Want to subtitle? Let people know!


if you are looking for someone to do subtitles from English to French, I’m available!


¡Muchas gracias!


Bonjour, je suis disponible pour faire les sous-titres de l’anglais vers le français peu importe le style et la langue de la série. :le sourire:


Hi! I’m a newbie but I would like to also help with writing subtitles. :slight_smile: Someone needs an English-to-Polish translation???


Hola, debes ir a la sección “próximamente” en la página principal de Viki y buscar equipos que tengan moderador en polaco, y le envías un mensaje privado. Para eso entras en su pefil y hay un sobre para enviarle mensajes.
Lastimosamente esta sección esta bastante abandonada.
Espero que encuentres algo pronto.


Hello, @ marina_alejandra_wal thank you very much for your advice. I will check it :star_struck: Gracias!!!


De nada, mas arriba en un mensaje compartí un link a un doc que hice, espero que te ayude. <3
:smile: :heart_decoration:


Hi, I can translate from English to Indonesia or Simplified Chinese. I can also translate from Korean to English or Indonesia :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
I’m an Arabic Translator eager to translate, if you need any help please do tell me.
P.S. I don’t have a Viki pass.


I’m looking to subtitle English to Arabic and vice versa.
If there are any projects available please contact me.


Hola a los tres, les cuento que el sistema aquí en viki es traducir del idioma original al inglés y una vez completo y revisado se traduce del inglés a otros idiomas.
Tienen que ir a la página principal de viki, donde están las películas, buscar la sección “próximamente” y miran cuál equipo tiene moderador del idioma al que quieren traducir.
Entonces hacen click en ese moderador y les lleva a su perfil, le dan click al sobre y le envían un mensaje, el asunto deben colocar que son voluntarios para subtitular, y cual serie. Luego le escriben en el idioma al que quieren traducir, si es del inglés a un idioma como español, por ejemplo, le escriben en español, así se da una idea de su forma de escribir y ortografía.


hello hello!
i completely forgot about the discussions thing but now i’m back!
anyways, i’m a chinese subtitler, and if anyone needs a chinese subtitler, please contact me and let me know! (i’ll remember to actually check the offers this time since i forgot last time)
also, i think i’m a little better with doing chinese audio and english subtitles than english subtitles to chinese subtitles but i’ll be able to do either one anyways! :))
thank you!



I hope if you ever become a volunteer here that you listen to my words and do not write [ANYWAYS] in a subtitle here at RakutenViki.

ANYWAYS is a slang word, grammatically incorrect, and should not be view here at Rviki in an English subtitle. I beg you for the benefit of the viewers, please don’t use [anyways] in the future subtitles you may write here at this site. When I was a moderator anyone that wrote to me to be in my team and used anyways, would not be added in my team. Thank you

Is anyways grammatically correct?

Simply put, “ anyway ” without an S is correct . Always use it without the S. “ Anyways ” with the S is considered slang, and is a part of nonstandard, colloquial, or informal English. Furthermore, since “ anyway ” is an adverb and it is impossible for adverbs to be plural.


That’s harsh, to deny a volunteer the opportunity to contribute just because you don’t like them using that one word. Not to mention against Viki’s guidelines.

Now, shall we talk about commas?

The correct form of this sentence would be:

When I was a moderator, anyone who wrote to me to be in my team and used “anyways” would not be added in my team.

You see, we can all be picky about certain things. But that shouldn’t be the reason to ban someone from their team. Especially not if it’s written merely in the communication in Discussions.


I don’t see why you chose to criticize what I wrote and how I wrote it because you know the use of [anyways] is incorrect, and as you can see @ hvnyi wrote it TWICE: not once. I HATE/ DETEST to see that word all over the subtitles here at this site in the dramas/movies/shows. That is why I mentioned this to @ hvnyi . Hoping upon hope that hvnyi realized her mistake regarding [ANYWAYS] (in case no one had ever mentioned this to hvnyi ) :pray:

That I didn’t use commas when I wrote what I wrote to @ hvnyiwould have been totally irrelevant to her since she obviously doesn’t even know that [anyways] is incorrect, and should not be used in a sentence, much less in a subtitle here at

When I was a moderator in a drama I knew more or less, who would be able to give a decent subtitle in a drama, and I have no regrets for not adding them in the team. Guidelines or not, I no longer work as CM/Moderator here. It makes no sense at ALL to see this [ANYWAYS] splattered all over in the dramas/shows/movies (mainly in Korean dramas, shows, movies). I know you must have seen them plenty of times in Korean drams/movies/ shows.

Thank you so much for correcting me, so hvnyi can learn from you, all the ‘‘pointers’’ you mentioned to me.
btw, I found something you wrote that you missed no one but two commas, and I never mentioned that or the spelling words you missed bc we tend to rush and is human to err

[This was written by you back in May 2020]
My dear, I (purple heart) you for this. I was thinking the same, but didn’t know if it should be mentioned. But it is so true! In this benevolent community we need to keep learning how to share! We need to put our egos behind. We need to revel in the satisfaction that a volunteer you helped get started, one day becomes your equal or even surpasses you.

Correction: by the word [same] you have to remove the comma and by the word [community] you had to add a comma. The word [anyways] does not exist in the dictionary nor is a correct spelling; so I was trying to make sure the future volunteer here at didn’t continue the bad habit of writing [ANYWAYS] in the drama’s subtitles. It was very unfair from you, to make it look like I did something so wrong to hvnyi

You use to be a great advocate of things to be fair, and quality work to be present in the drama’s subtitles here at, and I hope that hasn’t changed for you now in the present time.


I think you should be careful with the use of pronouns. Maybe that person doesn’t like being called “her” or “she”. I mean… for someone could be disrespectful or offensive being called by a specific pronoun. So it’s better to use “them”. Or just put their name.


ah i see, thank you so much for letting me know!


ah i see, thank you so much for letting me know!

You are very welcome, dear. I just don’t want that word affecting you to be able to get recruited in the teams. Welcome to RViki and Good Luck.


Do you have a different username on the main Viki site? Because I tried with the one you have here and the page says it doesn’t exist, gives an error message.


Hi, I’m new to this, but I love to help subtitle from ENG to SPAN, please let me know if there is any projects I could part take on. :blush: