Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Liste de personnes voulant traduire et editer des dramas C’est par ici qu’on recrute pour les fr


Hello! I would love to help subtitle from Japanese to English.



I would like to subtitle from English to Polish. I really like Korean, Thai, Chinese and Taiwanese TV series.


Hello! My name is Keira and I’m new to the VIKI subtitling community. I’m a BA Korean student with a TOPIK Level 6 in Korean and some translating experience (KOR<->ENG) and subtitling experience (ENG). My aim is to become a certified translator after I graduate and I would love to work on translating Korean dramas into English. If anyone is looking for translators for Korean->English please do let me know, and I would also be very interested if anyone could refer me to a good place to find projects that need subtitlers!


Do write to cgwm808. She is an experienced Chief Editor who recruits her own subbers for each project. And there’s always need for good Ko-En subbers.
The only problem being, for now, that you don’t have a Viki pass, so most currently airing shows are out of your reach, until you write 3000 subs. But she may have some older project which is free access. No harm in asking!


Hello to all,
I am currently available to help translate from English to French. Please let me know if you are interested. my profile :
Former QC, I would like to participate in a project. See you soon !


Thank you for the advice!


Hi, I am new here.
I would like to translate from english to german.


Hello, I can translate from English to French if anyone is in need! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Ekta. I am a fan of Chinese Dramas. I have seen that many Chinese dramas doesn’t have Hindi subtitles and it makes difficult for the Hindi speaking population in India to watch those dramas. I am a native Hindi speaker. My English is pretty fluent so I want to contribute in writing Hindi subtitles so that more and more Indians can watch Chinese and Korean dramas.


नमस्ते एकता!
हमें बहुत खुशी होगी अगर एक और सदस्य हमारी हिंदी कम्युनिटी में शामिल हो सके।

क्या आप मुझे एक मैसेज यहाँ भेज सकतीं हैं?

अपना मैसेज हिंदी में लिखिएगा, इंग्लिश में नहीं। क्योंकि सबटाइटल हिंदी में करना है, इंग्लिश में नहीं :wink:


Hi! I would like to help with subtitling from English to Romanian, I’d be really happy if I’d manage to become a subtitler. :slight_smile:


Write to Romanian moderators such as danylor and ask whether they have any projects where they need help.
To write to a volunteer, go to his/her profile page, which will look like this:
(substitute the username with any other username). You will be taken to the profile page, and then, under the name, click on the envelope to send a private message.
Of course, you should write it in Romanian, to show that you know the language well.


Thank you!


Hi, @yenneferyenna! I have received your registration for the Romanian Subbing Academy. I will contact you as soon as possible.

Thanks @irmar. At the moment, dannylor is on hiatus. I am the only active RSA coordinator.

I also take this opportunity to leave a link to the updated registration form. I recommend all channel managers to redirect all new Romanian volunteers here.

Inscriere la scoala traducatorilor romani

Thanks and hugs! :hugs:


What is RSA? Is it a school for translators like the NSSA?
But not all wannabe translators necessarily want or need to go to the school. The poster only wanted to join a translator team, therefore I would direct her to your Viki profile. Then of course you can give her any advice you think suitable.
But I don’t want to promote the idea that to volunteer here as a subber, EVERYBODY needs to go through some sort of course (segmenting is different, of course, it’s not something one can be expected to know beforehand).


Romanian Subbing Academy, part of the NSSA, just like the DSA is the Dutch Subbing Academy. :slight_smile:


Read the channel cover. Also:

Personally, for a responsible community, I think everyone should be tested first. That’s why I recommend testing within RSA: it will help all moderators to know in advance if the person has the necessary knowledge.

Since I, as well as those I work with, redirect all new volunteers to RSA, and we have a project granted by Viki for testing purposes, I thought it would be more efficient and useful for new volunteers to get to that form first, and not waste time going through several people.

I apologize if my post offended in any way. I won’t post anything more about it in this topic.


Of course not, why would it?
But I think a new person should be explained all that, instead of just be given a cold link.

Something like this:
“most moderators will want to make you pass through a test, and there is one ready, the entrance test for the Romanian school, so here is the link. But this doesn’t mean that you have to go through the school, it’s just for convenience, so that each moderator doesn’t have to come up with his own test”.

In my opinion - and this is for all languages - it should be crystal clear that taking a course is not compulsory, nor a prerequisite for someone to be able to translate here. There are many capable people who don’t really need anything other than a brief tour of the tools and reading the Guidelines.


I understand your approach, and agree with it for the most part. In this case, Yennefer had already joined the RSA, which is why I didn’t go into any further details. I just happened to see that she posted here, and thought it would be nice of me to respond to her here, too. :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

A small mention: everyone who joins the RSA is informed that regardless of the test result, they can still translate on Viki. We are in no way trying to imply that it is mandatory to continue working on Viki. :slightly_smiling_face: As long as Viki doesn’t announce otherwise, we don’t overstep our prerogatives.