Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi :slight_smile: I’m new here!!! Could you give some tips about how I can translate and everything?! This is kinda confused to be honest hahah


If somebody is interested I’m available to translate from English to Portuguese!! Let me know if you have some project!!! I’m helpful and I’m a fast learner. I’m free from school so I’m having a lot of free time!! Don’t be shy, you can contact me whenever you want :wink:


@Iggf There are certain requirements needed to become a volunteer. If you have an account here at viki (it’s a must) click on the button that says INFO HUB. Anyway I provided you the link below. Good Luck!


Hey! I can be a part of the english-portuguese subtitler group!


Hi everyone :wave:
I’m a native Arabic speaker, so, if you need any help to translate from English to Arabic, I’m here :+1::hearts:
This is my profile, you can send me messages there:
See you soon :wave::wave:


Hi! I’m interested in helping with Korean-English subtitles. I’m not fluent in Korean but I can translate basic conversations and at least help relieve some of the workload. I can also help with editing if needed.


Hi, I just finished editing Something Happened in Bali and am looking for my next project. I help to make language consistent throughout series, correct all grammar and construction and spellings, update language to make clearer for English speakers, adjust idioms or turns of phrase, update slang, and am competent in the differences between US and UK English and can adjust.
Thanks in advance,


Olá, tudo bem?
Procuro por qualquer drama em que eu possa legendar do EN-PT (inglês para o português). Estou de férias. Tenho bastante tempo e disposição sobrando. Desde já, agradeço.


I can do:-

  • Korean to English
  • Chinese to English

I can take care of things such as wording, grammar, or punctuation issues.


Hi, I am fluent in both chinese and english. I am able to do chinese to english and english to chinese translations.


Hi, I have sent you a message.:wink:


Hola buen dia, me gustaria ayudar a subtitular de ingles al español … cualquier proyecto que necesiten ayuda

cordial saludo


Hi, I’d like to help with english-polish translations. I’m a native polish speaker and I studied German and English philology. I also have some experience with subtitling and translating. If you have a vacancy for a translator contact me. :slight_smile:

Hej, chciałabym pomóc przy tłumaczeniach z języka angielskiego na polski. Studiowałam filologię i mam trochę doświadczenia z tłumaczeniami i tworzeniem napisów do filmów. Jeśli mogłabym pomóc, chętnie się podejmę.


Hi! I can subtitle from Spanish to English and English to Spanish. I’m always available to subtitle!


Hi! I’m new to volunteering on Viki, and I would love for someone to help me and guide me. I’m a bit lost on how I can work on a project. I can translate from English to Spanish. Also, I’m flexible and available at any time. Thank you!!!


Hi, I’d love to sub anything from English to Finnish!


Hello! I am a new volunteer. A guide on how to take part in a project and start subtitling or segmenting would be very helpful. As for subtitles, I would like to try subtitling from English to Italian (my mother tongue) or even from English to Spanish (which I honestly feel less confident).
Thanks for reading :boom:


La tua pagina di profilo dice che non esiste.
Hai forse cambiato nome utente? Nessuno ti può trovare senza l’URL giusta.


Qui ci sono dei post che ti possono essere utili:

Qui è la mia guida per il nuovo traduttore

E qui le linee guida per la traduzione di sottotitoli dall’inglese all’italiano:



@irmar grazie mille per la risposta! Vedrò di arricchire un pochino il mio profilo. Nel frattempo sto leggendo i documenti google e li sto trovando molto utili. :hugs: