Want to subtitle? Let people know!


iI can sub from english to arabic , if there’s any projects please tell me .


So I’m back and starting from 0 since it was my choice to delete my contribution count although I had Gold QC status.I think contribution count is just but a number, but the quality in our contribution here at RViki in the dramas/shows/etc. is priceless.
I have an Associates Degree in Bilingual Education: English and Spanish.

If anyone here wish to add me in your team just send me a PM, and let’s not forget as a rookie; since I won’t qualify to work on viki pass dramas until I reach that point. I know most of you in here knows me for a long time now, and the quality work I can offer you; if you add me to your team. Thank you in advance for your attention.

Here’s my link:


Hello, I subtitle English to Hindi language. If anyone wants me as a subtitler please let me know. I am actually a fast worker so I subtitle around 2-3 episodes in a day. PleasE DM me lmao.


I hope that doesn’t get in the way of the quality.


of course it won’t. I promise


Hello, meee tooo
I would like to help the community.
I can subtitle from English to arabic
You can contact me anytime


Hello we need help in fixing and fill in some subs for inborn pair. we currently fixing the segments and so far we have 4 episodes ready for the translator. if you are interested send me a message


I would like to help, I can translate from English to Italian.


I am fluent in Mandarin and English. I understand that most Chinese dramas come pre-subbed, so I might be of help in translating Eng subs to Chinese subs, as I observed that many K-dramas are missing Ch subs. I definitely won’t be picky, any opportunities to help are very much appreciated! I can give at least one hour per day of work.
Thank you very much!


Hello! I would love to help with subtitles. I can translate from English to Portuguese!


Hi, I’m iz :smiley:

I can subtitle from chinese (simplified) to english. My times are flexible, so feel free to message me if any help is needed.



Bonjour, je peux traduire de l’anglais vers le français si je peux aider faites moi savoir. Merci.


Hi, guys! I’m Emma and new to the community. I’d love to help with subtitles! I can translate from English to Spanish. If someone needs help send me a message.


Hola a todos.

Espero estén bien en salud y disfrutando su semana. Mi perfil es …

Tengo un Asociado en Educación Bilingüe. Español Inglés y ofrezco mis servicios en ambos. A pesar de que soy considerada ‘‘rookie’’ novata, I am not. En el pasado era Gold QC pero decidí empezar de nuevo, así que cerré mi cuenta para empezar desde zero.

Tenía un pequeño problema que gracias al personal de Rakuten Viki se solucionó y ahora puedo entrar en el Editor para subtitular (algo que no podía hacer cuando me dieron una parte)…:sob:

Estoy muy agradecida de recibir respuesta y solución a lo que me da la oportunidad de volver a ser útil a RViki. Puedo también asistir a corregir-editar los pre-subtítulos que necesiten ser editados - corregidos. Por experiencia sé lo importante que es la edición en Inglés para que los subtítulos en Español tengan mejor sentido.

Si en algo puedo ayudarles estoy a su orden.




Hello, I’d like to translate from english into polish


Hi! I want to help with subtitling from english to chinese or chinese to english.


Hello, I am new to Viki. I used to watch Asian series on Netflix and came across Viki through Facebook. I’m still a bit lost because I don’t know how everything works here and ended up here while browsing the discussion forum. Maybe there is someone here who can explain to me how it all works on Viki.

I would like to offer my help to write German subtitles. I am glad about your help.



Why don’t you start here? It has a section “get started”, which means as a user generally, and then “Volunteer community” (sub topic “Getting started as a contributor”, which is for those who want to help subtitling.

Read it all, and then if you have other questions, feel free to ask.
As for how to find a team, well, you have to write to a German moderator. Their names are on the main page of shows, on the “Team” tab. It lists all contributors to that show. Once you click on the name, it takes you to their profile page. Under their name there’s a little envelope. That’s how you send private messages.
You don’t want to write about a show that has already started, because the team will have been in place even before its start. Maybe the Coming Soon is a better option.
However, you can write to a moderator of a current or finished show offering your availability generally, not for a specific show, because they might have other projects that need translators.
Keep in mind that if you don’t have a Vikipass subscription, you cannot work on the shows which are not free for all viewers. You have to complete 3000 subs and become a QC (Qualified Contributor) in order to access most of the shows (except for those which are Vikipass Plus and those which don’t have a licence for your country)

Have fun!


Hi, I can translate from Korean to English :grinning:
Would love to hear from you!