSA https://www.viki.com/tv/1863c-ninja-segging-subbing-academy and the new French Subtitling NSSA https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdcsU9sTHrZYCENS1qLif_QMN1-JlmF-xwpDN740_Gn5H_3QA/viewform
Happy Holidays

Hey I can subtitle from Chinese to English or the other way around, I would love to help out :slight_smile:

Write a p.m. to the English moderator of The Brightest Star in the Sky. They seem to sorely need subbers. From 44 episodes, they have only translated up to n.15.

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Hi :)) I just finished a project and I’m looking for something new to work on. I can do from Korean to Irish and/or english . I’ve noticed a lack of irish subtitles so I’d be glad to help out :))

Hi !
I’m new here and I can translate English to french. I would love to help and work on some projects. :heart:

Hey, I’m new and would like to help. I can translate English to German.


Hi, I’m interested in subbing from Chinese to English! What do I say to the English moderator when asking to sub? Also how long does it take before I can start?

Ciao, perdona il ritardo ma volevo ringraziarti tanto per la tua risposta. Gli allegati sono davvero molto utili!

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Hello, I can subtitle from english to portuguese, if you need someone in your team please contact me!

Something like this:
Introduce yourself giving info that is relevant to what you’re asking for. Especially your level of Chinese and English.This is the main thing they need to know about you.
For instance:
I am an American who has been studying Chinese for 10 years Or
I am a Chinese American.
I am a native Chinese living in China with a good level of English (Proficiency).
I am Hungarian but I have a Chinese boyfriend so I have lived in China for two years. I have been studying English since high school and I’d like to take this opportunity to practice it.
Or whatever else you think fit.
Then what you want:
I have some free time and I would like to volunteer in X show as a Chinese-English subber.
Be sure to include info about whether you can access the show:
I am new to Viki but I have a Vikipass (or Vikipass plus). The show is accessible for my region. I am available for a couple of hours all evenings. OR I will make sure to be available on the days the show is uploaded.

And then some polite formula to finish.
I hope you will consider my request.
Friendly regards/ Sincerely yours/

But do personalise it as you like. It must reflect who you are. And make sure you read it again, checking for typos, grammar mistakes and expression. Because you’re applying for writing English subtitles, so your message will be an example of how well you can write in English.
Surely, there is such a need of native translators (Chi-En and Ko-En) that even people with a medium English are welcomed, as long as the English makes some sense: then the editors can make it correct. But at least the English must be understandable.

How long until you start? I cannot give you an answer. It depends first of all on whether it’s an on-air show or an already completed one. If it’s on-air, work starts when the show starts. If it’s complete, it may start immediately. Or not. Depending on the situation.


Hello! I would like to start my first project here. I can subtitle from English to Spanish, i’m really interested in helping so please contact me! :slight_smile:

hi :)) I’ve noticed a lack in irish subtitles and I’d like to help out as i have some free-time. I’m fluent in the language so if there is anything i could subtitle for you I’d be happy to. I can do englsih to irish, korean to irish and i’m not fluent in chinese but i’m studying it so i could possibly help out there a little bit. just let me know if you have any projects for me. Thank you.

Hi I am GE on several shows that I feel you could help us out with I am including my link so if you want to look at the shows I am working with and click the links to our Channel Managers you could apply to 8 or so shows really quickly. Hope it helps.


Best wishes

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