Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hello everyone!,
I can help translate Korean to English and Chinese to English. please feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

I’m from Manila and I can translate from Tagalog(Filipino) to English if there are any.

Thank you.

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Hello! I can subtitle from Chinese to English for any show. Feel free to hmu if u have anything :slight_smile:

Hi! I want to help with subtitle, i’m native in spanish and fluent in english and portuguese contact me if i can be of help! https://www.viki.com/users/sledesma

Hello, I can help subtitle from english to italian :smile:

Hi i can translate English to German

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I can translate English - Portuguese or Spanish - Portuguese

Hello :slight_smile: I can translate from English to German :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m a native Finnish speaker with a C1/C2 level in English looking for projects to translate from English to Finnish. I study translation in university and I’d love to get more hands-on experience on AV translation. I’ve studied Mandarin Chinese for a year, but I am not proficient enough to directly translate from Chinese. I know it’s not ideal, but I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hello :slight_smile: I can speak German and Turkish fluently. If you need a subber pls let me know!
But just that you know, I am a new subber but I always give my best :hugs:


Hi! I’m a native Korean and proficient English speaker! Have multiple experiences on Kor<->Eng interpretations & translations. I can caption in Korean and subtitle in English for K drama, and also translate Engish -> Korean.


Hi everyone. I am interested in contributing subtitles. I am fluent in English and intermediate in Korean, and I am good at colloquial phrases and cultural references. Thank you.

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Helloo, I’m brand new but would love to help with a project. I can subtitle from Korean to English and Korean to German (my Korean is Topik Level 6). Segmenting is also fine with me. Please contact me :blush:


Hi! I’m here trying to find projects to help. I can translate from English to Portuguese :blush:

HI! I’m Chiara, I would like to subtitle from English to Italian or from Spanish to Italian. Thank you so much

I can help with Polish-English and English-Polish translations and editting.
I used to be a reviewer for Polish text writters. I also have a little bit experience with translations.

I understand Korean from hearing. I would like to work on Korean drama/shows project. I have a lot of fun with this.

I can sub Korean to English and some Chinese to English. Please add me to any channel and I will assist - need to renew my QC status as soon as possible.

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Hello, I can subtitle from english to french (I would love to).

Hello, I am new and I would like to translate subtitles from English or Spanish to French, thank you :slight_smile: