Want to subtitle? Let people know!


I’m new Viki volunteer, subtitling from English to Serbian :slight_smile:


I would like to find some projects to subtitle, from English to French. I’m pretty new at this though, so it’s understandable if I’m not someone’s first choice. Nevertheless, feel free to message me if you need an English to French subtitler. Have a wonderful day!


Hi I’m looking for projects to subtitle from English to Portuguese, I’ve away for too long but if anyone has a project I can help just msg me please ^…^


Hi, I am looking for a project to work on! I can subtitle from Chinese to English. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I really wanted to translate to portuguese!!
If there’s anyone needing a translator, let me know ^^


hiiii i’m new and i’m searching for segmenter dramas. Could you recommend me some?


Hello there,

I’m new here and I don’t know exactly where to start but I would like to help with subtitles from English to Romanian. I’m a native speaker for Romanian and my viki profile is


Hello! I want to help with subtitles .I can sub from English to Turkish. (* ^ ω ^)


Hi @Ina59, I’m a newbie too. If you don’t know where to start the only things that I can recommend you is to continue reading and posting in discussions like you’re already doing, to search dramas and DM the Channels Managers and Moderators and last but not least to sign up in the Subbing Academy or in the Segging one (enjoying them is optional but I think it’s better do it). I add a last tip: DM just a few volunteers and wait for a while before sending messages to others and possibly choose just one of the academies to start because if you receive response from more people you risk to have to deny some projects for not having enough time. I hope I haven’t made too many mistakes in English and have been helpful.


Hello… I want to subtitle … I can sub from Chinese to english/// So pls looking forward to your replies :blush:


I’d love to help with subtitles! I would like to translate from English to Italian<3 Let me know!

mi piacerebbe sottotitolare dall’inglese all’italiano <3 Fammi sapere!


I would like to help! I can translate from English to Bulgarian


OK so my message is for those who appreciate an ENGLISH to SPANISH translator without using any kind/form of translator. I am NOT perfect but you can say I put effort in giving quality translation in BOTH language.

ALL I need to make 500 eng/spanish subs which is a breeze to me. Sooooo…ry for bragging. If you like quality translation and can use my skills most of you know me already and like I said I need to cover 500 only so I won’t be too much of a pain.

LOVE and PEACE to all…Enjoy your weekend bc mine is a bone chilling cold day and I hate cold with a passion so, stuck here for a few days.



I can make subtitles from English to Dutch and the other way around. If you are interested message me please :slight_smile:


Hola! The use of translation services like Gogle aren’t allowed anyway. Your subtitling has be be on it’s own merit.
Have you looked at the Project finder?

Well, that link BOMBED. To find it, go to Click on the Community link at the top of the page. Then click Project finder.


Oh please lol … girl that project finder has never worked, and I don’t know why they even have it here. A pure junk I’ve been here since 2012 so I know. I was a Moderator too and most of the message were a total mess (some of the dramas were already fully subbed) They never update that correctly and creates a lot of misunderstanding.

In regards to use of translators here I can ASSURE you that not only is used here constantly, they will never end using it bc a lot of these volunteers have limited english knowledge so they need to google it. I know of one person that kept saying she/he? Knew Spanish (this person doesn’t have an ounce of any spanish lineage in her/him?), and when I went to this person profile the garbage she/he wrote for Spanish subtitles absolutely drove me insane. I reported that person for NOTHING bc THAT person continues using google to do her translations and continues to work even on air dramas. I won’t be surprised to even see her as a Spanish Moderator :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Good to know. I am only new using that thing and wondered why it was not useful. Glad to know I am not crazy. :smile: (So much for being non-helpful :wink: :rofl: ) Well. Honesty time - The French you see in this discussion board with maurine_antoinne is entirely googled because I don’t speak French. But I said that right at the beginning. But Google must be pretty good for French because Maurine forgot I was actually using Google while speaking in French to her. :laughing: I wouldn’t try to subtitle using that though. And how would you use Google to subtitle anyway? You’d have to understand enough English to translate to Spanish anyway.

You don’t have to have lineage to speak a language, after all, I speak English and I am not English. I only know street Spanish from my neighborhood in California. But that is NOT correct Spanish. :sweat_smile: :rofl: At least I don’t try to pretend I speak proper Spanish though.

I am learning how to segment and am killing time helping at After School Club (ASC) which is a bilingual KPOP variety show - doing subtitles while waiting for the next level segment training. There are over 450 shows there that need to be segmented so I hope I finish my training in time to actually do some segments there. However, I don’t have the experience to talk about subtitling English to other languages though. At ASC, I listen to spoken English and type in the English and also listen to the spoken Korean and type in the English translations for the Korean that I do understand. I don’t understand how someone would use Google to translate to Spanish since you have to listen to what is being said. There is no written English on that show until we write the subtitles. Subtitlers would have to understand enough Korean to type something into Google and you can’t use romanized letters in Google - you’d get garbage. :joy: That show does have a lot of hard text but they leave a whole lot out so they aren’t used at all for subtitles.

The ASC show uses published lyrics for the songs and we’re lucky if they tell us the title beforehand. :grinning: Good thing I like a lot of kpop. Their guess the song games are ‘fun’ :scream: to figure out. :scream: :joy: :scream:

How 'guess the song’ works is (if you don’t know which song it is)
-Listen to the song.
-Go to the lyric site and listen to that groups songs on the site until you find the same tune.
-Then read through the Korean lyrics for the song until you find the lyrics that match the bar being sung. (I can read Hangul even if I don’t understand what it all means)
-type that translated lyric into the segment.

It gets even MORE fun when the lyrics aren’t on that site. So then I google the groups You Tube songs until I find the one that matches the song. Then go try to find the translated lyrics for that song and read through the Korean until I find the English translation for the bar being sung. So yea. a LOT of work. And I don’t know how someone could cheat. :rofl: (And people wonder why it takes time to subtitle!) :laughing: (It’s because we are too busy enjoying the music!) :rofl:

But it’s fun for me because I like Kpop. I just have to make sure I don’t get derailed and start just listening to songs instead of working. :laughing:


Google is used for the WRITTEN English to whatever other languages. Not from spoken. (Although higher-up people are developing bots to translate from spoken language, they are not available to us common mortals yet)
Moreover, here at Viki nobody translates from Korean or Chinese to other languages than English, so that’s not what we were talking about. We were talking only about English to …whatever.


hello , i want to subtitle from english to spanish


Actually, some do. I recently heard about people translating directly from Korean to Polish. And they are probably not the only ones.
It’s just that Viki assumes that most other language speakers don’t speak Korean/Chinese/Japanese.