Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi! I am available to legendar from English to Portuguese. If someone need help, you can contact me! Thanks!


Estou RECRUTANDO tradutores e Page Designer, quem se interessar, mande uma mp para mim.

Thanks, God Bless!


hello! what about a spanish tranlater?


I´ve been looking for a project for almost a year, i want t translate from English to Spanish. I´m a translater in WEEBTON so i have experience translating; the bad thing here is that no one has given me the oportunity to show it.
Thanks for reading.


@iris_2_709 Have you tried PM:ing different Spanish Moderators?


One way is to go to the main page of many shows here at Viki and collect the name of many Spanish moderators. You can find them in two places:

  1. if you click the name of the team, it’s a link, it will take you to a page with all the names.
  2. If you look at the so called “cover page”, which is just a looooong picture with info on the series, the names of the actors etc, at the end there is a table with the names of all the team members, including the “Other language moderators”. See here:

    Usually the names are links, they are clickable. But for now you don’t want to click them. Just copy paste the usernames of many Spanish moderators from many shows into a document and save them.

Then go to you inbox, click on “Compose” and on the “To” field, copy paste the names of the moderators, separated by a comma.
moderator1, moderator2, moderator3,
Underneath write a nice message in Spanish. Not only a couple of lines, but some more, to show your command of the language. Be careful with things like spelling and punctuation. Re-read it carefully. Save it on the same document where you have saved the moderator names, because you’ll want to send it again.
I recommend sending in batches of no more than 5 people. Because if more than one responds and offers you work, you’ll be obliged to say no to some, which will look a bit bad, or you’ll be overwhelmed with more projects than you can handle.
Send to the first 5 and wait for a few days. If none responds, send to the next five. And so on.

I am advising you NOT to ask to be on the team of an upcoming on-air show. No matter how experienced you are, usually a moderator will want to put someone new on an older show, to let them acclimatize and learn the Viki formatting conventions and the moderator’s own way of work. So it’s probable that you’ll be given, at first, a project that you don’t really like that much. It’s been like this for all of us. So be patient, and in a little while, if you’re good, you’ll be able to pick and choose your projects.

Good luck!


Hii! I would like to translate show from English to Hungarian. c:


Hi, first I wanna say that I really appreciate the work of all People, who are translating all the Shows and series. To helps These People I´m starting to translate too. I could translate from English to German or the other way around. So if someone Needs help, feel free to contact me. :grinning::wink:


Hello! I can translate Korean to English, so if you have any projects please contact me!


Hi dear all!
I have a master’s degree in Translation Studies and currently work on my research on fansubbing. I can translate from Chinese (native) to English (C1). Previously I have worked as an English-Chinese subtitler for a while and translated tons of Chinese texts into English during my postgraduate program. If you are looking for a C-E subtitler, please feel free to contact me!


Currently “After School Club” is recruiting subbers and moderators, if you’re interested you can send a PM to jedelande, the channel manager.

Also, coming soon, “Tears in Heaven” could be needing subbers in that language.

Have a nice day.


Hi! I’d like to help with subs from english to portuguese-BR.
Olá! Gostaria de ajudar nas legendas de inglês para português-BR.


Meeee!!! I would love to subtitle too!! I enjoy watching Kdrama in English but I am an Italian native speaker sooo… I could subtitle from English to Italian if there are any project left :slight_smile:.

Can anyone reccomend any projects or teams?


See my post above: Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi, I’m a native English speaker! I can subtitle from Mandarin Chinese into English!



Hope you see this message and be part of this team. They need volunteers!



Apply here to be part of this team.



Hi everybody!!
I’d love to sub from english into Italian
Feel free to contact me!:smiley:


eu gostaria de ajudar a traduzir mas nao consigo entrar no video


Thank you, I will check it out! :slight_smile: