Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hello all! I also would love to help with subtitles…I can sub from english into portuguese


I’d be happy to sub in Hebrew! Can do English->Hebrew translation. Let me know if anyone could perhaps use my services :grimacing:


Hola buenas, puedo traducir del ingles al español. si necesitan a alguien para subtítulos puedo ayudarles. solo pregunten o avíseme.


hi! interested in subbing korean to english :slight_smile: please let me know if there are any projects with availabilities.


I would like to be part of a team and help with subtitles :blush: .I am fluent in Spanish, English and Romanian.
I do not mind the country of the drama/movie so, if there are still any available places in a team I would be very happy to be part of one :blush: .
Thank you!


Olá eu estou disponivel para traduzir do japônes para o português, quem quiser só me chamar.


I am looking to translate from English to Dutch, I can also translate from English to romanized Hindi


Hello there @Saksh, I am a member from Hindi community, will you like to join us?
This is the link to my profile,
Waiting to hear from you. :smiley:


Hallo Saksh,
Wat fijn dat er nog een nederlandse vertaler is!
Als je wilt heb ik nog wel een project waar je bij kan helpen, genaamd: three lives, three worlds: the pillow book
Stuur me een berichtje als je intresse hebt.


Gostaria de me voluntariar para legendar do inglês para pt-br


I would really love to be part of a team and help with subtitles. I’m fluent in Spanish and English due that I’m studying English - Spanish translation and I want to get some experience in this field.
I don’t mind the country of the show so if there is a place available in a team I would love to be part of one.
Thank you!


Interested in Korean-English subbing. I did some up to a couple years ago and would like to get back into it.


I can subtitle from chinese to french


i can do Chinese to English and a small amount of Korean to English


Hello. I want to help with subtitles…I can sub from English into Arabic :hearts:


Hey guys,
I can translate from Chinese to English or English to Chinese. I have yet to do any translation but I have a lot of free time at the moment, can be pretty helpful.


Hello there!

In the future I would love to become a translator and want to collect as many experiences as possible! I am quite a newbie here - but I will learn fast!

The most fluent and comfortable languages for subtitling for me are English and German.
Currently I really want to be a part of the subtitling team to help out with the historian comedy and romance drama “General’s Lady”, I love it so much!

I am also able to translate a small amount of Korean (TOPIK Level 3), Chinese (upper elementary) to English/German. Probably my language skills will progress during my semester, so later on I might be able to help more with Korean/Chinese to English/German translations.


Then you should contact the German moderator in that drama. Do you know how to find her/him?



You need to state which languages you can translate from and to :upside_down_face: