Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hello, I want to help with subtitles. I can subtitle from English to Korean and vice versa. Please let me know if there’s any project. :slight_smile:


Hii! I would like to help. I can translate from english into italian and from english into french.


Hi guys!
I would like to help and be a subtitler. I can translate between English, German and French. Does anyone need some assistance?

Thank you for reaching out to me and take care :v: :smile:


I posted before to say i could sub chinese to english. I can also caption chinese subtitles for chinese dramas if thats a skill needed. Please let me know.


hie i can subtitlle from english to Nyanja/chewa


Hello :slight_smile: I’m interested in subtitling from English to Spanish. Please let me know if there are any projects I can work on.


l also want to start subtitling from english to kurdish language from which k-drama should l start ??
thanks for answering


Hello, I would like to start subtitling again. I stopped when I got too busy with school, but since school is out for now, I have more time on my hands :slight_smile:
I can do modern chinese to english translations. I can also do segmenting for cdramas.


Hello there! I would love to subtitle!
I can sub from English into German, and put English subtitles to Korean Dramas, and also translate from English into Korean!


Hello! I am a native speaker in both Korean and English and understand the different nuances and interchangeable words that I could use for both languages. Because dramas and shows come with conversational, everyday phrases that a non-native person may not quite grasp, I feel I am well-suited for the role of determining what words to use to express the intention of the speaker as accurately as possible.

Thank you for your time, please reach out to me if my assistance may prove beneficial :))


I can’t speak another language unfortunately, but I would love to help edit English subtitles. I can help with spelling errors and grammatical errors. I’m a writer, so sing English is my job. I may not have a degree in English, but I like to think as a native English speaker I could do a good job in editing.


Hello! Although I’m not yet fluent I would love to help caption in Korean (as in adding Korean captions to Korean shows). I’ve been studying since 2014 so I can help with some less action/history packed dramas.


Hi, I’ve been learning Korean for about 6-7 years now and I can subtitle from Korean to English. I still am slightly uncertain with dialects and recent slang but I think I’ve been improving by watching and listening to Korean day by day. I’m only just getting started in the community so if there are any vacancies please drop me a message :smiley:


Hi I can translate from English to Spanish so if anyone needs help please let me know!


I would like to correct English subtitles for grammar, spelling, and intonation. I am a native English speaker. I understand a little Chinese, Spanish, and French. Some of the translation mistakes I’ve seen can be easily corrected by a native English speaker. This would make the shows more enjoyable.


Are there any Hindi subbers? Because, I need Hindi subbers for quite a few dramas. If so, please contact me.


There’s 1 Hindi subber in the list.


Hello there,
I would like to subtitle from English to Polish :smile:


I recommend that you find an older show that you liked watching, then contact the Channel Manager and offer to translate to Kurdish. If I were you, I would start with a movie because it is shorter, yet it will still take you hours and maybe days to translate. One of my favorite movies is Spellbound and here’s the Viki link:
I checked a few movies, and no one has translated to Kurdish so you have plenty of choices!


Any need for Chinese-> English subbers?