Want to subtitle? Let people know!


I can help with Polish-English and English-Polish translations and editting.
I used to be a reviewer for Polish text writters. I also have a little bit experience with translations.

I understand Korean from hearing. I would like to work on Korean drama/shows project. I have a lot of fun with this.


I can sub Korean to English and some Chinese to English. Please add me to any channel and I will assist - need to renew my QC status as soon as possible.


Hello, I can subtitle from english to french (I would love to).


Hello, I am new and I would like to translate subtitles from English or Spanish to French, thank you :slight_smile:




N’hésitez pas à jeter un œil sur l’académie de traduction française qui peut vous aider dans vos premiers pas sur Viki :

N’hésitez pas à surfer sur les dramas en cours ou qui sortiront bientôt et directement contacter la modératrice française qui recrute les traducteurs.


Hola, puedo hacer subtitulos de inglés a español. Gracias! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grinning::hugs:



I am available to segment and subtitle Chi to Eng and I could do Spanish too! :slight_smile:



I’m looking for a project. I’m fluent in english and I speak spanish.

Currently, I’ve been learning korean for 6 months at university.

This is the link of my profile:


Hi there,

Some members of the Viki Community have already let me know, but I would like to insist, just in case: I am available for translations from Japanse into… Well, my mother tongue is Spanish, but it is apparently not possible to translate from Japanese into Spanish, so I would like to candidate to translate into English AND Spanish at the same time, starting from Japanese, although I also think it is not appropriate to entrust somebody a translation to a language which he/she is not native at. Another option could be just supporting in proofreadings. Anyway, it is important that the starting language is Japanese, otherwise I think I could not be of much help, given so many people overcoming my English skills.

Oh, by the way, I have been learning Japanese for the last 4 years and I am currently able to see doramas without subtitles and, depending on the scene, only miss about 25% of the information. Written Japanese is therefore not a problem and one of my hobbies is to read raw manga, so I am thrilled to be challenged anytime!

Let me know if a I can help! Thanks!

Best regards,


Hi! I can sub from English to Portuguese.


Hi, :slight_smile:
I propose my help to translate sub from English to French. Let me know if you are interested. I look forward to help everyone :smile:


Je viens de m’inscrire :slight_smile: Merci


Wait, what? You’re not allowed to translate from Japanese directly into Spanish? Who told you that lie? Of course you are! And! the direct translations are in principle much better than indirect ones (via English), given that you know both language of origin and target language well.

I sometimes translate simple things directly from Korean, going around the occasionally dubious or slightly situation-inappropriate English translation.


I couldn’t agree more with you, but I suppose it is not that ‘straightaway’ getting subtitles into Spanish if it is always necessary to wait for somebody knowing both JP and ES to translate them. Provided that I have the honor to receive an assignment, I will insist on that point :wink:


She means that you will have to wait for the English to get done, as per Viki rules. But when your turn to translate comes, you can ignore the English, or take it into account but principally listen to the Japanese.
The English will be useful anyway, because you’re translating not from a text but from spoken word, and you may miss some words if people are talking all at once, or if they are in a club with loud music, or in the traffic: sometimes I miss words while watching something in my own language because of these things! Whereas the Japanese-English subber might have heard them. It’s a security net, let’s say. Two different pairs of ears. If they both hear the same thing, then it’s more likely that it’s correct :slight_smile:


I’m not aware of any such rules. It is a custom to wait for the English, since rarely a person knows two languages so well to directly translate into a non-English language. But if ie. your parents are Japanese and you grew up in Mexico, fluent in both languages, why would you have to wait for the English translation? It’s counter-productive. Especially for the Japanese dramas which are usually licensed for just a year and there are only maybe three Jap-Eng translators on Viki. Translation needs to happen ASAP.

Yes, I very much agree that English here would come in handy as a reference. But it can be a reference after you already translated directly, while you are editing. Who knows, she might teach the English subber a thing or two.


Yes, the moderator could talk to the CM about it. You do have to tell the CM, so that she’s not surprised seeing some subs. Say “Hey, I have a translator who can translate directly into Spanish, I’m thinking of telling her to go ahead as soon as the video is segmented. I hope this is okay with you”.
However, think of the problems this would create with the viewers. Obviously, one translator cannot translate the whole episode and all the episodes. She will do, say, the first part. Then the viewers would start to clamour. “Ah, see, there’s already one part in Spanish, so the rest of the parts will surely be ready soon”. It will raise expectations. But the rest of the parts will take one or two more days.
Or, if the French or German or Portuguese moderator tries to calm down the viewers saying “We’re waiting for the English to be ready”, someone will say “I have noticed that Spanish is already under way, so why do you have to wait? You’re obviously lying, giving us a lame excuse”.
And you have to explain the situation to everybody, that the Spanish team has ONE volunteer who translates directly from the original language. Please remember that the next viewer won’t have read the explanation below, and you’ll have to give it again and again.
My head aches just thinking of it.
The gain is too small compared to the hassle.


Just thinking of myself, my Japanese is good to go, but not THAT good to take over a whole translation from JP audio into Spanish text and finish it in a reasonable lapse of time. I was thinking of translating from JP subs directly into ES subs instead of having to wait for the EN transcription to be ready (provided that JP subtitles exist).

Anyway, I had yesterday my first experience translating into ES and I just made as told: ignore the English parts if not needed. They were, by the way, really good, but there were some segments I thought they should have been taken other way in order to correctly transmit what the drama actually wanted to transmit.

I have noticed such thing by seeing Spanish subs in Viki: a lot of subtle details get lost in the process of translating from JP into ES going through EN since Spanish and English are not fully comparable in every single aspect.


Typically there is no script. Sometimes they do give us the script, but with some delay, so it is only useful when editing, the subbers cannot wait that long.
And it doesn’t always correspond with what you hear in the video, because sometimes the director makes last minute changes, or the actors don’t remember exactly their lines and improvise something similar, or after the shooting, when they edit, one scene can be cut or moved elsewhere. So yes, it’s a big help, but one shouldn’t rely on the script only because it may not be the final version.


Hey, I would like to help subtitling from Chinese/English to English and German.