Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hello! I am looking to subtitle for Korean to English. I am fluent in both. New on Viki subtitling but have experience doing subtitles.
Looking for any opportunities if anyone can help out I appreciate it!


Welcome to the community! Kor-Eng translators are in high demand so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a project to work on. The only issue is that you need Viki Pass to access many of the popular current K-dramas. Browse through the “On Air” or “Coming Soon” list of dramas to see if anything interests you and send a message to the Chief Editor of the drama. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact me. I will be on hiatus during the summer months but I have been actively subbing at Viki for almost a year now so I can probably answer any questions you might have.


Hi, I can sub from english to finnish!<3


Hello, Viki community! :blush::hugs:
I would like to help with translating and adding Russian subtitles :slight_smile:
I can translate from English to Russian :ru:


Hi !
I am willing to start subtitling Korean shows, entertainment, dramas. I can translate from Korean to English, but also from Korean to French, English to French.
Don’t hesitate to contact me. :blush:


Oh, I have already applied. Do I wait until I get in, to start segmenting and subtitling?


You can start subtitling when you want. But for segments you should wait


For segmenting, you will have to wait till you clear both levels of segmenting academy :smile: Keep in mind that will take about eight months or more to do so because of the long waitlist… (You get into the first level and then you’re put on another waitlist for Level 2)


Buenas tardes, quisiera ayudar a traducir de Ingles a Español el drama coreano Monthly Magazine Home.


You should contact the spanish moderator.


Hi if someone is searching for an italian subtitler I’m available :blush:


Hello! Im starting here as a volunteer so Im looking for projects. I translate from English to Portuguese. I’m very excited to help!


Hola, you need to contact the Spanish Moderator of the drama “Monthly Magazine”! Buen suerte!


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hii people, i’m volunteering to subtitle English to French! French is my first language :smile:


hi i’m interested!


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Olá sou Sofis uma das moderadoras de “Love in time” Quem tiver interrese na tradução me mande mensagem são poucas vagas Observação importante: o projeto anterior de tradução desse drama não foi concluído, pois não houve conclusão de edição e revisão pela equipe de Língua Inglesa, na época em que foi lançado. Por esse motivo nosso CM (manganese) solicitou ao Viki que pudesse refazer o projeto, e agora estamos aqui! Estamos nos preparando para dar o restart muito em breve!
nesse drama temos apenas poucas vagas 7 ou 8 no máximo, então quem quiser me mande mensagem no privado!

link do meu perfil -