Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Thank you so much! I will do that!


Hello! My name is Hanna and i would really like to start subtitling. I can subtitle from english to swedish. Please let me know if anyone needs any help! :grin:


Hello! My name is Jasmine. I can subtitle from Chinese (Mandarin Simplified or Traditional) to English. I can also try to subtitle English to Chinese but more on intermediate level. I used to be subtitle a lot a couple a years ago before taking a hiatus and seems like the community has grown a lot! I have a bit of time now to help if needed.


Hello! I would like to try and subtitle for True Beauty, the kdrama. I would translate it from Korean to English. Thank you!


Hiya peepz ^-^
My name is Mel and I’m looking for some more projects where I can create subtitles. My native language is Dutch and I’m fluent in English. Hopefully, I can help you guys out :slight_smile:


hi ^^ i want help with italian subtitles , for chinese , japanese, korean drama .
thanks if u help me


You should send a private message to CM of True Beauty if you want to subtitle this k-drama.


Hallo mellonietje,
Wat fijn dat er nog een nederlandse vertaler is!
Als je wilt heb ik nog wel een project waar je bij kan helpen, genaamd: three lives, three worlds: the pillow book.
Of bij: Queen: Love And War.
Stuur me een berichtje als je intresse hebt.


Hello! My name is Carole, I’m a new subber ! I search my first project. I’m French so, I can translate English to French. I’m also learning Chinese, so I can try to translate Mandarin Simplified to French, but for the moment I have a low level.
Please contact me if anyone needs help !
I like C-Dramas and K-Drama ! No preference
Merry Christmas !


I have something I can recommend to you Carole. You can send me a message if you want :wink:


Hello !

I’m currently available to translate from Enflish to French. So let me know if you need some Help :slight_smile:


hi, i would like to help with sub from english to romanien


I can speak Japanese, Spanish, and English.

I’ve subtitled and segmented before, but that was ~5 years ago.


Hi! I am Italian and I would like to subtitle from English to Italian! I speak Portuguese too and I could subtitle also in this language. Let me know if there is any project available! Thanks !!


I would like to translate from english to portuguese.

thank you


Hi! i would like to subtitle from english to spanish, I also speak portuguese and french. Let me know if there is any project to work with


Hello!! @jazzzykins

I am in need of English to Chinese (Simplified) subbers. If you are interested, you can send me a PM here -

Looking forward to hearing from you :smile:



To volunteers, you must have a Viki account in order to subtitle. An account is free. :wink:
Here are December volunteers and pertinent information for Moderators.
Happy 2021 to all! :smile:

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Hi!!! I’m can be helpful translating English to Portuguese subtitles!!! Let me know if you need me :wink: