Want to subtitle? Let people know!



I recently joined the community. I would like to help with subtitles and can translate from English to Hindi. If there are any projects which needs help, please let me know.

Great day to everyone!!!


Hey @lasting_diaries Glad to have you here. I have just messaged you. Please reply to that. Thanks!


Hello, I would love to become an English editor volunteer for Rakuten Viki dramas. I would appreciate the chance to prove my worth. I often find grammatical errors while watching the K-dramas. I understand it is sometimes difficult to understand how to write in English after translation. I would like to polish off the hard work others have put forth.

Please feel free to reach out at anytime.

Thank you all for your hard work!


Hi, I can translate from english to spanish let me know if you need my help ^^


Hi! I can subtitle from English to Russian or French! I have experience translating.


Hello I can sub from english to spanish


Hello! I’m looking for a first project to work with! I can subtitle from English to Swedish (I study Korean, so in some cases Korean to Swedish/English, depending on the level of the conversation.)


Hii, Im new here and looking for a project to do, I can subtitle from English to Estonian. It is my native language^^ If there’s any new or old projects that need subtitling, I’d be happy to help


Hi everyone,

I and a few others are translating 觉醒年代 The Age of Awakening (2021) which is a historical series about the events of the May Fourth movement, the New Culture movement, and the story of the important Chinese revolutionary figures of the early Republican period from 1915 to 1921, leading up to the founding of the Party.

It has a 9.3 Douban rating right now and the series has a very high production value, almost everyone is watching it in China, even those who usually ignore “red dramas”. Here is a clip to give you a sense of the series.

Li Dazhao’s anti-feudal speech:

If you’re interested, our project page is here:

I hope you contact us soon! :slight_smile:


helloooo i want to help with korean to english subtitles, are there any projects available?


Hello! I’m new here and am looking for a first project! I can subtitle english to chinese(simplified) or vise versa. I’m fluent in both languages!


I’d love to help with either segmenting or subtitling from Chinese to English or Korean to English! I really love period dramas, but I’m happy to aid wherever I can. :slight_smile:


If you want to help with segmenting, you must first apply for the ninja academy. They’ll teach you how segmenting works


I’m waiting to be accepted into the academy, currently. :blush:
Thank you!


I can help with adding subtites from korean , chinese to english.


Hey I’ve recently noticed that Viki has added the option for Subs in “Alemannic” but not many people speak it so I’ve never had the chance to actually watch a drama with Alemannic subs. Since it’s my mother tongue I can offer hleping out with those subs?
for refferance it’s a type of dialect spoken in southern Germany, East France and Swiss.


@mintyjingyi Da wir nicht Dialekt schreiben, liegt es wohl daran. In Deutschland haben wir so viele Dialekte und wir können ja nicht alle verstehen und kennen, daher wird nur in Hochdeutsch übersetzt.


@teufelchen_netty_266 zwar ist es eine Mundart, da hast du recht, Unsere eigenen Schreibweisen und Wortschatz haben wir aber dennoch. :frowning:


Selbst in der Schweiz gibt es so viele Dialekte, ein paar verstehe ich selbst gar nicht. Welche Gruppe würde das verstehen. Es gibt eigentlich keine Regel, wie man es schreiben soll…


@simi11 Ich wollte nur Anbieten zu helfen in meiner Muttersprache zu subben da ich weiß ich wär nicht die einzige, die sich über sowas freuen würde… Nieder- bis Hochalemannisch auf Deutscher und Französische Seite hören sich alle sehr ähnlich an, Es gibt kaum Momente in dem man sich mal nicht versteht…
Es ist und bleibt ne eigenständige Sprache, auch wenn wir in Hochdeutsch schreiben müssen, kein Grund gleich so abwegig zu werden ich habs ja nur gut gemeint :confused: