Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hey!! I’m looking for a new project. I can translate from English to Portuguese. Let me know if I can help.


Hi, everyone, I’m Tracy :smile: I would love to translate dramas from Mandarin to English! I love watching Chinese dramas and have had experience translating historical/period Mandarin in the past on Viki (took a long break and am just now getting back into it!).

Please let me know if I can help!


Don’t know why my viki account can’t be seen… but it’s:!


Hi all, I would love to help translating from English to Finnish ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡


Because at the time of your posting your Discussions username was different from your Viki user name.


Ah makes sense! Thanks for changing it for me!


Bonjour à tous, je suis motivée pour me lancer dans les sous-titres anglais vers français peut importe le projet. Je suis curieuse d’apprendre et d’enrichir mon projet.
Merci de m’avoir lu.


Hi! I would like to apply to be a translator from English to Hungarian and maybe from English to Russian! I’m learning translating and interpreting in university and I would like to practise😊


Hi, I am a new volunteer. I am looking for some shows to work on. I can translate Korean to english or write Korean subtitles for Korean shows if needed. I can even help out with segmenting if needed. I just want some experience and practice.
Please let me know if I can help with anything!




I have contacted youyoung.


Hi! I am a new subtitler and should love to work on a project. I can translate and write in both Korean and English for Korean shows. Please ler me know if I can be any help!


This is going to be a longshot since Thai dramas are so rare at Viki, BUT if there’s a Thai drama that needs to be translated to English, please message me!!

OR if you need help segmenting on anything, I have some free time over the summer!! Again, please message me~ :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,
I am new to the subtitling community here. I would like to start working on a project as a translator from English to Arabic. I’m native Arabic speaker and I’m available for 1-2 hours everyday on average.
Also, I’m committed and gaining experiencing is what I’m looking for here.
Let me know if you need me in any project preferably, K-dramas.

Attached is my profile, feel free to contact me if you needed me.
Thank you all.


HI! I am interested in becoming a segmenter/subtitler for Korean to English. I was wondering if there is an age requirement. I am self taught in Korean and am not completely fluent as of yet. Which is why i was thinking of doing segmenting first but I do know basic korean so I could still help.
Thank you and if anybody has any information please get back to me.
Best wishes,


The problem is that segmenting needs specialist training, and the trainers are few, so there’s a long waiting list.


Oh okay thats alright then. What about an age requirement? Is there one? Also would it be okay to be a subtitler if i know basic and a little intermidiate korean?


No age requirement. But to subtitle from Korean to English you have to be proficient in Korean (and pretty good in English as well, which is also a bit of a problem with you, judging from what you wrote here). Otherwise you might make mistakes and give more work to editors.
Remember that you don’t translate from a written page, but you have to listen, understand and then translate, so it’s more difficult than usual translations. Sometimes they do give us the written script, but definitely not always, and not always on time.


Okay thank you for your honesty. I will rethink the idea when I become more proficient, in both my native language and korean.
Have a great day.


There are those who can subtitle like not 100% but more like 20something% too. In fact most of the English team cannot subtitle up to 100% by ourselves. I’m usually consistently 90%+ unless the part is particularly hard. I have hit low 80s before.

As for my own personal proficiency, I can read academic articles and do presentations in Korean. Not having grown up in Korea I have some gaping holes in my knowledge. I rely a lot on the National Institute of Korean Language and other encyclopedias like the Korean Folk Encyclopedia for example.

So being able to just subtitle what you can ALWAYS skip what you can’t do even 1 character, and being able to do the research is what matters the most.

Every little bit helps especially on not popular dramas!!!