Want to subtitle? Let people know!


ah i see, thank you so much for letting me know!


ah i see, thank you so much for letting me know!

You are very welcome, dear. I just don’t want that word affecting you to be able to get recruited in the teams. Welcome to RViki and Good Luck.


Do you have a different username on the main Viki site? Because I tried with the one you have here and the page says it doesn’t exist, gives an error message.


Hi, I’m new to this, but I love to help subtitle from ENG to SPAN, please let me know if there is any projects I could part take on. :blush:


Hi! I want to help subtitle. I am fluent in Chinese, English and Spanish. Thank you!

Korean - English and Chinese - English

Hello, Chelsea aka Tranquil Beauty here
I would like to subtitle some drama where Chinese - English and Korean - English is needed

Thank you!


She changed her username:


Hello, I would like to help with subtitles. I can translate them from English to Russian

English to Russian sub volunteer

And of course forgot to come back here and tell us about it. And then she’ll be wondering why she didn’t get any offers to be on a team. Sigh!


Sarei interessata a sottotitolare da inglese all’ italiano… Se avete bisogno di una mano per qualche progetto sarei interessata:Rossore:



Im interested in helping to translate either from Chinese to English, or Korean to English. If there are projects available, please feel free to contact me (preferably through pm)! I have previously worked in a few other projects.


Hey~ I’m available for translating from english to french


i can sub from english into arabic


Looking to do any subs from Chinese - English! Let me know!


I would like to sub from Chinese to English. I have had experience working here before!


Hello, I would like to sub from English to Spanish. I have experience translating! :smiley:


Salut @albssw00_804 !

N’hésite pas à poster un message sur cette discussion : Liste de personnes voulant traduire et editer des dramas

Tu peux également envoyer des mp directement sur Viki aux modérateurs, en allant sur des projets qui sortent prochainement ( Tu auras plus de chance d’être prise dans une équipe :slight_smile:

Bon courage à toi !


I can help with both chinese to english and english to chinese, its best if it is a cdrama though, because then it’ll be easier for me to ensure that I am getting the correct information.


New volunteers for the month of July!

abdallah_gabr_561 (Viki profile unknown)

Chinese (Simplified)
kpopvoting_socialmed (Viki profile unknown)


zinebbizriken11 (Viki profile unknown)



zinebbizriken11 (Viki profile unknown)





If anyone knows the Viki profiles for the four missing volunteers, please send me a PM via Discussions and I’ll insert the correct link :blush:Thank you, @damiechan and @mirjam_465 for the three thus far!

Happy summer subbing, everyone!

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Great work, @bozoli :bouquet: