Want to subtitle? Let people know!


I want to start do subtitle do english to portuguese, can you help me to find some dramas who need help in this part?


Cześć potrzebuję osoby która chciałaby przetłumaczyć serial well intended love 2 na język polski już bardzo długo czekam :confused:


hi! I’ve looking for a project subbing eng to spanish


Heyy I’m pretty new to this but I’m very motivated :blush: If you need someone to do Subtitles from English to German hit me up^^
Here’s a Link to my Profile:


Kor-Eng subber open to projects! Please send me a message :slight_smile:


Hi there,
I don’t have much experience subtitling but I’d be happy to help out with any dramas for Korean to English subs? Quarantining has certainly given me some time haha



I want to help in subtitling CN <-> EN please let me know how i can help.



if you need someone to do subtitle from English to Arabic for Korean drama or shows i’m here to help. i can also help with other projects if you need me to do the subtitles for.


Hi. I want to help. I can sub from english to romanian :grin:


Estoy dispuesta a subtitular de Inglés a Español, se los agradecería mucho si me contactan.


I would love to subtitle from English to Spanish, I am available 24/7


I am new here and I would like to be a translator and do subtitling here on Viki. I study English and I am fluent in English so I would like to translate from English to my native language Bosnian. I noticed there are not many kdramas with this language as an option.
I wrote few times to language moderators but I recieved no reply.
I would like to be part of this big, friendly community.

Thank you, and I hope someone will contact me :smiley:


To all who are looking to contribute:
The fastest way folks can reach you, a viki member who wants to contribute at Viki, is if you leave your viki profile link for example see mine:

In that way it’s easier to give you projects or add you to a team. The profile in discussions isn’t the same as at Viki main page. All the communication among teams happens within your Viki Inbox.

Good luck!:four_leaf_clover:

@miramochi and all the newbies:
here a useful link for new members who want to contribute:

Before you start subtitling please do read these guidelines that explain many rules also about channel roles. It is recommended when you start, start with a team that is experienced, the moderator will guide you with all the do’s and don’ts :wink:
Some guidlines are in other languages as well, I believe there is a German guideline among the German circle, if not just work with the googledoc a Moderator writes up.


@simi11 Thank you for all your recommendations I really appreciate it ^^


Hello everyone!
This is my first time here and I would like find something to help with as being translator. I own page with Variety Show’s translating with EXO but for now looking for something else too. Polish language is my native and this is language into I could help in translate from english.


Hi, I am new here and I am looking for a project that I can help you to translate kdramas(preferably) from english to turkısh.


Zgłoś się do polskiego moderatora danego serialu/filmu/show, który Cię interesuje. To najszybsza metoda, bo project finder działa nienajlepiej.


Hi guys, I’m interested in sub a k-drama or j-drama from english to portuguese.


Hi everyone, I am looking to sub KDramas from Korean to English. Any project needs a Kor-Eng subber, please contact me. :slight_smile:


hi,I would like to translate from english to spanish.

thank you