Want to subtitle? Let people know!


I can translate from English to German and also from English/German to Macedonian.
I’m not sure how good i can use Macedonian even tho its my mothertongue.
See ya


Thanks, dear. I can also do English to Telugu subtitling.

#4204 contact me


thanks for your advice…

i also tried finding a project with the project finder…but i want to translate chinese drama into english subtitle, and its not showing any dramas when i type in “chinese subtitle” into “english”


i am looking for chinese drama to do english subtitle, but i can’t find any show that doesn’t have subtitle


Hola, estoy disponible para subtitular de ingles a español y de español a ingles ^^. Déjenme saber si ocupan traductores en algún proyecto, mi perfil es


Nononono! Don’t use project finder, it’s useless. I told you to go to a Chinese drama and look at the cover page. Does it say 30 out of 30 episodes released for Other languages? Then it’s 100% subbed, don’t bother with it. Sometimes they don’t write it on the cover page, so you have to click on an episode, any episode, and change the subtitle language into English. Then click on the icon that will open up the strip with all the episodes. See how many of them have English 100%. If it’s halfway, this is a drama that may be for you. Then you write to the moderator.
This, going drama by drama, is the long way.
The easy way is to collect moderators’ names from recent dramas (finished or unfinished, no matter) and just ask them “Do you need help in any of your projects?”.


Hi! I can help translate from english to italian


if anyone needs a chinese to english subber pls message me :blush:


Hola! Estoy aqui de nuevo en busca de proyectos, puedo subtitular de ingles a español y viceversa. Me pueden contactar en mi perfil:


If you need a translator from english to Italian , here I am! (^_^)


Hii I’m looking for some projects: I can translate from korean or english to italian!


नमस्ते, मैं हिंदी में उपशीर्षक लिखना चाहती हूँ। मेरी हिंदी बहुत अच्छी है, व्याकरण के साथ साथ स्पेलिंग भी। मैं एडिटर का काम भी कर सकती हूँ लेकिन शुरुआत के लिए मुझे सब्बिंग करनी होगी। उम्मीद है मुझे जल्द ही कोई प्रोजेक्ट मिलेगा।

Hello, I am new to subtitling. I can translate from English to Hindi. I am really confident with my Hindi skills and can also work as an editor but I need a project to start with as a subtitler. Hope I get picked up.


Olá, estou a procura de projetos para legendar ou revisar do inglês para o português. Tenho experiência em tradução e em revisão, porém ainda não na viki.

Aqui está o link para o meu perfil:

Desde já, muito obrigada!


Ciao a tutti, cerco drama da tradurre ENG-ITA | SPA-ITA.


Hi! Is there any fun project for English to Spanish translations? I can also translate from Portuguese to Spanish!


Hi! 我想要帮助你们把简体中文字幕翻译成英文
I would like to volunteer to translate subtitles from simplified Chinese to English. :grinning:


Olá! Poderia me recomendar alguns projetos? Gostaria de legendar do Inglês para o Português.


Hi! I want to translate from English to Spanish. Plz contact me if you need some help!


It has been a while since I made part of a project here on Viki but I can translate from English to Portuguese and I would love to help the community once more.