Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hi! I am fluent in Korean and English and am excited to work on new projects anytime.


Hello, I’d like to subtitle Korean to English…got any projects?

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Eu gostaria de legendar inglês para português.

Oi! Quero ajudar a legendar do Inglês para Português.

hi, i’m looking to help with any subs from korean to english. i’m fluent in both languages, as i grew up in a bilingual household. i would prefer subbing variety shows, but dramas are also okay. please lmk if i could be of any help.

my profile: https://www.viki.com/users/parkju/about

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Have you tried sending PMs to English moderators? Seeing that Korean-English translators are in high demand, you should be able to find something.


Ola! Gostaria de me oferecer para legendar do Ingles para o Portugues!

Are there any dramas that need subtitles from English to Arabic?

Hello! I am an you tell me in recommend me a project to start (Spanish translator), please, I want to start as soon as possible!! =D

Hi! are there any Chinese/English to Russian projects?

olá eu estou a disposição para legendar dramas do Inglês para o Português

i would love to help out with korean to english subtitles. i’m fluent in both languages. i’m looking to help out in any way so, please feel free to reach out!


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I’d like to help with English into Spanish subtitles, preferably for Korean shows. I’m new here, but I’m a certified EN > ES translator who’s studying Korean (my current level is still pretty elementary, but it could come in handy). Let me know if I can help!


Hola!!! soy nueva por aquí y me gustaría contribuir subtitulando del inglés al español, estaré encantada de unirme al equipo!! Gracias!!
Hello!!! I’d like to help with English to Spanish subtitles, I’m new but I’ll be so grateful if you let me contribute!


I am a newcomer in this community and a drama lover :slight_smile:

I would like to help in subtitling from

  • Chinese to English
  • Chinese to Indonesian
  • English to Indonesian
  • Indonesian to English.

I am fluent in German as well.

I grew up in Chinese-Indonesian community and went to English school. Now I am staying in Germany.

If there is any project in above languages, that I can help, please feel free to contact me.


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Oie, tudo bem?
Gostaria de entrar na equipe do Drama Coreano “Dono do seu próprio Mundo”.
Posso traduzir do Inglês para o Português.

Hello, I would like to help out as Chinese-English subtitler.
If needed, you may reply or PM me.
Thanks :smiley:

Hello, I would like to help with the subtitles. I can sub from English to Hindi.

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I want to help subbing from English to Bengali/Hindi, or vise-versa.
I’d be more than happy to help! :grinning:

Bengali is my mother tongue. English is my second language and Hindi, the third.

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Hi! This is my first experience but i’d like to learn.
I can translate from english to italian so please if you want to help me finding a project let me now.:cherry_blossom:

Ciao a tutti, questa è la mia prima esperienza.
Posso tradurre dall’inglese all’italiano, dunque se qualcuno fosse così gentile da aiutarmi nel trovare un progetto mi facia sapere. :cherry_blossom: