Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Out of curiosity, which language would you translate into, how many moderators you contacted and how long has it been since you send the last message?


I want to subtitle from English to Arabic.
I have sent requests to many moderators and the last one was two days ago. No one responds.


Many, as in more than five? Two days doesn’t mean the moderator isn’t responding. A week is a standard waiting time for a response.

Have you also tried using Project finder?



Would love to help with Mandarin to English drama, pls feel free to find me :slight_smile:


Quero legendar chinês para português ou inglês para português ou o contrário, ou espanhol também


Hi, I would like to help with subtitles ^^ I’m able to sub from english to polish :blush:


Hi everyone! I’m new to the Viki community and subtitling! I can translate Chinese to English! Feel free to contact me anytime! :blush:


Hello! I’m available to translate from English to Portuguese! Send me a message in “umapizza”.


Hi mi name is Luna
I’m interested to be a volunteer to subtitle ENG-ESP
I hope help


Hello, I’m Lotus, and I am interested in subbing from Chinese to English or English to Chinese. Please private message me if I am needed. :slight_smile:


Olá, gostaria de ajudar, posso legendar de inglês para português.


Hello dear,
It is impossible for an Arabic moderator to not respond to a message for this period, except in specific cases, such as if he has a circumstance preventing him from being on the site or his absence
For me, I reply within the same day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thank you @bozoli dear


Just arrived at Viki Community and I’m really eager to help too.
I can translate from English to Portuguese.
Please let me know if you guys need a volunteer. :smiley:


Hi everyone.
I am german and I speak (german, french and english) fluently. I also am able to translate a little korean an japanese by hearing the sentences (I can’t read the languages or write them).
I really would like to help translating on something, but no one answers when I use the new method of viki. It’s been a few years since my last time translating on viki, so I hope I can help somewhere.


Thank you so much but, they haven’t replied till now. Do you need volunteers?


You are welcome :hibiscus:, unfortunately all of my projects have complete teams, but visit this group and you will find projects that need translators and contact their moderators directly :+1:

Good Luck


Here is the August 2020 list of volunteers offering:

tamara_wagemann_923 No Viki account

fir3l0v3 Page not found
forverrain No Viki account



izzy930 No Viki account
belaanunes_847 No Viki account



auroreda90 No Viki account


akm35408_48 No Viki account
yuki_swan99_641 No viki account


booo01 No Viki account

DUTCH prefers Cdramas


heidiabdulatif175_97 No Viki account



As always, your lists are extremely helpful. Thank you!
By the way, clockheart12_66 under Chinese is ani_xin12.


Thank you @helenawang5717_57. I have edited in clockheart’s proper account.
I find it is easiest to find volunteers when the list is organized by languages.


Hi! I’d love to help subtitle from English to Danish, I do prefer Korean and Japanese shows but I can do anything really :slight_smile: