Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Das war gewiss nicht so gemeint, lediglich als Information, dass diese Sprache nicht ganz einfach wäre umzusetzen, aber die Frage auch welche Leute, das überhaupt verstehen würden, ich weiß, das Schwäbisch sich von Schweizerdeutsch unterscheidet, deshalb wollte ich das erwähnen. Ebenfalls wenn ich mir diese Sprache für historische Dramen vorstellen würde, käme mir das wirklich eigenartig vor, zudem sind Dialekte sehr limitiert als sonst die Deutsche oder eine andere schriftliche Sprache. Das nur nebenbei und nicht persönlich nehmen. - Ich verstehe deine Idee trotzdem, könnte vielleicht bei modernen Dramen funktionieren… solange es uniform bleiben würde…


Hello, I’m new as a subber and 'm looking for a project, I can subtitle from english to spanish, I have an A2 level and I just got accepted by a university to study translation and teaching english, I start my classes on august 23 (:


I’m a University student currently finishing my Bachelors degree in Translation and I would like to join the subtitling team in Viki!
I’m fluent in Portuguese, English and German :smile:


Where do you see that option? :thinking:


I’m fluent in both English & Korean, and I would love to help out with subtitling. I have previous experience with subbing, but I recently got kicked out of that account. If you do want to see my previous contributions, my user is helpwkorean. You can message that account & view my profile to see which projects I’ve made contributions in. Thank you!!!

Anyone Want to work as a HINDI SUBTITLER?

I’m new here and I’m looking for a project, I can subtitle from English to Bosnian and Croatian.


Have you tried to sort it out with Viki so that you can continue with your account since it seems the VikiPass is still valid. File for a ticket at the Help Center.


Hi everyone,

I’m new here, and I’m looking for a first project!
I can subtitle from English to French, and I’m learning Korean and Japanese on my own for years now, so I can help translate from these languages. I also have experience in editing and translating.
I would like to join a subtitling team on Viki :slight_smile:
Message me anytime!


I am looking for a new English-French project. I am currently subtitling the variety show “ask us anything”, but I would like to subtitle a k-drama or a movie in the meantime.
I currently have 7028 subtitles to my credit.
I have a lot of free time. :légèrement_souriant_face:

Have a nice day


Hello I can help with english to tamil subtitles for korean drama


These are the only Tamil volunteers I know,

You can write them a PM (Private Message, this is how you send a PM) and tell them about yourself, for example, your fluency in Tamil, how many days/hours a week will you be available to translate etc.

They might help you get across Tamil community at Viki.


Hello shraddha even @sneha_narayanaswamy also know tamil. She is a native speaker.

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This user is also subbing in tamil



Hello! I’m new to the community and looking for either a Mandarin Chinese-English or English-Mandarin Chinese project :slight_smile: I’m open to any genres! Just keen to learn and help in any way I can :slight_smile:


Hello! I am fluent in English and Chinese Mandarin. I cna subtitle Chinese Dramas!


If you are interested… To work as a hindi subtitler DO
MESSAGE ME :slight_smile:




Hello. I would like to work as a Malayalam subtitler. Malayalam is my mother tongue. Also I don’t have any prior experience in subtitling. I have watched the Viki subtitling tutorial.
I also know Hindi to the extent i understand it very well but I am not so fluent in it .Thats why I asked to be a Malayalam subtitler.
I would like to be a contributor so if you are interested please let me know.:hugs:


Have you posted in this thread?

Welcome to the community! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Post this in this thread:

I know Telegu and Tamil subbers but I’m not sure about Malayalam. Maybe @padmalayag can help you find Malayalam subbing volunteers (she’s a Telegu subber) :blush: It would be nice if you had a senior to help you get to know the Malayalam subbing rules and other things.

It’s not mandatory to have experience in subbing. I’m glad you watched the subtitling tutorial so you know what everything looks like. If you have any questions about how things work, feel free to PM me (click on my username and then click the blue “Message” button on the popup that is displayed).

I hope you have a wonderful time volunteering! :heart:


Thanks for the tag andrea!
Unfortunately I didn’t cross paths with any malayalam subbers. If I find any I will definitely post here.
@wanted101 why don’t you start your journey with a movie or a small series, I think there are no active ppl as of now. Why don’t you become one like me. I was all alone when I started, but now there are more than 10 ppl with me.


Slowly start subbing and gain some experience. And you can become the one who will guide the new subbers