Want to subtitle? Let people know!


I’m here any language you want


I’m fluent in Romanian and English and I would like to help with subtitles.


Bună, Alexandra! Dă-mi un mesaj pe Viki pentru a discuta despre începerea activității pe Viki. ~Robert :fox_face:


Hi, I am a subtitle translator looking to work on projects in the following language pairs:
-Traditional Chinese to English
-Simplified Chinese to English
-Cantonese to English
-Japanese to English

I am new to Viki, but I have lots of experience translating for other companies, and I am always trying to improve my skills and gain more experience. If there are any teams looking for a subtitle translator, I would be more than happy to help.



Hey! I can translate from English to Mandarin or Mandarin to English! Contact me if you have any opportunities! 🤍


I can translate from English to Spanish :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
This is my first time here so I am kinda lost. I would like to help to sub from English to Vietnamese so contact me if you have any opportunities.
Thank you so much and I am looking forward to working with you guys!


Olá, sou tradutora do inglês para o português no momento estou sem o QC, mas logo estarei com ele, caso saibam de algum recrutamento, estou a disposição.


I can subtitle from english to slovak. Please contact me :slight_smile:


I’m a native Korean speaker. I would be able to help translate from English to Korean. I also can speak Japanese, so I prefer to translate K-drama, K-show and J-drama (English to Korean). Please let me know if there is nay need. :slight_smile:


Why don’t you write to some Chief Editors of upcoming dramas? They’ll be happy to have you in their projects.


Because I am new :smile:
I am Korean, but I watch Korean dramas with Korean subtitles in noisy places.
I think people who study Korean need Korean subtitles, but…(I turn on English subtitles when I watch American shows).
I applied for several projects, but I don’t think they need anyone who translates English to Korean.
I hope to become a Chief Editor someday. :blush:


I am looking for projects to translate from english to Greek.


What is always needed is a Korean captioner. You don’t translate from English, what would be the point, but you listen to the Korean and you write it down. Very often the Korean script is also available, although not always and not always as soon as the video is uploaded. And you have to check with the audio anyway, because sometimes, during the shooting, the actors or the director change a few words or eliminate a couple of scenes etc.
Korean captions are useful not only for Koreans who are hard of hearing or who watch in noisy places, but also for Viki’s learning feature, where both languages appear simultaneously on the subtitle.


Olá! Posso ajudar a traduzir de Inglês para Português! Se precisarem digam :smile:


Hi! I am already an English - Portuguese translator, - I started being called from the post I made on this board- :slight_smile: I would like an opportunity with Moderation and or Review. If there is a vacancy on your team, please remember me. I would very much like to collaborate.


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I subtitle from Korean to English, and actually it helped my Korean a lot. There are plenty of projects that need Korean subtitles such as Chinese shows. I’m not sure what other shows Korean people are interested in tbqf. Many shows have English subtitles.

For languages that are closer to Korean like Turkish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Japanese and Chinese, I am more inclined to watch with Korean subtitles.


Hi, I’m Italian and would like to translate from English to Italian. Please let me know if you’re looking for subbers, I’ll be happy to help! :blush:


Hello, I want to help with subtitles. I can sub from english into Italian. Thank you all.