Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hi, i can translate any show from English to Polish, dm me if you need help :slight_smile:

Hello there!
I’m looking for projects to work on!
I can translate from English into Portuguese, I’m fluent in both!
I’m new to Viki, but I’ve done some fansub projects before.
Please dm me if there are any teams open to new subtitlers!

Hi there,

I’m here to help for translation from english/spanish to french.
Feel free to contact me, i will be glad to be apart of this community.

See you’!


Hey! I’d like to start subtitling from english to german. I’m a german native speaker and i am fluent in english.


im fluent in both korean and english so if anyone needs help subtitling from korean to english or english to korean, i can help:)

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Hello everyone! As an avid Asian film fan, I would like to join your group. Unfortunately, I do not speak an Asian language, but am a specialist in English language an syntax and have taught Humanities (Speech/English) at the University level. I would be a good resource for anyone who is a translator or who speaks English as a second language. I can clean up the translation to be more correct and easy to read. I’ve noticed that there are way too many errors in the English translations which can make it hard to follow or cringe worthy. Please feel free to let me help you become a bettor translator. Would you also allow me to make a comment once in a while on the translations that I am seeing?



Every series you see on Viki, every project has its own English team, lead by its own Chief English Editor. If you see some errors while watching an episode, feel free to register the timing of the sub and the correction, and send the list to the English Editor for that particular drama. You can find the Editor on the title page of the series, usually under the Subtitling Team section. Copy-paste the username of the Chief Editor and send them a PM.

Should you wish to have a more active role, you will need to contact one or more Chief Editors and offer your services directly. Or simply do it in the thread below. Since you’re a novice on Viki, arm yourself with patience and accept any project offered to earn credits.

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Hello, I would like to help i can subtitle from english to turkısh :relaxed:

if anyone’s looking for someone who can sub from korean to english please lmk; i’m fluent in both languages! :slight_smile:


You need to be more clear on that bc you can be fluent in speaking the language but not have fluency in reading and writing. Something very essential when wanting to sub in a drama. I suggest you also add your profile page link and if you don’t have one, make one bc you’ll needed in the long run.

When I see someone that knows Korean I go Horray::boom::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::firecracker:

Lately, is taking so long for dramas to be subbed from korean to English that I’m hoping we can add in the teams more skilled ppl in that so precious needed language in dramas. Hope you can be one of our savior (crossing my fingers).

@angelight313_168 ohh okay thank you for the clarification!!! if you don’t mind, could you show me a few examples of what i should include on my profile?

You need to make a RVIKI account. I see you joined 1 day ago but don’t have a viki account.

oh i do have one. do i have to like connect it?

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No no, but do include the link to your profile page on your first post.

And populate your “About me” page. You could include any non-sensitive information. For instance,

  • which country you’re from,
  • which languages you speak and how proficiently (maybe also how you’ve learned them and for how long),
  • any previous experience in writing or translation,
  • whether you live in the Americas or in Asia or in Europe (this is important for people recruiting you because some shows are licensed in one region but not in another)
  • some people include a bit of trivia about what kind of dramas and films they like most (some people even include their favorite actors, although that’s not really relevant to anyone else).
    All this in good English, to show off how well you can write it.

Ending with a list of the projects you’ve contributed to so far, divided into “Future” “Current” (Currently working on) and “Completed”
You can also add pictures (maybe thumbnails of the dramas you’ve worked on) made as links (after you insert the picture, you click on the little chain link to insert the link to the drama’s main page).
See, for now this list can be seen in your Contributions tab. But after a while, when you’ll have many more, it won’t be easy for people to know which are the present ones you’re working on and which are completed.
Some people don’t think it’s necessary to include that. See this example. She’s a Ko-En subber, and gives most of the space to her favourite dramas.
Why do I think listing one’s projects is important?
First of all the Viki list on the “Overview -> Project Contributions” tab is not chronological. They are put in completely random order, or rather by the order the system updates them, which has nothing to do with chronological order. It’s nice for you and for others to have your Viki contributions history well organized and be able to find them and go back to them with one click.
Secondly your role there. For now you’re a subber, but if you progress and become an editor, it won’t be written anywhere on your profile, because until now here at Viki there is no designated “editor” role, so you may be listed as subber or (more often) as moderator. And this is not helpful for someone who is seeking editors.
The most important reason is the following.
Many moderators don’t want someone who already has a zillion ongoing projects, but to find that info one has to visit all the dramas one by one to see which are completed and which are still being translated. In putting the info clearly on your About tab, you make their work much easier, they can know at a glance and they will surely appreciate that.

You can see how I made mine, although I realize that with the years it has become much too long and that most people won’t be able to get to the info after the projects. As you see, I’ve put the projects into a table, to ensure that they are neatly in place. I used one row of cells for the images and the row below for the title and description.
Other people with too many projects to count just make a list without pictures.
See cgwm808’s “about” page. She’s been here since 2009 (mainly as Chief English editor) so with her immense number of projects a table with thumbnails would clearly be impractical.
Many of the experienced Viki users use their profile page to also include helpful links to various resources like lists, dictionaries and guidelines, for themselves for quick reference, and of course to help everyone else who needs them.
I’m linking here ajumma2’s profile page because she has a treasure trove of helpful resources which you may want to check out. She belongs to the group of people who want to focus on the info, so they don’t use pictures at all.
Here is the profile of yoobinnie, an example of a succint self-description (put at the very end).
And here is the profile of jadecloud88, who chose to put only some of her favorite past projects, and the useful info about herself and the roles she takes at the very end. Maybe because she thought that people would be more attracted by the visuals.
Same for joysprite, another very experienced and valued contributor here (Channel Manager and Chief Editor), who has her zillion of projects and list of useful resources at the very end of her profile page, after the pictures of her favorite concerts and herself looking gorgeous in various events. You may want to check out the resources as well.
Finally, there are some people who make their page graphically pleasing and professional-looking, but difficult to update. See this one: What will happen if she wants to add the new dramas she’s watched on the right columns? They will become imbalanced with the pictures on the left. You must think of the future when making your profile page. Now you only have a few things to put, but this will change.
Be committed to updating your About page often. This user, although she was active at least until two months ago, has as her “current drama” one from September 2018.

I’ve included various styles of profile pages so that you can think of what you like the best.
After you’re done making your About page, write to the senior Chief Editors about giving you a place in their projects.


whoa, thank you so much!!!

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Hello. I want to help with subtitles…I can sub from english into turkish or french !!

thank youu

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Hey, my name is Nick, but i go by bxttxrcxp (Buttercup), i can translate from english to portuguese and i really want to help, so just reply this or send me a message, please!

Hi! I would be really happy to help. I can translate from English to romanian language :slight_smile:

I can translate from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. Please let me know if there is a project that I can work on. Thank you!

Puedo traducir desde inglés al español o desde español al inglés. Por favor, dejénme saber si hay un proyecto en lo que puedo trabajar. ¡Graciás!

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Thank you for the summary :sparkles::hugs: