Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Lately I’ve seen several people asking how to begin subtitling. You always start first by reading the official Viki guidelines. Angelight already published this link, but apparently it was not visible enough. So, to “fix” this…

…which is a shortcut you can also find if you go on the Viki’s homepage - Community - Info Hub


Si ho cambiato nome utente! sono uscita e rientrata dal profilo, ora dovrebbe vedersi correttamente :slight_smile:


Hello, I would love to help with subtitles as well! I can translate from English to Czech.


Hola Laura, a todos en algún momento nos ha pasado pero primero tienes que mandar solicitudes a proyectos. Puedes buscar en proyectos " próximamente, al aire o nuevos" las moderadoras de cada idioma te responderán si hay cupo en los dramas que quieres estar o no, por la orientación no hay problema ellas son muy amables y te explicaran. 화이팅!


What’s up?

I can translate english to portuguese (I also have korean skills, I think it could help a lot). If you need help, i’ll do my best hehe


Bonjour ! Je cherche des projets ayant besoin de traducteurs de l’anglais au français :smile:


Alguna vez tuve suerte buscando proyecto por aquí así que volveré a intentar, busco cualquier tipo de proyecto para subtitular del ingles al español, también puedo segmentar! Además, cuento con disponibilidad horaria, saludos!! :hugs:


Bonjour je peux traduire de l’anglais au français.


Bonjour, ce serait avec plaisir que je traduirais de l’anglais au français.


Hello, kind earth-dwellers! Since I have a lot of free time, I would like to help with subtitles from English to Bahasa Indonesia, Korean to Bahasa Indonesia, or Korean to English! Please do not hesitate tell me if there are any projects available!


Hello! Since I have a lot of free time, I can translate from English to Lithuanian. I’ve been interested in doing it for some time now, so feel free to contact me if you’d like my help! Also, I’m pretty new to this stuff, but I did lots of research and I’m ready to do it. :slight_smile:


Hello, I would like to do English-French subtitles. If you have any plans for me please. Thank you


Hi! I can translate Chinese - English/Russian! I want to translate the drama called “Behind the scenes”


Hi! I can translate from english to spanish. I´ll be fast :slight_smile:


Hello! Im new to the community although I have been using viki for years now. I would like to have a project. If any project available, please consider me. Thank you :slight_smile:


Olá, sou nova aqui na comunidade! Comecei a assistir dramas há bastante tempo, mas nunca me arrisquei a legendar. Se tiver algum projeto recrutando e tiver visto esse post, entre em contato ^^ Posso traduzir do inglês para o português. Obrigada :slight_smile:


It would be wise to specify in which way you could be of help. From which language to which language can you translate? Or are you interested in editing English subtitles?


Olá, tenho interesse em legendar do inglês para o português. Obrigada!

Hello! I’m interested in helping as a subtitler. I’d like to translate from English into Portuguese

Thank you!


Hola me gustaría mucho unirme a un proyecto para subtitular en español.gracias.


You can try your luck by subtitling this drama, you just have to request it with the French’s morerator :grinning: