Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Can someone translate this in French ?


@410euros there is a french Mod so ask her/ him if there is a team already




How to contact them? The first episode is 79% translated since months and the rest of the episodes are not, it seems they abandoned the project along the way.


That moderator has 0 contributions on the show and hasn’t been active in a long time.


Contact the channel manager instead. Then she might recruit a new French moderator.


There is another topic where you can ask for available modo to work on it. We have a community for French shows. Projets à reprendre en modération française : projets abandonnés, libres ou sans licence en France. I’ve made a post on it for you. See ya.


I want to help with subtitles from English to Thai. I could be any movie or drama from Korea or Japan. I’m majoring in Japanese and minoring in Korean. I aware that I’m new to Rakuten Viki, but please give me a chance.



Brand new to the community here and was wondering if any of you do freelance subtitle work for English to Spanish. I also want a better understanding of how this works and how the community works. Thank you in advance for your responses!!

Emails are also welcome:


Hi! I am from the Spanish community. I’ll PM you some information!


Alguna vez tuve suerte buscando proyecto por aquí así que volveré a intentar, estoy en busca de todo tipo de proyecto para subtitular del ingles al español, también puedo segmentar! Cuento con disponibilidad horaria, saludos!! :hugs:


¡Hola! Estoy buscando proyectos de subtitulado del inglés al español, tengo nivel B1 en inglés y una diplomatura en subtitulación. Me uní a viki para poder conseguir más practica en el subtitulado. ¡Saludos! :heartpulse:


I want to subtitle, I can do English to Swedish!


I want to subtitle, I can do English to Romanian


Hi! I would like to subtitle from Korean to English. I also know a little bit of French. Please let me know if any project needs a Korean-to-English translator.



Hello! I would like to help subtitle from Japanese (N2 level) to English or Spanish (native speaker) to English.

Please let me know I can help. :slight_smile:


Need a hindi subtitlers … anyone


Hello! I would like to translate from English to Italian! Can someone help me? :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m interested in translating:

  • English to Korean (B2~C1): Taking KOR 40001 (literary Korean) currently
  • English to Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) (B1): Taking CHIN 3003 (advanced Chinese) currently

I’m a newbie in translating, but you gotta start somewhere <3


I am a french native speaker and I would love to translate english to french subtitles for Korean and Chinese drama. I have already worked on 2 dramas (one chinese and one Korean), and I really hope to find a new project!