Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi, would you like to translate from English to traditional or simple Chinese? If you do, contact me. Mouse, a Korean drama, need Chinese subtitles.

Channel Manager Lazarini


Mouse, a Korean drama need subbers. Contact our Telugu moderator padmalayag if interested.


Hellooooo :blush:
I’m interested in helping as a subtitler. I’d like to translate from English into Português
i’m new by the way


Hi everyone! I would love to help with some English to German subtitles!


I would like to help in translating English to Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese to English.

I’m currently studying Chinese at degree and doing some translation work would be great practice, I’m currently around HSK 3 /B1 level :slight_smile:


Hello, everyone! I’m new around here and I’m looking for some projects to sub or proofread from ENG to PTBR. If there is any project I could help with, just let me know. :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m interested in helping to sub from Chinese (Simplified) to English and from English to Chinese (Simplified). Thanks~


I really want to do subtitles but I only know Spanish (native) and English, is this Ok for me to join to the some project?


Plenty! You can be a English-to-Spanish translator.



I would like to translate Mandarin or Cantonese to English, or Segment. Please check out my profile for work that I’ve done on Viki!


Hey! If anyone needs any help translating from English to Greek let me know! I am in the process of learning korean as well and I already have a good idea about the grammar of the language so I can try to always cross reference if its a korean drama.


Hi, Im interested in subbing english to spanish please let me know of any projects.


Here are the volunteers for April and May. I’m sorry I was too busy to do this earlier as this does take hours.

KOREAN Standard Pass
sanha_alien_mom No Viki account
2445452397_295 No Viki account

CHINESE Variety Shows only Pass Plus Pass Plus Standard Pass

kimura_rimi_490 No Viki account

naturalmentewilma_43 No Viki account Standard Pass
lousianne_dasilva_70 No Viki account Standard Pass
lisa96m No Viki account Standard Pass

PORTUGUESE Pass Plus Pass Plus
fcqn0 No Viki account

adriamolletones12_60 No Viki account
rileydietrich375_667 No Viki account Pass Plus Pass Plus
yepeznicolemvs_200 No Viki account Pass Plus Pass Plus

FRENCH StandardPass
_kurikuri No Viki account
iosune_golschlumberg No Viki account
ke_li No Viki account

GERMAN Standard Pass Pass Plus Standard Pass Standard pass

ROMANIAN Standard Pass Standard Pass

ARABIC Standard Pass
1700524723580867_426 No Viki account




haimirich9_809 No Viki account

TELUGU Pass Plus

ceycey_eylul_886 No Viki account



daki_maki No Viki account


GREEK Standard Pass


I’ll help you next time, if you’d like. I can do the June overview.


Ok so I may not know other languages but there are times when I know that something is misspelled or not correct. Example would be using the wrong name for someone that they are talking about. I also have noticed that a word may be used that sounds the same but does not mean the same. How can I be someone who make edit or correct these mistakes? I do have Viki Plus,


I too can help a little


Hello! I would like to sub… I can sub from English to hindi. Please reach out to me.


हैलो स्नेहा!
आप से मिल कर अच्छा लगा। मैं फिल्हाल हिंदी अनुवादकों की तलाश में हूँ। अगर आप “Imitation” का में काम करना चाहती हैं, तो, यहाँ पर एक मेसेज भेज दें।

कृपया मेसेज हिंदी में लिखिएगा।


हैलो श्रद्धा. रिप्लाइ करने के लिए धन्यवाद। “इमिटेशन” में काम करने के लिए में थैयार हूँ । क्या मैं आपको मेसेज भेज सकती हूँ?


Then you might be a candidate for a General English Editor (GE) position. You are welcome to contact Chief English Editors (CEs) on current projects to offer your services in one of their future projects.