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Google Translate is not good for ANY language. It might make less mistakes in big languages like English and French cause it gets more training in such languages, but good? No!

Yes, you can. Put GT to English to Korean, type in the romanized version of a Korean word and you’ll get the Hangul version on the Korean side. Now switch to Korean to English to see the English translation.

With Google Translate you get garbage anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


And how would you use Google to subtitle anyway? You’d have to understand enough English to translate to Spanish anyway.

That’s a funny one. All they have to do is copy the English subtitle in the google translate make sure the other side is in Spanish and ***walah! ‘‘you get a fully translated sentence.’’ Of course, a badly translated sentence, if you ask me. I experienced many MODERATORS doing the Google translate scheme in different language.

English - detected
The emperor is an arrogant, chauvinist pig, if you ask me
El emperador es un cerdo arrogante, chovinista, si me preguntas

So in this context the spanish sentence should be as follow: El Emperador es un arrogante, un cerdo (machista) o (insolente) (pick one only), si me preguntas a mi.

[chauvinist in my island is translated as insolente or machista] [si me preguntas] The google translate failed to translate the sentence completely. [If you ask me] the google only added [si me preguntas] Whatever happened to [me]? If the subber Spanish is good enough, they should’ve known that they had to add [a mi].

There are a few things missing in the Spanish sub, but if your Spanish is limited, you won’t notice that and copy and paste the sub into the segment, and that’s exactly what this (subber) did. Copy and paste a half badly translated sentence.

You don’t have to have lineage to speak a language, after all, I speak English and I am not English. I only know street Spanish from my neighborhood in California. But that is NOT correct Spanish. :sweat_smile: :rofl: At least I don’t try to pretend I speak proper Spanish though.

What you wrote/ I quoted here; is exactly the point I was making; If your Spanish is very limited, you shouldn’t be volunteering as a Spanish subber. Leave that to people that are fluent in the Language, and can recognize the sentence needs ‘‘fixing’’ ‘‘editing’’ whatever we choose to call it. For example, a year of spanish in College or speaking Spanish is not enough to be translating/subbing in Spanish like this person is doing here at The grammar is a important part of a quality translated subtitle in the drams/movies/ etc…

This is what they use. Check it out.



A while back I did some translation on YT, and this girl that did the subs from Korean to Spanish bc she didn’t know a word in English, but was so fluent in Korean and Spanish that she made some really awesome subtitles! I then helped her with the English subs from her Spanish subtitles. Too bad I lost touch with her bc I closed my YT account/FB/Twitter (too).


I hope new subbers will read or had read your post about the project finder…


Hi! I can sub from English to Spanish, this is my profile:


Really? I didn’t know that. Interesting - but I’ve never use romanized letters for Korean - I hate them. I learned Hangul right off so trying to read romanized Korean is so weird it throws me off. When I was first learning Korean, I looked at the US Federal language program for learning Korean. What a joke that is! They teach their employees to read that awful romanized letters instead of learning Hangul. Stupid! I could not use their program at all because of that. So I learn online from Korean sources since they don’t teach Korean at the university I worked at.

But I still need practice spelling in Hangul. I can read Hangul but I can’t always spell what I hear correctly because of patchim.

Here is an example of what I am talking about.

안녕하세요 - hello
안용 is what I hear, but that is incorrect spelling. 용 is dragon. :sunglasses:
안녕 is the correct spelling.

Since Google sucks, I asked Yandex, which is supposed to be better at Korean than Google, to translate Dragon into Korean I got Konglish 드래곤 :rofl:

So, the Korean that I am listening to and translating to English and the lyrics I am listening to finding the printed form and then the translations., all that hard work - Other language subbers are taking the written English and running that through Google?

Oh. I didn’t know that was how they were doing it. :sunglasses: (What a bunch of slackers!) :laughing:


Not everyone does that. we have many good korean to English moderators and editors working really hard and giving good quality work.


I learned them both at the same time. The Romanized version scared me more than the Hangul. :joy:
Yet, at computers other alphabets can be a pain sometimes. I did add Korean to my computer, but those stickers were nowhere available and besides … Am I going to add stickers for each new alphabet that I may learn? Then soon I will not see anything on my keyboard anymore, haha. So I mostly use:

Maybe under the influence of 지드래곤? :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it’s just the criminal kind of subbers who do that and they get eliminated when caught.
Regular OL subbers and moderators work hard and have to deal with the challenges that come with translating from an indirect source.


Too much 지막을 :chicken: :beers: :rofl:


Hola, busco proyectos puedo traducir del ingles a español y de español a ingles


Hello! I am fluent in Korean and English and trying to find a project to translate from Korean to English! I am willing to try any project!


Check with jedelande for ASC - After School Club She is short of segmenters right now but once they get going there are like 450+ shows to work on.


I want to sub I can speak English and Spanish.


Hi there, I’m interested in helping as a subtitler, and I’d like to translate from Korean to English and vice-versa. Please let me know. Thank you!


Welcome to the community. If there is a particular show you are interested in helping out, you should reach out directly to the Channel Manager or the Chief Editor of the show. You can find the information at the bottom of the cover page or the Subtitle Team page. Find the CM or CE and click on the icon then click on the envelope icon to directly message him/her. You can also message me if you need further assistance. Good luck!


Hola, quiero subtitular de ingles al español!!!:sonrojo:


i can translate korean to english and english to korean… do lemme know if i can help


Hi! I would like to help with subtitles. I can translate from korean/english to spanish or from korean to english. Let me know if you need help! Thank you. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Bonjour la communauté, je suis ravie d’être parmi vous :smiley:
J’ai envoyé une demande ce matin, je suis vraiment impatiente de recevoir une réponse/


Hello, i want to subtitle from German to English or English to German. Many Greeting Ela