Want to subtitle? Let people know!


You can contact me here.

Thanks @angelight313_168 :heart:

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I’m new here and I would like to subtitle from English to Italian.

If there is any help needed please feel free to contact me, I would be happy to help!


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I’m new to viki and I would like to try subbing!

I can sub from mandarin to english (probably a way too common offer), but hey, I’m here if anyone every needs it. :grinning:


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It’s common but Chinese dramas - as you probably know - are loooooong and there are lots and lots of them that need good subbers and translation editors. Go to the main page of dramas that are not fully subbed yet and write to the English moderator or Chief Editor. Make sure to ask if they also have any other projects where they could use you, and include the info on whether you have vikipass or not.


Thank you for your help! Sorry to bother, but how can I tell if a show is not fully subbed yet? Thank you again!

@zombierabbit try here:
and here:

since project finder won’t show from Chinese to English projects you’d have to check the episodes of a drama if all are fully subbed…
FYI the project finder is here: https://subber.viki.com/project_finder?render_new_template=1&submit_flag=1&type=subtitle&subtitler_from_language_code=en&subtitler_to_language_code=zh

Look at the episode thumbnails on the right. If you click on “Show All” it will take you to a page with the thumbnails for all the episodes, each one with its percentage.


Another way is to look at the cover page. If it says that all episodes are “Released for all other languages” it means that it’s not only translated but edited as well. So you needn’t bother.
But if only a few episodes are released, this doesn’t mean they are not translated.
For instance, this one only has 9 episodes ready out of 24 released for other languages, but if you go to the thumbnail page you will see that all 24 are fully subbed. This means they don’t need translators, they need editors!


Hola me encantaria participar de ingles al españoñ

Olá, poderia me recomendar projetos que eu poderia traduzir de coreano para inglês/português , chinês para inglês ou inglês para portugues. Gostaria muito de fazer parte de alguma equipe.

Hi! i can subtitle from english to spanish! if you need my help, i´ll be happy to help!


You can go to the project finder in community resources. There are a bunch of projects for Spanish translators.

I want to help subbing from English to Spanish.

Anyone needs a translator, I speak both Arabic and English. I also understand a little bit of Korean too. I’m new but would like to work on some subtitles if you let me. Thanks.

Hi, I’m new here and want to subtitle from English to Portuguese, if possible. I have some experience on translations between English/Spanish/Portuguese, so if anyone is in need, just send me a message.

I am new to the Viki community and eager to help subtitle k-dramas from Korean to English. I am fluent in Korean and I have work experience as an interpreter. I am also a member of National Language Service Corps.


Then it should be easy for you to find projects. If you scroll up, we have written lengthy posts with tips on how to go about it.

Hello, Amelia! If you want , you can translate in our team for the TV show " Nothing but thirty".
You are welcomed to be part of our team!

Denisse and Isabella( the moderators)\

Waiting for your answer!

Here you can send me a PM.

Hi, I am Mayara, I want to help translate to the Portuguese.

Hi there, I’m looking to caption for Kdramas. My korean skills are probably good enough to do most romantic comedy style dramas. I don’t know alot of technical speech so courtroom dramas or hospital dramas are probably above my level. Let me know if you have a drama to try :slight_smile:

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