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That is not really accurate. There is another segmenting academy out there.

As well as it is nowhere explicitly prohibited to segment without an academy. So, if there is a project that needs segmenting and nobody wants it because it’s unpopular, it is allowed to segment it as long as one doesn’t abuse this privilege (for example create thousands of segments within one episode).


You can find a bunch of projects that are coming soon. Some don’t have many volunteers, so you can contact the Channel Manager. You can also find K-Dramas that don’t have 100% subtitles for episodes or movies and contact those Channel Managers. Hope that helped!


Interesting, as a non segmenter I understood only the Academy principles are required for on air shows or new projects. (I understand segmenting needs lot of fine tuning therefore knowledge).

The Seg 101 wasn’t visible as the Ninja Academy, is this perhaps within the Ninja Academy or is this another type of Segmenting Academy launched by another group. If there are 2 concepts the latter should be more visible to Vikians.

Do I understand you correctly that in a case of an old project a totally new Vikian can actually segment a drama or a movie without any segmenting experience or guidance.

  • old project that nobody wants…


I’m not a segmenter either. I did know there were two segmenting academies, but indeed the Ninja Academy seems to be a bit more famous.

Maybe they learned it somewhere else? I can’t imagine someone with zero knowledge/experience doing it …
But another question rises: Doesn’t “old project” by definition mean “already segmented”? Otherwise not even the English team could have subtitled it … :thinking:


First off, my apologies for side-tracking this thread.

There weren’t any academies in the beginning. You could segment if the project were open and unpopular or abandoned. By default today all new projects/channels are closed. There are still some old projects open, but I doubt many are standing unsegmented.

The academies (both of them) were established to maintain high quality of segments we see today. (Those of us who translate old dramas will know exactly what that means.)

The rule of choosing only academy graduates for segmenters is posed by the CM of a certain project. Viki is advising the segmenters to be graduates, but as far as I know they are not forbidding non-graduates.

A person can come to Viki already experienced in segmenting. And the segment editor is intuitive and easy. So, theoretically there is no technical limitation why a new Vikian can’t segment immediately, without being a graduate.

However, Viki community has its own standards in cutting, different from other sites, stemming from (among other things) the fact that Viki’s subbers don’t skip anything in translation and that translation occurs in multiple languages, resulting in multiple lengths of the one and the same sub on screen. Hence, the segmenting is done much more carefully and is more considerate to both subbers and viewers. This needs to be learned and it’s easiest for everybody is if you follow a program from one of the academies.

There are some old projects which either don’t have English subs or they are hardsubs.


Olá gostaria de ajudar a legendar.
Inglês para português, obrigada!:heart_eyes:


My name is Vickz I would love to subtitle end edit subtitle English to Portuguese.
If you need some help, just send me a message.


Here is the list of people who offered to do subtitles in the month of June, including those who are renewing their offers from the past:
nadcha No Viki account


nurkmaa889_231 No Viki account




dudadorameira_123 No Viki account
quadrangularrialma_6 No Viki account
ribeireis_231 No Viki account












estukoz_830 No Viki account




His Viki account is nl_040078


Thanks for that info. I just edited it in now.:grinning:
If any of you have Viki accounts under another name, please let me know. Also, it is very simple to open a free account, as that is the easiest way for language moderators to message you.


I’m Mary and I’m interested in subtitling English to Greek. I have plenty of experience and I take my work very seriously. I can work as an editor, too. If anyone needs help, PM me.:grinning:


This is it. Thanks.


hello every one ! i want to help with some proyects, i can translate for English to spanish:wink:


Dear subs-writing teams,

I’d like to help to help out with subs. That said, I’m not sure that VIKI would have a place for me. I’ll explain.

I’m an English-only speaker and as I watch videos, every now and then there are minor errors in the subs such as order of words or not using the best word suggested by the surrounding text. This is where I can help. I’m a teacher and I enjoy proofreading. I also enjoy English grammar. So if you ever find a place for me in any team, please let me know. I’m currently watching “Capture Love” and I’m happy to proofread all the subs if you want.

I sincerely appreciate all the work that those who translate do. It truly is amazing at how talented the VIKI teams are. I am in awe of what they do. My ability to contribute is very small by comparison.

Thank you for reading my post,



I can help with subbing from English to Norwegian if anyone needs help with that


That is my account. Thank you. <3


Hi! I’m starting and I’m looking for an opportunity to translate from English to Urdu.


Hi! I’m just starting I would like to translate from English to Urdu!!!


Hi, I would like to help subtitling from English to Spanish, how can I start?


Hi I’d like to subtitle from english to italian. How can i start?