Want to subtitle? Let people know!


I definitely agree.
On the other hand, especially for the smaller languages, it’s way too easy for the less capable ones to get in and work their way up to Gold QC while no one is questioning the quality of their work.


Ah, yes. Though here additional factors are in play. Mainly, CMs will add the beginner subbers more quickly as Mods in small languages due to the sheer lack of volunteers and the unofficial obligation to have translations for as many languages a as possible on their projects.


It’s not possible anymore to add someone who isn’t a QC as mod (unless it’s AL mod), but of course they could still be added as (solo) subber and work their way up from there.


And also QCs are people with just 3.000 subs. That’s too few…


I am happy to hear that!


I guess it would be a bit demotivating for a beginner not to have any milestone until they have created 20,000 subs. For those who are new, 20,000 is a huge number…
And there’s still the problem that 20,000 great subs count just as much as 20,000 not-so-great subs, especially if the CM doesn’t speak the language.


Perhaps with 5.000 subs you could only be a co-mod, while with 20.000 you could be a solo Mod. Then person co-moding with you would have more time to correct some errors.

Although, honestly, some people don’t bother improving their translational skills, so they are absolutely hopeless. And there is no mechanism to stop them from becoming Mods.


Hi! I’m new in this, i’m waiting to get permission to start but I can help translate English to Italian.


So you have contacted someone and they have included you in a team, right?


no, ho compilato solo un modulo


Leggi la mia risposta dettagliata nell’altro filone, Mi propongo subber.


vista, ancora grazie mille


Hi, I would like to help subbing from English to French ! I already have some experience outside of Viki so I think it would be nice to help here if needed.


Hey everyone I’m looking for projects to subtitle, I can translate from Korean to English or English to italian!
If anyone is interested please tell me! :blush::blush:
I also applied to Ninja academy but I did not receive an answer so if anyone knows hot to do it could please write me?


Hello !

I have been away from here for some months because of job and so on but I will be more and more free the weeks coming so if anyone needs some help to translate from english to french don’t hesitate to contact me !


New volunteers for the months April & May!



jessica_huang_2_344 (Viki profile unknown)

svmarket_07_854 (Viki profile unknown)












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Mi nombre es Yaritza y veo dramas coréanos desde 2004 cuando todavía el internet era leeeento. Me gustaría contribuir escribiendo subtítulos de ingles al español. Puedo comunicarme en ingles y español. tratar de buscar proyectos para traducir en español es muy difícil ya que es uno de los idiomas mas populares. En estos momento estoy viendo videos de como saber el alfabeto coreano porque es el idioma asiático que me atrae mas.
Se cuidan mucho!!!


Hi everyone.
My native language is Slovak. I would love to start translating.
I want to get the oppurtinity to gain experience, I both study and work in English. Thanks for considering me :smile:


hi everyone,
i’ve been looking for something to do and the option of translating came up. i can translate from english to Spanish, Spanish to english and english to french.
unfortunately, due to my schedule I’m only free on tuesdays, thursdays and the weekends so if that causes a problem please inform me.

please contact me if you’d like my help!


Hi, I am looking for Chinese dramas to work on. My schedule is wide open so I am more than happy to work on anything. I can translate Chinese <> English/Korean/Japanese. Please message me! Here is my profile: