Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Yes ! I want to help and i want to subtile and edite. I have to take a test , how ?


Which language would you like to subtitle from and to?


From english to romanian and vice versa


You (usually) don’t need to do a test, but you do need to gain experience before you will be accepted into the teams of the newer shows. So the best you can do now is search the Viki site for some older dramas that don’t have Romanian subtitles yet. They don’t need to be very old, necessarily, but avoid those saying “on air”.

Once you find a show you’re interested in, you check whether there is already a Romanian moderator (scroll down the page of the show and click on the team). If there is you can message him/her and ask if you can help with the Romanian subtitles. In that case, write the message in Romanian and make sure you have no spelling or grammar mistakes.

If there is no Romanian moderator yet, you can write directly to the Channel Manager (mentioned both in the team description and on top of the show page). In this case of course in English, unless the CM just happens to be Romanian.

Sometimes you might get a negative answer or no answer at all, but in that case just choose another project and try it there. If you don’t give up you’ll get something sooner or later and from there you can build up your experience and get accepted into more teams.


Ok, thanks. I talked with one of your romanian moderator from a drama that i applied and she said if i want to translate a little part so now i .m waiting her to aprove me and let me do it. :slight_smile:


Great! :smiley:


I can subtitle from English to Arabic


I posted my editor notes on another discussion called English subtitle editing. English subtitle editing

I would recommend copy and pasting the notes on a computer document, as I always have mine open when editing. There are so many grammar rules to remember which I’ve encountered.

None of us have any access to intonation. The shows come dubbed or spoken that way. With pre-subbed shows, we need more English general editors. I hope you will enjoy volunteering on Viki.


Hi. I want to volunteer to translate from English to Turkish.


Hello I’m İrem
I have been learning Korean for about 5 years i can subtitle from Korean to Turkish or from English to Turkish ,and maybe I can also try my best for Korean to English translation subtitles. If anyone needs my help please let me know, i am interested in with K-dramas.



I am fluent in Korean and English. I grew up in a bilingual household so I am able to naturally think, speak and write in both languages. I am also highly proficient in Japanese. If there are any projects that need assistance with translation between Korean, Japanese, and/or English, I’d be more than willing to lend a helping hand.


hii I’m intrested in helping as a subtitler . I can translate from english into romanian. Please contact me


Posso ajudar a legendagem de inglês para português ou de coreano para português, qualquer pessoa disponível?



Hi, I can sub Korean/Japanese to English, or Eng to Korean/Japanese.


Hey pessoal de PT/BR.
Tenho alguns projetos em recrutamento. Basta entrar em contato com um mp!


Hello, I am new at subtitling. I want to gain experience. Please let me know if there are any projects I can work on, I would prefer to translate from English to Spanish. Thank you!


Hi there, I’m a newbie at subtitling, but I have experience translating from English to Spanish and style correcting in the latter. I would like to gain practice subbing here. If there is any project I could work on, please let me know. Thank you!


Hi, I’m a new volunteer on viki. I’m searching for a kdrama to sub from English to Portuguese.


Here are again useful links for new volunteers… good luck to you all!!