Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Wenn jemand Hilfe bei der Übersetzung von Englisch auf Deutsch braucht kann ich gerne helfen.
If somebody need translation from english to german I can help.


Hello everyone! I’m Alajau. Ready to contribute by translating korean drama from English into French or Italian. To keep the community of viewers growing :grinning:


Hello, I can sub from english to serbian.
Let me know if anyone needs help. :grin:


Hey, ich bin zwar kein Mod, aber ich könnte dich in eine Kakao Gruppe hinzufügen und dann kannst du da nach fragen. Oder du fragst direkt a_hauth_238 sie hat mir auch geholfen. WEnn du sonst Hilfe brauchst schreib mich Privat an:)



Hi! I would like to help subtitle. I can subtitle from english to spanish.


Looking to start getting into subtitling again. Let me know if there are any Chinese dramas that need translation into English.


@tammychecketts_61 she is in need of translation editors contact her she is the cm of my heroic husband.


Thanks so much for passing on my name.


Hi! Some time ago I participated in some projects on Viki, now I looking for new projects that need to be subtitle from English to Spanish, please don’t ignore me 🤍


Hello Fer,
You can post about your interest here.

A lot of moderators check out this thread regularly. You’ll be picked up for a project soon :grin:

Possibly, you can also write your application here in Spanish too, so it becomes easier for moderators to check your skills.


Hi. Ich bin neu beim Subtitling. Falls jemand noch Hilfe in einem Deutsch-Englisch Team braucht, würde ich gerne helfen!
Hello, I am new to subtitling. I can translate from English to German. If you need a translator, please feel free to contact me!


Hi! I’m looking to subtitle. I can sub Japanese to English!


Hello everyone!
I can help as a subtitler. I can translate from English to Spanish! :heart:


Looking for new show to sub from Mandarin to English. Cheers!


Hello, i can help subtitling from english to spanish


Hello! I’m totally new to subtitling but I will try my best. I can translate from English to Czech.


Ahoj, skuz napsat Eve, ona ma zrovna 2 projekty, treba by jsi ji mohla pomoct. Hodne stesti! (Ja nepisu ceske titulky, moje rec na to nestaci :wink: )


Are you able to caption a K-drama with Korean subtitles?


Dobře napíšu, děkuju moc :joy:


At a Distance, Spring is Green is looking for subbers. Contact these language moderators before their subbing team get completed.
Arabic: leenaep
Catalan: igiam
Croatian: draaagana
English: Beccah, Lazarini or marykarmelina (Must be fluent in Korean and English)
French: xsandrahbk_29 (CLOSED)
German: miyuline
Greek: kleosarv
Hindi: nimi_stepinac
Indonesian: jhnimm
Italian: alice_roselli, elise4you_746 (CLOSED)
Korean: pkminji0108
Polish: mrswolf
Portuguese: ninafk19 (CLOSED)
Romanian: danylor
Serbian: vantejin
Spanish: pilar_velasquez, kalmendarez & rumble95 (CLOSED)
Turkish: serenity_ay20

Have a lovely week!

Co-CM Lazarini