Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Olá! Estou disponível para projetos completos. Tradução de Inglês para português. Obrigada!


Looking for Subber from English to Tagalog. Please contact me! :slight_smile:


Hello, I would like to help with translations, I can translate from Mandarin Chinese to English/Spanish, message me if interested.


Hello, I would like to help the community.
I can subtitle from English to Czech
You can contact me anytime :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello! I can subtitle from English to Urdu


@shraddhasingh @padmalayag Do we know any Urdu moderator?


There are no active mods currently but I’m not sure. I even got some subtitler applications for my channel, I tried but couldn’t find one.


@sonainaashmin_103 Hey, you can contact this person below.

@padmalayag he is active but I can not tell his credibility. Need to cross check with someone.


Hello everyone.
I am a Korean language student from India. I have recently completed my upper intermediate level and soon going to start the advanced level. I am looking for opportunities in subtitling from Korean- English and vice-versa. If I am provided any chance I will make sure to give my best.

Thank You.


Hi! This is my first time looking for a project. I can translate from English into Spanish :purple_heart:
Is there any project I can join? (I am still lost as to how I can joing one. Please help! :sweat:

Thank you!! :hugs::purple_heart:


Hi everybody! I can subtitle from English to Romanian Or English to Spanish if you give me a chance. Thanks!


Hi everyone,
I am still new here and would love to translate from English to German!
If there’s anybody looking for a German subber, I would be happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you!


@dimghro may help you! :eyes:


@xylune may help you!


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LG Alex


Looking to sub from english to arabic . Please contact me!


Contact @princessahmad


Hi, I could help subtitle from English to Italian or from English/Italian to French. I’d really love to help


I recently joined the community. I would like to help with subtitles and can translate from English to Greek
If you need my help i would be more than happy to help .
Thank you!!


Hi, It’s my first time to transate videos from English to Polish but I have no problems understanding English and translating it into Polish. I have passed the final english exam in my country . I understand that there may be doubts due to the fact that I am new here, so I suggest you check first if I am suitable as a translator . It would be great if you could give me a chance.