Want to subtitle? Let people know!



I am a newcomer in this community and a drama lover :slight_smile:

I would like to help in subtitling from

  • Chinese to English
  • Chinese to Indonesian
  • English to Indonesian
  • Indonesian to English.

I am fluent in German as well.

I grew up in Chinese-Indonesian community and went to English school. Now I am staying in Germany.

If there is any project in above languages, that I can help, please feel free to contact me.



Oie, tudo bem?
Gostaria de entrar na equipe do Drama Coreano “Dono do seu próprio Mundo”.
Posso traduzir do Inglês para o Português.


Hello, I would like to help out as Chinese-English subtitler.
If needed, you may reply or PM me.
Thanks :smiley:


Hello, I would like to help with the subtitles. I can sub from English to Hindi.


I want to help subbing from English to Bengali/Hindi, or vise-versa.
I’d be more than happy to help! :grinning:

Bengali is my mother tongue. English is my second language and Hindi, the third.


Hi! This is my first experience but i’d like to learn.
I can translate from english to italian so please if you want to help me finding a project let me now.:cherry_blossom:

Ciao a tutti, questa è la mia prima esperienza.
Posso tradurre dall’inglese all’italiano, dunque se qualcuno fosse così gentile da aiutarmi nel trovare un progetto mi facia sapere. :cherry_blossom:


Estive fora por alguns meses e agora voltei e estou a procura de projetos, posso traduzir do inglês/português, espero poder ajudar. :smile_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello there!
Im a cm for a chinese movie “A cool fish”. Pm my italian mod, Morgana.



Hello there!
I would like to help in subtitling from English to Italian.
This is my first time so please if you can please help me finding a project:grin:


Hello there!
I would like to help in subtitling from English to Portuguese.
This is my first time so please if you can please help me finding a project…


Hi. I am a native English speaker. I do not know Chinese or Korean (I am learning!) but I am an experienced English editor.

I would like to volunteer to edit the translations. Many of these shows have great translations, but others need improvement. Sometimes there are spelling error, syntax, and grammar issues. I am not criticizing; I am observing and willing to help make this great website even better.

Please let me know who I should contact or where I should post.



Hi, I’m interested in subtitling from English to Chinese (simplified) or Chinese to English!


If anyone needs help, I can translate from english to german


Hi dear,
I kindly suggest you learn the basics like “how to subtitle” first. Editing isn’t just
grammar, spelling and syntax. I understand your sentiment. It took me to Memory Lane as that’s what got me into helping with the English subs.

Did you watched before or after TE, GE, or CE? There are different factors dear. I encourage you to learn the basics, common etiquette for volunteers, obtain the appropriate status then move onto edit. We need more experience editors in our community. Good luck in your journey! Fighting! Jiayou!


Hello, I would like to help i can subtitle from english to Portuguese. :slight_smile:

Olá, gostaria de ajudar a legendar algumas séries, posso fazer a tradução do inglês para o português.



I encourage you to learn the basics, common etiquette for volunteers, obtain the appropriate status then move onto edit.

You have been in her shoes too, and it took you to memory lane because both of you want/wanted to help by improving the English subtitles (I remember those days too). You say she should learn the basics? Why not suggest some of the basic to her from your own experience?

Common etiquette for volunteers? Why not suggest links that can help her explore those etiquettes you feel a volunteer here need so much to edit an English subtitle?

Obtain the appropriate status? That is; if she EVER gets the chance to move on and be part of a team since we have a ‘‘buddy system’’ here, that closes doors for many with bigger and better skills but are never given a chance to show their full potential.

YES, good luck @kimanjo_519… you ‘‘gonna’’ needed if you ever want to edit any work (sub) here. Don’t worry about before a TE, GE, or CE since some say they are so great, and leave a lot to desire in their ‘‘editing jobs.’’

It will help if you can elaborate more on your experience as an editor. Look at it as a ‘‘resume’’ the more you show your expertise, the more appealing you become as a future editor for this so wonderful site. Break a leg (I know it’s good luck for theaters lol).


Everybody, let’s keep this thread light and welcoming for the new volunteers. If something needs to be discussed in further detail, please open another thread.


Hello, I can help subtitle from english to italian! :smile:


I don’t know the context, so I can’t say for sure whether it made sense there, but having thick skin is an expression meaning you don’t easily let what others say or do get to you. So if for example someone would laugh at her because of her poor Hungarian, she wouldn’t get upset about it.



Hi, my name is Gabs, I was away from Viki for a while because of school, but now I want to subtitle again.
If you’re looking for someone to translate from English to Portuguese (Brazil), I am the right person.
Sincerely, Gabs