Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hi there! I want to get started in subtitling from english into spanish. I’m interested in C-Dramas particularly but I have no problem with doing it in other categories :slight_smile:

I found the last one for Korean. The name is without the “_yahoo_com” it’s just “choitrio” https://www.viki.com/users/choitrio/overview


Thank you so much.

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Thank you. I understood everything. Thanks

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Coucou je suis modératrice et cherche des volontaires, il me faudrait ton profil sur viki

Coucou je suis modératrice et cherche des volontaires, il me faudrait ton profil sur viki pour pouvoir te contacter.

Thank you for the info on choitrio. I have edited it under Korean.:grinning:


My name is Nick and I can speak english and portuguese fluently, and I’m learning japanese, I’m looking forward to subtitle from english to portuguese, and maybe soon, from english to japanese too.

Hello! I can help with translating from Chinese to English/Spanish. I am fluent in Chinese, English, and Spanish and learning Japanese.

hola, me gustaria ayudar a traducir de español a ingles o de ingles a español y frances :smile:

Hi I can help with subs English-Spanish or Spanish-English
Let me know if anyone needs some help, I will glad to help.

Hello, I want to ask something. I have asked many moderators to volunteer, but no one responded. Can someone help me ?

Please have a look here:

Here is a document with subbing guidelines. What is for the Korean-English subbers is not of interest to you, but the document also includes the formatting rules we follow here at Viki.


Hi, I can subtitle from english/portuguese to spanish

Out of curiosity, which language would you translate into, how many moderators you contacted and how long has it been since you send the last message?


I want to subtitle from English to Arabic.
I have sent requests to many moderators and the last one was two days ago. No one responds.

Many, as in more than five? Two days doesn’t mean the moderator isn’t responding. A week is a standard waiting time for a response.

Have you also tried using Project finder?


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Would love to help with Mandarin to English drama, pls feel free to find me :slight_smile:

Quero legendar chinês para português ou inglês para português ou o contrário, ou espanhol também

Hi, I would like to help with subtitles ^^ I’m able to sub from english to polish :blush: